Pairing: Sasuke and Sakura
Theme: Yearbooks
Why: Its summer bitches! (need I say more?)
Inspiration: Always wondered what happened with flirty yearbook messages.
For: Melanie since I feel bad for writing that she was a whore (but still love of my life) in her yearbook (no homo, seriously).
Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, or summer, or Seventeen Magazine (since they did an article on it and I used it as an example – but the plot is mine, I swear!) or Shut Up and Let Me Go by The Ting-Tings, or Yeah by Usher, or MSI (and that Shut Me Up song), or - well, let's just say that anything that you know isn't mine, isn't mine. Got it?
Note: Number at bottom is not real. Don't call. Or do if you want. I don't know who will pick up, but it won't be Sakura…I don't think.
Warning: Sasuke's POV, so it could be classified as OOC, but not by me. Seriously though, think as you wish. Have fun.
Enjoy: This fanfiction, yearbooks, memories, the chance of getting together with someone through little notes, and SUMMER!


written by xBrokenxDreamsx

I hate summer.

Really, I do.

As in, with all my heart and soul and guts and all that stuff that can pronounce my hatred of this terrible season full of heat and sweat and all things nasty.

I just hate it.

Now, many would be thinking, why on earth, in this wonderful world (it does involve me, doesn't it?), would someone as godly as Sasuke Uchiha hate summer?

Well, I don't exactly hate it.

I more or less, just, well, don't look forward to it.

Sadly enough, I'd rather be in school.

Some now may ask, why would you rather be learning about biology and other lame things when you could be at the beach, basking in all your manly glory (have you seen my six pack?)?

The answer is simple really.

It's her.

Her being the girl who has been my lab partner all year.

Her being the girl who always tends to make my heart speed up whenever our hands touch.

Her being the girl who managed to capture my attention whenever she'd walk (clumsily skip) down the halls, even when I was surrounded by beautiful woman.

Her being the girl who has pink hair and emerald eyes that captivate me so much that I can barely form sentences around her.

Her being the girl who has my heart.

Her being the girl that I won't be able to see all summer.

Yeah, now you're pondering on the fact of why I wouldn't be able to see her all summer and asking why such a thing would occur, or well, not occur.

I mean, sure, theoretically, I could see her this summer, but how would I ask such a thing. Yes, we talk a lot in class and I consider us somewhat friends, but only class friends.

It would be incredibly awkward to just ask to hang out. Or for her phone number. Or to even profess my love to her.

But that was Naruto's idea. So really, that shouldn't even be in regard. Yeah, Naruto is my best friend, but, really, would you take advice from him?

I didn't think so.

Maybe I'll just get over it duringthe summer. I am going to be staying at Itachi's house for most of it, and he does live in a pretty sweet mansion an hour away. There could be girls there.


But none will be like Sakura.

No one will ever be.

Which is why I officially hate summer.

Why can't I have biology all year long?

I'd give up trips to the beach and seeing hot girls in bikinis (maybe not Sakura) and doing absolutely nothing but relaxing for biology and homework and big projects and dissecting frogs.


Because I'd be doing all those things with Sakura.

And as much as I'd like to see Sakura in a bikini, it would be more probable for us to just analyze dead animals together.

"Hey," She greeted while sitting in the school next to me at our lab table. She flashed me a hasty smile while putting down her books on the table. Once she was done, she turned her attention to me.

I nodded in response as a greeting and took in her appearance – it was flawless as ever.

But for some reason, she was wearing a tad of make-up today and her hair looks more prim than usual.

Oh wait.

Another reason I'm hating summer.

It's the last day of school.

Someone shoot me.


"Alright class, today is a make-up day. If anyone needs to retake part of the final, or hand in any projects, please do so. For others who are done, please remain quiet." Shizune-sensei explained.

Well at least this was good. I got to spend a whole forty-two minutes with her before I was off to a full three months without her.

I mean, many would be surprised that I'm even getting upset over this, since Naruto says that all we do during this period is shamelessly flirt with each other.

So what if I tease her and she tries to make me listen to music that sucks since I've always been a bigger fan of screamo? That doesn't count as flirting.

Yeah, so what if Naruto says that a guy's way of flirting is making fun of said girl? So what if I've kinda/sorta/maybe started to like the crappy music that she's introduced me to (but not really since everyone has heard of them – she just made them sound better (I blame her)).

It doesn't mean that there is some, totally trivial and unimportant, weird chance that she could also like me.


"So, do you have anything to make up?" I looked up when she spoke and shook my head no. Her smile turns malicious. This is not a good sign.

She took out her prized possession (and no, it's not me…yet) and placed it on the desk. The sound of metal screeching against the tiled floor is heard and soon I found her sitting right next to me.

And when I say right next to me, I mean, for serious, our skin is touching and her heat is radiating off and keeping me warm.

Is it getting hot in here or is it just me?

She smiled innocently and held the hot pink iPod (mine is so much cooler. Can you say iPhone?) close to her face, as if asking for approval. With those puppy eyes, I really can't deny her, so I took one of the earphones and put it in my ear as dejectedly as I can (I've had practice).

At first, I heard a noisy and poppy kind of tune along with a girl chanting loudly. I look over at Sakura with an inquisitive look, for she is not a pop kinda gal. She's a rocker chick who doesn't listen to random noise.

She listens to amazing ballads and guitar solos that last way too long for anyone's good. She listens to people who don't have that pleasing of a voice, but that's what makes it so good.

She doesn't listen to bubble-gum, makes-you-happy, pop that makes you want to dance around. It's almost as bad as listening to rap.

She quickly switches the song.

"Hey, wait, what was that?" I asked while grabbing at her iPod. She pulled away angrily while I chuckled after I successfully retrieved the music-player (it's not my fault she's so short).

She started hitting me angrily while I tried to find it. "Please, give it back!"

I got to the song since I'd recognize that obnoxious tune everywhere.

Shut up and let me go! Because I tell you so! For the last time you have kissed my lips, now shut up and let me go!

What the hell? Isn't this, like, on the iTunes commercial or something? Why is Sakura listening to this?

I ain't freaking, I ain't faking this! I ain't freaking, I ain't faking this! Shut up and let me go, HEY!

"The Ting-Tings?" I laughed just from reading the name of the band that sings this weird, innuendo-filled song.

She huffed in annoyance and lay her head down on the table. "Yes Sasuke, laugh all you want."

"I, um, I was just joking Sakura. I just think it's funny that you have it on your iPod."

She waved her hand in nonchalance. "Yeah, yeah, whatever. I'm Sakura Haruno, the freak with pink hair and a wide forehead who actually loves to jam out to that song."

And now I feel guilty. I don't want to spend my last hour fighting with her. "If it makes you feel any better, I have 'Yeah' by Usher on my iPod." Her head shot up at my confession and she started giggling.

"Me too." She whispered and now I laughed with her.

So she put on the rap and she started doing dance moves from Hitch. I watched with an amused expression while listening to the song and going over all the lines in my head (yeah, so I know them – bite me).

Snapshot: a bunch of slutty girls are lined up (fangirls) and dancing seductively to Yeah as I am in the center of them all, rapping all the words while girls are biting me.

I instantly shake the thought from my head.

Bad thoughts Sasuke, bad thoughts.

Suddenly, she stopped dancing and went digging through all her bags (seriously, she has like three – I've always wondered what the hell she keeps with her if she needs all that room).

After a good, minute search, she pulled out a familiar-looking, green book and handed it to me. On the cover, in large, obnoxious letters read:




It was a yearbook.

But not just any yearbook.

Oh no, oh no, oh no. This yearbook was special.

This was Sakura's yearbook.

And I could write anything on this thick, white paper.

And she'll have it forever.

But when she handed me the book, I instantly froze.

I never wrote in a girl's yearbook before. I only wrote in guys and ignored all my fangirls. What are you even supposed to write in that? I mean, I can't exactly say, "let's meet up and shoot some hoops this summer" or "had fun this year. good luck next year". I just couldn't. This was a girl. The girl.

"Well?" She interrupted me from my thoughts and gave me an expecting look. I sighed and opened the book, turning to the back. "Well?" I looked up and my eyes met with narrowed jade ones.


She sighed. "May I write in yours please?"

I smirked at her childish antics and grabbed my book, chucking it at her. She stuck her tongue out at me and opened the book angrily, staring at the page.

She looked just as confused as I am.

Okay, so I should definitely mention biology. And having fun with her. Yeah, that's it.

Shut up and let me go?
Every time I see a frog,
I'll be instantly reminded of your high-pitched screams.
But anyways, I had a lot of fun this year
(or however much fun you can have in bio)
with you (surprisingly).
Have a great summer.

-Sasuke (your favorite lab partner – ever)
(and don't even try to deny it)

I closed the book and looked over at the pinkette next to me. She was still writing. And it looked like she was writing in green ink. It definitely stood out in the sea of blue and black. But she herself tends to stand out, so it's just a nice friendly reminder of her beautiful self.

Who I will miss terribly this summer.

Who is writing more than me.

Who will probably think that my letter sucks ass.

Who will never like me because I'm such a failure.

I hate summer.


She handed me my book while I gave her hers. I opened the yearbook (she wrote on the first page – typical) and looked at the writing, still peeved about this stupid season full of suntan-lotion and non-Sakura-ness.

Hey, you!
After a whole year of arguing with you
about Fall Out Boy in Bio, I can't believe
you're still not a fan…! Let's get together soon
and maybe (did ya notice the maybe) I'll listen
to that MSI crap that you call music
(I like my coffee black just like my metal?
What does that even mean?)
But who knows – maybe I'll actually like it.
Or not.

XO, Me

(we need new bands to fight over, seriously)

And suddenly, summer was looking a lot better.