Zenon IV: Second Chances

by William Raymer

Based on characters created in the book Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

Written by Marilyn Sadler

and the Zenon Trilogy ofDisney Channel Original Movies

Written by Stu Krieger

It has been five years since the Teen Supreme competition during which Zenon Kar helped save a planned lunar colony from a threat from Selena, the Moon Goddess. In that five year span, Zenon and Sage Borealis, whom she fell in love with during the Selena Incident, became engaged to be married.

But, from out of the blue, Zenon is stunned by the news that Sage was killed in a shuttle accident. As Zenon is in mourning, an old acquaintance may have a second chance to correct a past mistake.

Greg Andrews saw the footage of Zenon crying as she attempted to answer questions from reporters about the death of Sage. Greg turned to Andrew Russert, with whom Greg helped Zenon save her family from Wyndham and Lutz' attempt to destroy the Liberty space station.

"Andrew, I gotta go talk to her," Greg said. "Maybe, just maybe, this might be my chance to finally correct the mistake I made when I broke it off with her." A year after they fell in love during her stay on Earth, Greg broke up with Zenon, stating that a long-long-distance relationship was impossible to maintain.

Andrew checked his zap-pad. "The next passenger shuttle to Liberty takes off in six hours," he said. "I've already sent the boarding pass to your zap-pad."

Greg smiled when he saw the readout on his zap-pad. "Thanks, Andrew," Greg said. "You're a lifesaver." As Greg left to pack for the trip to the station, he prayed that he could finally tell Zenon how he really felt about her.

Meanwhile, aboard Liberty station, Zenon sat in her darkened quarters. The only light was from her zap-pad. On it was an image from the engagement party-the last photo ever taken of her and Sage together.

The door chime sounded. "Who is it?" Zenon said. "It's Aunt Judy," the voice said. "Lights," Zenon said. The lights brightened. Then turning to the door, Zenon called out, "Come in." The doors slid open, revealing Zenon's aunt, Judy Plank.

"Oh, Zee-doll, I'm so sorry about Sage," Judy said. "Thanks, Aunt Judy. Is Dasha here?" Zenon's adopted cousin, Dasha Plank, walked in behind Judy. She was dressed in black, out of respect for Zenon and the memory of Sage.

"Zenon, I'm so sorry," Dasha said as she hugged Zenon. "Thanks, Dasha," Zenon said. A computer voice called out, "Incoming transmission from Nova Linda Cove for Zenon Kar," it said. "Put it through," Zenon said.

On her zap-pad, the last image of her and Sage was replaced by the live image of Proto Zoa. "Zenon, I'm so sorry about Sage," he said. "Thanks, P.Z.," Zenon said.

A few hours later, Zenon was walking the corridors near the passenger docking bay when she heard a voice call out to her. "Zenon, is that you?"

Zenon wheeled around and saw Greg. "Greg?! Cetus-Lupeedus, what are you doing here?" Zenon said. "Well, I came to offer my condolences on Sage's death," Greg said. Zenon cocked an eyebrow. "Greg, you didn't have to come all the way here just to do that. You still had my zap-pad code. All you had to do was call me," she said.

Greg set his luggage down and looked at Zenon. "Well, you've got me," he said. "I made a mistake when I broke up with you nine years ago. I wanted to try to start again." Zenon looked at Greg, askance. "Start again? Gregory Karl Andrews, you broke my heart nine years ago," Zenon said. "You were the first boy I ever loved, either here or on Earth."

"I know, and I'm sorry," Greg said. "I was younger and, some would say, stupider, then. But, as I said, I want to try and start over."

Zenon started to cry. She ran away from where Greg stood, the tears she shed falling on the floor and marking her path behind her.

Moments later, Marjorie Hale, also known as Margie, saw Zenon run past. She was still crying. She turned to husband Bronley and wondered, "What's inky with her?" Then, she heard a voice call out, "Zenon! Wait!"

"GREG?!" Margie exclaimed as Greg ran past.

In the space pod docking bay, Zenon was strapping herself into her pod and was in the midst of the pre-ignition sequence when Greg knocked on the pod door. "Zee, I am serious about this. I wish I could go back in time and correct the mistakes I made nine years ago," Greg said. "But, I can't. All I can do is start over...if you're willing to."

Zenon looked out the pod window and saw Greg. He had an honest look on his face. "Pod, abort ignition sequence. Stand down," Zenon commanded. The pod's engines died down. She opened the door and looked at Greg.

"Greg, I am still mourning Sage. Give me a chance to lay him to rest, then we can talk," Zenon said.

Hours later, after Sage's funeral, Greg was in the mess hall, when Margie walked up to him. "Greg Andrews, how long has it been?" she said.

"About nine years-since your father came up here to co-administrate the spay stay," Greg said, gesturing for Margie to sit down in the booth across the table from him.

"So, what are you doing here?" Margie said. "Well, for one, I wanted to offer Zee my condolences on Sage's death. And second, I wanted to try and start over with her." Greg put an angry look on his face. "Margie, you made me break up with Zenon nine years ago when you convinced me that I couldn't maintain a long-distance relationship!"

"I was jealous of Zenon back then. But when we made first contact with the Zoans, I learned that Zenon was not an invader, not an attention-seeking sponge. She was a regular kid, like I was. I was jealous, Gregory," Margie said. "I just haven't had the chance to admit that until now."

Greg thought for a moment, then smiled. "Marge, I haven't seen you in a long time. To be honest, I don't believe you have changed. But, I have an idea how you can prove yourself. You helped break Zenon and I up. Now, to prove you've changed, you can help me and her get back together. Agreed?" Greg asked, his hand extended across the table.

"Agreed," Margie echoed, shaking Greg's hand.

To be continued...