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As a reminder:

bella- notaklutz

edward- masochisticlion

alice- inoyurfuture

jasper- empath01

jacob- packleader

mike- retrieverman

emmett- yesuR

esme- motherlylove

So, this is what she suggested:


... Esme VS Emmett- VERBAL ...

notaklutz has logged on

yesuR has logged on

notaklutz: hey, em. wassup mah brothah?

yesuR: shhh... i'm hiding from esme... -covers eyes-

notaklutz: oh god, what did you do this time?

yesuR: hm... well we were having a water balloon fight, and i ran up the stairs-

notaklutz: you were having a balloon fight inside? wtf? with who?

yesuR: heh, yeah well about that, that's what esme's mad about... so she wasn't paying attention to me, just moving around her room, and oh yeah... nobody knew we were having a balloon fight. i was going for the element of surprise...

notaklutz: you had a balloon fight with people who weren't informed they were part of a balloon fight, all for the element of surprise?

yesuR: genius, right?! yeah, so i was going upstairs, looking for jasper of course, and i heard someone move from alice's room to esme's, so i figured it was him...

notaklutz: and it wasn't...

yesuR: heh, yeah, so i splattered esme with a water balloon, and now she's trying to-

motherlylove has logged on

motherlylove: EMMETT CULLEN!!

yesuR: -screams like a girl- she found me! hide me bella!

motherlylove: do you know what you did with the throwing of all SEVEN of those water balloons??

notaklutz: wait wait wait, emmett said it was only A water balloon, as in ONE...

yesuR: heh, yeah well about that... i was in the heat of the war and kinda threw them all at her...

motherlylove: and they ruined my carpet, my clothes and my hair, i have to buy all new furniture for my room, AND there's water damage on the ceiling of the ground floor under my room!

notaklutz: woah, yeah, emmett, you're on your own...

yesuR: nooooooooooooooooo!

notaklutz has logged off

yesuR: damn you bella!!

motherlylove: come here, you!

motherlylove has logged off

yesuR has died

A/N: Right, well I might have had a bit too much fun with that one... I hope you guys found it funny. I would do a semi-physical fight between the two, but I have no clue how it would go... I mean, Edward and Jake were stupid enough to just swat the air between each other, but Esme is mad enough here to maybe actually kill Emmett, so I wouldn't risk Emmett's life like that...

I'm not that cruel...

But give me a few days, it might happen... XD

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