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Chapter 1 Misinterpreted

Dark forest green wallpapers with fine lines of sliver running vertically along each bend and dip, every turn you can see priceless heirlooms after antique weaponry. The manor was one of the finest and most expensive homes in England, everything, including the elf heads hanging along side the staircase shouted pureblood. The ancient home of the purest and most noble house of Blacks would intrigue anyone who sees it. Muggle historians and researchers would happily give their right arm just to spend an hour looking through the vast library here, like that's going to happen, as if the house of Blacks would ever tolerate muggles, unless for taking their money. As if the house of the Blacks would be used for anything than to worship the ideals of the Dark witches and Wizards of that time. As if.

The house of the Blacks has yet to meet a Black called Sirius.

The house of the Blacks, with the darkest of artifacts, bloodiest torture apparatus, and books of forgotten magicks, has all been wrapped up and packed away. As to now the ancient house of the Blacks is the official headquarters of the Order of the Phoenix.

Sitting upon finely carved oak chairs and hands on the black wood tabletop sat the leader of the Order. His eyes blue as ever and twinkling ever so lightly, wearing robes of fine quality, but awful colour combinations of red, orange and blue. To his left sat Alastor Moody, his fake blue eye rolling around in his head as if expecting an attack from behind. Then there is and, Emmeline Vance, Minerva McGonagall who taught Transfiguration, Merrythought who taught Defence Against the Dark Arts. These seven made up the inner circle of the order as it were; they are the most experienced and trusted followers of the light.

That said, some of the younger ones are catching up fast with the war in full swing, Albus thought sadly, shame to waste their young lives fighting. James Potter and Lily Evans, no, Potter …Lily Potter, he thought a light shine coming to his blue eyes, they just escaped with their lives again last week, for the third time now in two years, they are a lucky couple. Oh the joy of being young, seeing their happy faces after they just found out Lily was pregnant with twins was almost enough to make you forget there was a war going on. Almost.

"So we're looking for someone born at drawn in April" Gideon Prewett concluded.

"Mid April" Fabian supplied.

"And a boy" Galatea added.

"Yes, in resent years, there are two boys born on the same day, at mid April, the 16th, not at the same time though, the first at five o'clock on the dot." Albus Dumbledore singed, deciding a child's fate is never easy, and such a sweet kid he is too. " As you all know, Aubrey Kirke" He had few nervous looks shared when he said that name. " And Natalie Kirke had a Baby boy in April, he is the first child Andrew Kirke…"

There were mumbles of, "Oh yes I remember", " Such a sweet boy", "looks like the father" going around until Moody asked.

"And the second child? Albus?"

Albus signed again, how are they going to take this, he wondered. "Draco Malfoy".




A small giggle escaped from someone's lips, which set everybody into fits of laughter.

"A Malfoy fighting for us, that's… that's …"


"He is a Malfoy, son of Lucius Malfoy"

"Him? The chosen one? It would be like squeezing blood from a rock."

" Its not Malfoy, Albus, you have too much good karma for the gods to do that to you. Anyhow, Andrew is older, isn't he? He must be the one we are looking for. I mean it makes sense, 'Split by the light and dark side of the war.' Meaning his parents, it must be the boy"

"Yes, indeed" Ah, its nice to see such careless laughter occasionally. A Malfoy, really, what must I been thinking even mentioning the child.

"It could be Andrew Kirke, his mother was a Gryffindor," Avery said with a sneer. "His father on the other hand, a Slytherin, representing the different sides of the war. Or…"

"Or whom?"

"Draco my Lord, Draco Malfoy." At this, every one sent uneasy glances to Lucius standing to Voldemort's right. Lucius Malfoy the definition of an aristocratic elite, not many would have the chance to see the Lord Malfoy fidget like a common Weasley. This bought a slight inward smile upon Tom's face. An aristocrat indeed, no matter how cold he act and behave like the iceberg that sunk the Titanic, family comes first. For a moment Tom wanted to test Lucius to see which position he would chose, a father or the right hand man of the Dark Lord, that thought was squashed as fast as it came, for Tom know which he would have chosen.

"Don't ferret Lucius, I do believe you will raise your son to be a proud pureblood that he is, a fine Slytherin, not some muggle loving fool of a Gryffindor." Tom Amused.

"Of course not, my Lord, my son shall be taught like his forefathers before him, he shall be proud in the old ways."

"Now what about the rest of the prophecy? Who is the other two, 'the serpents' key?' are they born to one of my deatheaters?" Tom enquired, for it will make things much simpler if that is the case. He placed one long and pale finger to his lips in contemplation of the possibilities but could not think of anyone fitting that description. Perhaps one of my new followers?

"There is no way to tell, my Lord. There was quite a few born on July thirty first in the past few years, it would take too long to observe all of them, and they are not yet old enough, they would not show their potential. Mayhaps we can look again when they are four or five yeas of age, if they are indeed powerful and are worthy to our cause, then they should show some magical power by that time."

"Yes, I think you may have a point Lucius." Tom raised an eyebrow thinking the idea through. "Yes, I think we will do just that."

I will let them spend time with their family first, and hopefully an educated family they will be, as I have no intention of teaching them alphabets and reading when I find them at the age of five. Tom knew the war is dragging, and he really do hope to finish it in the next twenty years or so, he is not as young as he used to be, thirty eight going on to fifty, really not a nice thought even for a dark lord. He needs an heir, and was hoping to teach the young serpents, if they are male, to become the next Dark Lord. Only if they have enough potential. If not then he would just have to ask for one of his deatheaters' child. The young Malfoy would be respectable, after all, there has yet to be a Malfoy that have not supported the Dark. Then there is the son of Nott, one of his outer circles, working his way up, and perhaps Bella's child, if she will have one, somehow I do not see her as the motherly type. Tom sat upon the comfortable leather chair engrossed in his thoughts.

"July's fall" he mumbled to himself.

Two Month Later.



"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" James echoed Lily's screamed, he felt like he will never gain use of his hands again, make that ears too.

"IF I HAD IT MY WAY YOU WILL BE CASTRATED AND FED TO A HERD OF AMAROKS!" James paled considerably more when he heard the 'c' word. Over the other side of the door, a dog bark like laugh drifted over, as well as other gigles and snorts. James ignored them as he concentrated on the screaming woman before him.

"Lily dear, just breathe, yeah like that, breathe, and nearly there, come on you can do this, just one more…"

"And… You have a beautiful daughter Mr Potter, Mrs Potter. At a healthy six point four pounds, at eleven fifty seven pm, July thirty first, what would her name be, if you please…?"

"Hey, hey. Here comes little prongslet and little miss flower sunshine."

"Really Sirius, congratulations, James, Lily. What are their names?"

"Thank you Remus. Meet our son, Harry, Harry James Potter."

"Our daughter Athena Kathy Potter."

"Great! I am going to teach little prongslet to fly and prank and fly and chat up girls, and prank, and …"

"Are you sure you want him to be our children's Godfather."

"I sure it'll be fine Lily, and no Sirius I am going to teach him how to fly, because I am the better flyer."

"Don't worry Lily, Harry will turn out fine, even with Sirius as Godfather, I'm sure he will be the perfect big brother for little Athena." Remus commented in a soothing voice, trying to calm Lily down, frowning at the loud argument between his best friends. Really, with the rate they are going Harry will be a Quidditch star at age six and dating at age four. Lily laughed, shaking off a little anxiety.

"They are only ten minuets apart, Remus, they will help each other."

"I thought they were never going to sleep." Lily said tiredly after singing to Athena, or Ana as Remus calls her, and feeding Harry who seems to be attached to his milk bottle. She entered the living room in Godric's Hollow where she found her husband talking with Albus Dumbledore.

"Ah, Lily, all good I hope, the little ones giving you trouble?"

"Just tired, it's gotten better in the last two month. I don't know how Molly does it, I hardly get enough sleep with two, let alone six, and didn't she say there was one more on its way?"

"Yes, she seems to have set her mind on having a girl, I do hope she gets her wish this time, seventh time lucky don't you think." Albus said with a slight twinkling of his eyes, earning a small laugh from the young couple. The twinkle died in his eyes immediately as he remembered why he was here. He really did not want to put such pressure on this perfect family. Nevertheless, the fates have plans for the Potter twins, even he cannot change that. "I have some good news and some bad, they involve the twins I'm afraid. They are designated to help the chosen one, Andrew Kirke."

"There was a prophecy made thousands of years ago, by Morgan Le Fay, it speaks of a war in the future. Of course there were many wars in the past, however there were never the right people…children, fitting with the descriptions in the prophecy for it to be true, until now that is. The prophecy talks of a child, a boy born at mid April, he is the chosen one. We believe, that Andrew Kirke is this child. The boy will have a hard life in front of him, he alone will have to destroy Voldemort, and hopefully win the war for the light." "But what has this got to do with our children? I mean sure we'll want to help in the war and do all we can to make Andrew's life happy, Lily was friends with his mother in Hogwarts after all, but really Headmaster, we would like to keep Harry and Ana out of the war as much as possible."

"Alas, that's easier said than done, we would like to keep all the children out of the war, but unfortunately we cannot. The prophecy speaks of another two children, we believe are twins as they are meant to be born around the same time. At 'July's Fall', Harry and Ana fits that particular description as we all know the date and time of their birth. Also there must be a girl in the pair, as the 'maiden' meaning Ana will find a lover, whom we believe is Andrew, and be claimed when they are older of course, and only then will the war be over. Harry on the other hand is said to be the 'power', the fighter and protector in the group, and need to be trained before he could be ready for the final battle." Lily was near tears as he said all these, she really did not want her sweet children in this horrid war, it is not their place, nor are they old enough to fight.

"There is another part to the prophecy, the children of July's fall is said to be the 'serpents' key', which concerns us all. We don't know what it means, whether they are fated to help Voldemort, or if Voldemort wanted something only they could give. What we do know is that Voldemort is looking for children born at the end of July, which means he knows of the prophecy. He believes the duo will have power he knows not, and I think he would love to learn of those powers. For this reason we must be careful of the twins' safety, no matter what, the dark side cannot get their hands on the children." Lily and James both agreed to that part, neither of them wanted the Dark Lord to come after their children. Lily however being an over observant girl she is knew there was something else, something the headmaster have not said.

"Wha…what i…is it Albus?"

Signing, he continued, "For the prophecy to work, there is one key factor we can control, and I am afraid we have no other choice but to follow it, if we want to end the war."

"Well if you are sure we can end the war by just following the one factor then we'll do our best to follow it, we wouldn't want our children be blamed for not ending the war sooner, because of something we didn't want to do." Albus signed, they really wouldn't want to hear this, but Merlin what else am I supposes to do? The conditions were written down, carved in stone for that matter. I just hope Lily and James can keep their distance when the time comes.

"For the chosen one to harness his powers completely, there needs to be a sacrifice of sorts…erm the children will not be physically hurt." Albus quickly assured the uneasy parents cuddled together on the side of the sofa, clutching at each other as if they held long enough their children would not be the ones needed in the war. Wishful thinking of the desperate. "It is said, strength of the chosen one will be harnessed if the other two children is exposed to some extent of neglect. No one is going to take them away from you, but we do need to take them for short periods so they would not become too dependent on you two, also we need to train them for what is coming. I mean you would want your son trained right, after all duelling skills will be learnt faster if taught at a younger age. Your daughter also, would you like her to be trained in forms of dance, poetry, singing, arts, we will appoint the best etiquette teachers for her, it will do her good later in life."

"Well there is a war, and if what you said do become true for our Harry, then we would like the best training he can get, he would need it. But for Athena…" James putting a fingernail between his teeth as he was thinking, when I was five or six I would have killed for a chance to learn to duel like my father, Harry would enjoy the lessons, of course, he would, he is a Potter. Athena, and what was it? Oh yeah, etiquette and art lessons, I don't think she would particularly enjoy that, all Potter women loved a challenge, and was never able to be the perfect submissive lady some of the other pure blooded families produced, like the Blacks, although I would never relate Bellatrix to a submissive nor a lady. The sound of Lily's voice bought him back from his contemplations.

"Yes, it would do both of them good, I agree, but Athena would not be a house wife or a lady who just wastes her time organising parties and gatherings, she will have the chance to go to Hogwarts, right?"

"Of course, yes, some of the finest students were the potter females, you included Lily. I would never allow talent go to waste Lily you should know that."

"Yes headmaster, naturally, I'm just worried about them that's all, I do want them to have a admirable future."

"If Harry and Ana cannot spend all their time with us, then they may as well use that time for some training, it will help them in life, especially the rough life facing the three children. But these is still being planned right, I mean they are only two month old, we'll still have some time with them before…before we ha…have t…to distance ourselves right?"

"James, you'll have lots time with the children yet, nothing will change until they are at least three or four. You would not mind if Andrew comes over and play with the twins do you, after all Harry will need to work well with him and Ana need to bond with him in the future, both I think will be made easier if a strong friendship is built."

"Yes, yes, I would have organised a little play group with Natalie anyway, she was just saying the other day little Andrew gets a bit lonely as an only child." Lily thinking back to what her friend has told her. Andrew was always looking for a new someone to 'speak' to. "Oh Merlin's toenails." Lily mumbled to herself, realising the small sounds was coming from Harry's room. Natalie said Andrew was never this nippy to wake up. Lily thought, standing up and heading up to the second floor after a quick goodbye to Albus. It is hard being a mother. She almost felt relieved thinking back to what Albus said, that they would not have to spend every minute of every day with the twins, sometimes they really are a pain.

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