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fPast Demons: Similarities in Opposites

A bright light flashed through the darkness night had brought to the bedroom, the typical clap of thunder following it soon after. Rain continued to patter on the curtained window, filling the occupants of the room with a calming sound to sleep by. Calming sounds or not though, a blond man silently lay awake in the large bed of the room, his arm around a sleeping red headed woman curled into his side.

The man, in his early twenties, had a haunted look present in his eyes that should not have been seen on anyone at all, let alone one so young. The dull blue orbs that used to be so full of life had lost their brilliance through the trials that was his life, the life of someone misunderstood. At that moment though, his own problems and fears were far from being his main concern.

For at that moment, the entirety of Naruto's attention was focused on the woman in bed with him; she was his wife, his Tayuya. Her past demons, much like his own, followed her wherever she went, torturing her with memories of past mistakes and horrible recollections fit only for the worst of nightmares. Currently, she was quietly whimpering in her sleep, unconsciously fidgeting against her husband while her mind relived some of her worst memories.

Naruto tightened his arm around her, in an attempt to comfort her, just as she would do for him when his past caught up with him. This did nothing to soothe the woman however, so his other hand reached towards her arm, slowly stroking the soft skin there.

Her struggles lessened to an extent, but the blond could tell with ease that she was still experiencing what he wished she never had to.

Another lightning flash filled the room, briefly illuminating the sorrowful glance on the man's face, before it disappeared with the following clap of thunder.

Naruto sighed quietly, still attempting to soothe his wife. He would go to any means necessary to make her comfortable, something other residents in the village didn't understand...after all, they still thought of him as Kyuubi no Kitsune itself.

That may be true in most cases, but in the case of he and Tayuya, Naruto knew it couldn't be more wrong.

The blond had never been what one might consider a typical citizen of the great and peaceful Konohagakure after all, a childhood filled with glares and malicious comments assured that, so when he first meant Tayuya, the two connected without even knowing it.

They were similar in multiple aspects. They both hid themselves behind masks, their hearts were sheltered by a shell made in an attempt to save them from getting hurt, and they both dealt with past demons through either false happiness or crude anger.

Naruto cut off that chain of thought in favor of the more important task at hand, and turned to his side to wrap his arms more securely around Tayuya, still offering his endless support, just as she would do for him.

From his new position, however, the blond could see the tracks that silent tears had made down Tayuya's face. He felt his heart clench at that, and quietly lowered his lips down to hers.

It was a soft kiss, meant to provide comfort and warmth to the one he loved.

And it worked.

The red head's face was slowly relieved of its' strained expression, the tension leaving her as she finally quieted. Tayuya tucked her face further into the blond's body in her sleep, but from his position, Naruto's haunted eyes caught sight of a small smile gracing her lips while she slept.

The blue orbs brightened; he felt a smile grace his own lips as well.

The blond never knew opening his shell to someone he loved could make him feel emotions so strong that they were almost shared between the pair.

In the end though, as the last shadows of consciousness left him, he was truly glad that Tayuya had broken through.