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Soi Fon's excitement was short lived. As soon as the buildings belonging to the fourth division entered her sight a slight unnerving feeling crept across her spine. As she reached one of those buildings and was led inside and then through it, that slight feeling became more an overwhelming anxiety. When the door to Retsu Unohana's personal bedroom was opened for her she was shaking uncontrollably in complete fear.

It was a simple room, cleanly and ordered, sparsely furnished. It wasn't very large; Soi Fon could only guess Retsu was the type of Captain who would want her own quarters no bigger or more outstanding than those of her subordinates. Overall it was a fairly comfortable little room, though Soi Fon certainly wasn't comfortable herself.

Retsu slowly walked towards her bed. She sat down and then smiled toward the other woman. She spoke softly, "You ready, Soi Fon?"

Soi Fon didn't respond immediately, rather she paused a moment as she deliberated on what to say. Eventually she replied, her nerves painfully visible, "A-actually R-Retsu, may be we should hold off on this part for a while..."

"Oh? But earlier you seemed so eager and excited..." Retsu said with downcast eyes.

Soi Fon took a sad expression as well, "I'm sorry, but you misinterpreted my intentions, Retsu. All I meant to say was--"

"I understood your intent, Soi Fon," Retsu said with an off-putting gravity to her words.

"Then don't you think it would be more appropriate to wait, go on a few more dates, ad get to know each other better before we..." Soi Fon spoke rapidly, with few breaths before trailing off. Shyly, while blushing, she continued, "take such a big step in our relationship."

"In normal circumstances it might be more appropriate to move for deliberately, Soi Fon. However, in your case, the smaller steps will be the same as standing still. The only chance Soi Fon has of moving forward is a sudden leap," Retsu said in a somber manner. Soi Fon eyes went wide at the words.

"What are you saying?" the younger girl asked with a nervous twitch.

"Soi Fon and Captain Shihoin were the most intimate of friends but you were never lover. As this is the case, Soi Fon will not be able to truly move on and accept someone unless she can see them as a lover, as someone to hold closer to her heart than she did Captain Shihoin," the healer said in a hauntingly serious voice.

"Yeah, but still... to do something so... indecent… with someone like you..." Soi Fon blushed and trailed off.

"Thinking of that sort is another reason this is a necessary move," Retsu stated plainly.

"What do you mean?" Soi Fon questioned, surprised by the comment.

"You still don't see me as someone to open your heart to fully," the other woman answered in a low voice. Unsmilingly, she added, "You don't trust me or my intentions. You have yet to see me as anything other than the kindly healer who cares for not only you, but everyone else that lands in her care."

"But that's because I don't understand it! I don't understand why you're going so far for me. It's your duty to help people I know, but what do you get out of being with me like this?" Soi Fon said, a helpless and shaky look in her eyes that was beyond her control. Retsu stood from the bed and walked towards her. She was soon pulled into a soft embrace.

"That's a selfish question, Soi Fon. You are not the only one who wants to feel the passion and intimacy found in devoting yourself to someone above all others. I desire to find in you all the same things you desire to find in me," Retsu said softly into the other's ear; Soi Fon shivered at the words and the closeness as she looked up at the other woman. She was smiling as their eyes met.

"I see," Soi Fon blushed as her lips formed the slightest smile as she stare into the woman's gentle blue eyes. "I'm just scared that... maybe I'm not strong enough..."

Retsu let go of Soi Fon's small frame at these words, her hands instead went to the long braid hanging across her front, "Is that so? Then perhaps I should do something to improve your strength of will." Retsu gave a soft almost girlish laugh as she untied the end of her braid. She smirked as she ran fingers through it to separate the hair. She gave an almost scandalous look as she flipped the flowing black hair back.

Soi Fon was in shock. It was just a simple change in hair style but the change it brought about in Soi Fon's thought patterns was so extreme it was scary. She couldn't help it though. As she watched Retsu comb her fingers through her long black hair, now flowing down her back, Soi Fon couldn't help but be entranced. It was as if it wasn't even the same woman anymore; the kind, beautiful, and elegant Retsu Unohana had just transformed into some sort or mesmerizing goddess.

Soi Fon's jaw quivered. She was staring but she couldn't help. Retsu was smiling gently and blushing softly at the intensity of the stares. Soi Fon wanted to say something. Se wanted to tell Retsu how amazing she looked. Her mouth opened to speak but she couldn't find any words to force out of it. Amidst her struggle, Retsu stepped toward her again.

Soi Fon remained stunned in place as the woman's found her back. She then remained speechless as the woman's lips found her own. Her hands went to stroke the glorious black tresses that had left her in awe as she met Retsu's mouth with tender pressure. As their eyes became as locked as their mouths were, doubts and anxiety disappeared, this time for good.

"I love you," Soi Fon muttered. She knew it must sound ridiculous, but it was all she could say.

"Hearing you say that pleases me," Retsu smiled lovingly as she stared into the other woman's eyes. Soi Fon chose to continue the kiss.

Slowly Soi Fon was eased in the direction of the bed as the kiss reached greater pressure. In a complete daze, desperate to feel the other's love, Soi fon let her tongue slip gently from her mouth to taste the woman's lips. Retsu's gaze intensified at the contact. Soi Fon was surprised to find the sudden warmth of Retsu's won tongue brush against hers. It didn't feel wrong. It felt beautiful, she moved her tongue quicker in an effort to increase the contact.

As Retsu laid Soi Fon down on the bed, crawling over her, she let her tongue find it's way into the woman's mouth. It was an incredible mix of feelings. Soi Fon felt vulnerable, but she felt loved. The feel of that beautiful goddesses tongue swirling about her own was so warming. She could feel her heart accelerate its beating as her entire body filled with a desperate desire to be touched.

As if sensing the other's desires, Retsu pulled away. She smiled affectionately at Soi Fon, mouth still open and tongue still protruding and in motion, as she softly stroked her cheek. Her touch soon gravitated downward and she untied Soi Fon's haori; Soi Fon aided her in removing it. Another sash was then pulled and the rest of the Shihakusho was eased off of her. Soi Fon blushed uncontrollably as she was laid back on the bed, completely disrobed. Her embarrassment only grew when the other spoke.

"You are so very beautiful, Soi Fon," Retsu whispered tenderly as she gazed over the other's small, delicate frame.

"C-can I see you...?" Soi Fon meekly cooed her question with averted eyes. Retsu smiled.

"Of course you may," the fourth division captain replied quite simply.

Immediately Retsu's loose white haori was allowed to hit the floor. She undid the obi-sash underneath and soon the rest of her roes followed. At first sight of the body that had been concealed under the woman's robes, Soi Fon found it confirmed beyond any doubt that Retsu Unohana was a goddess.

Soi Fon, for the life of her, had never once considered what the woman standing before her might look like unclothed. She wasn't prepared for what we got. Retsu was lean and trim but exceptionally curvy. Her breasts were quite large and supple and her skin was such a beautiful smooth white. It was a body as sensuous and enrapturing as any Soi Fon had ever noticed. No, that was wrong; an unquestionable beauty like Rangiku Matsumoto, even Yoruichi Shihoin herself, no other women could have possibly compared.

"I can tell from your stares that my appearance excites you," Retsu said with a sensual smirk as she moved towards the bed. Soi Fon nodded sheepishly; there was no chance words could leave her mouth as it was joined once more to the other's.

A beyond magnetic pull guided Soi Fon's hand's to Retsu's body while the woman hung over her and kissed her deeply. She traced them through Retsu's hair and along her back, down across her hips up across her stomach before finding the soft, supple flesh of the woman's breasts. She kneaded them gently as Retsu's tongue in her mouth left her feeling weak.

Retsu broke her kisses to left out a pleasant coo as Soi Fon continued to play with her breasts. The younger woman moved her hands languidly, entranced by the smooth, pillowy texture under her fingers. Soon, amongst the softness, Soi Fon could feel a hard nub arise under either of her palms. She began to concentrate on these, lightly squeezing either between two of her fingers as she continued to tenderly grope and knead.

Then Retsu moved forward on the bed, bringing her breasts right before the other's face. Soi Fon blushed and smiled pleasantly as she bent her head forward slightly and took up a gentle suck at one of the beautiful mounds. As she teased Retsu's nipple lavishly with her tongue, Soi Fon let one hand entangle in the woman's long glorious hair while the other grasped and patted at the unattended breast. Retsu moaned politely in pleasure as one of her own hands went to the back of Soi Fon's head, softly holding it in place.

"That feels beautiful, Soi Fon," Retsu said affectionately as Soi Fon's excited tongue coated one of her nipples with much saliva. After minutes more of licking and sucking Soi Fon broke away from the first healthy mound and went to attend the other. As before, she too bathed the hard center of that breast with her tongue, stroking the delicate flesh lovingly, causing the woman attached to it to hold her even tighter.

After a few moments Retsu pulled her chest away from her lover. She seemed to give a slight laugh at Soi Fon's exposed tongue and indecent expression before positioning herself for another hard kiss. This time Soi Fon could feel as Retsu's breasts were pressed rigidly against her won smaller chest. It felt so comfortable and warm that she couldn't help but slow her tongue as it danced with Retsu's to let a pleasured moan into the woman's mouth.

A gentle look in Retsu's eyes, she broke from Soi Fon's mouth and kissed outside it, moving her soft lips down the other's cheek until the reached her neck. Soi Fon moaned loudly as she felt her beautiful goddess nibble at the curve of her throat. One of Retsu's hands found Soi Fon's chest and began to stroke the woman's hardened nipples, amplifying her pleasure. After a few moments of almost numbing sensations, Soi Fon felt as Retsu's kisses trailed downward from her sensitive neck and across her chest, eventually to replace her hand's struggle.

Soi Fon's back suddenly arched beyond her control at first feel of her lover's tongue hot against the sensitive nubs of her breasts. Retsu's head was soon bobbing back and forth deliberately, her tongue pressing into Soi Fon's smallish breasts and teasing either of her nipples rigorously. It felt amazing, perfectly and completely mesmerizing, better than any dream encounter with Yoruichi Shihoin; Soi Fon doubted there was any thing that could possibly feel better than what she felt now. It was then, of course, that Retsu decided to prove her partner's thoughts wrong.

Soi Fon didn't even notice at first when Retsu's hand found her thigh. When she felt the woman's fingers trace ever so slightly against her heated, sensitive sex it came as something of a surprise, a beautiful, incredible surprise. As Retsu continued to playfully tongue Soi Fon's breast her fingers soon began to dance across the woman's delicate opening, resulting in a feeling that was simply intoxicating.

Soi Fon panted deeply as Retsu's fingers slipped inside her causing warmth to explode throughout her body. Still filling the other's tender opening with her fingers, Retsu broke off from Soi Fon's chest and went to fill the woman's mouth with her tongue as well. Soi Fon couldn't even move her tongue against the other; the feelings were so overwhelming that all she could do was moan and pant against the soft warm organ as her body wriggled under the woman's touch.

Retsu broke the kiss rather abruptly. She then removed her hand from it's work, giving Soi Fon a brief moment to control her escalating heart rate. She moved down Soi Fon's body again, this time much more quickly, not stopping to place as many kisses. She moved past the smaller woman's breasts, down across the stomach and then further down until she was kissing as Soi Fon's thighs. Soi Fon soon realized what her lover wanted to try next. She would have protested at having Retsu do something perverse to her, but she could no longer fight off desire. She opened her legs wide as she blushed a deep red.

"Soi Fon's even beautiful down here," Retsu said with a longing sigh as she stared at the soft pink opening on display to her, outstretching a hand to stroke and spread it.

"Retsu... please... just..." Soi Fon started, both embarrassed and excited. She tried to spread her legs open even further.

Soi Fon didn't have to ask any further. Retsu gave her what she wanted as her face wavered toward Soi Fon's sex. The second division captain was overcome with gratification as she felt Retsu's tongue make its first long, wide stroke through her tender slit. Several similar strokes followed and each of then brought about a new level of unbelievable pleasure.

Soi Fon's back arched and her body writhed as helpless moans left her lips. With every slight movement of tongue Retsu graced her with she became more and more lost in her pleasure. She could hear over her own moans the indecent clicking sound that Retsu's long, moist tongue made as it traced deeply into her tight, wet slit. She could feel Retsu's hands clutching tightly into the flesh of her thighs in order to keep her fairly still. It was all so satisfying.

Retsu licked deeper and then harder and then higher. Her tongue became centralized in its movements until it was specifically circling around the pulsing nub that was Soi Fon's clitoris. Soi Fon cried out in shear bliss as her back arched yet again. Hardened breaths escaped one after the other as Retsu tended to her sex expertly. The euphoria being granted upon Soi Fon continued to grow with each careful movement until suddenly and with a heavy cry, it all exploded into something that was as if it was beyond sensation.

As Soi Fon came off her unfathomable high Retsu pulled away and smiled. As soon as Soi Fon's eyes were working correctly she realized how dirty the woman looked. The usual pristine retsu Unohana had the fine glisten of fluid all around her mouth and dripping down her chin. She was licking her lips as she gazed intently as the woman on the bed. Soi Fon smiled herself as she sat up, thrusting herself forward to join Retsu in a deep lover's kiss.

"Did you like that, Soi Fon?" Retsu asked in a soft voice as she momentarily pulled herself from the other's lips.

"It was amazing," Soi Fon cooed girlishly before continuing the kiss, reveling in her own taste on Retsu's lips.

"Do you want to pleasure me now, Soi Fon?" Retsu gave another question as she put just under an inch between them.

"Yes..." the other replied almost purringly. Retsu smiled as she placed one last short kiss on her lover's lips before moving into a better position on the bed. Soi Fon crawled over her.

The lithe woman began things with a soft kiss to her lover's lips. She moved downward quickly, her eagerness not allowing her to take time. Her hands groped Retsu's ample breasts as she placed tongue filled kisses at either one, causing Retsu to give off gentle moans. After almost near completely coating either heavy mound in her saliva she moved down across Retsu's stomach, her heart racing again, this time from excitement.

Retsu eased her legs open slightly, as if beckoning Soi Fon forth. She gazed in wonder at the glistening pink sex of her goddess. Her fingers stretched out to touch it; she marveled in its radiant heat and gushing wetness. It made her heart warm to think that she was responsible for it all. She bent forward and extended her tongue, letting it run deep into the soft, damp slit.

The subtle taste was beautiful. The sweet fragrance was enticing. The feel of the delightfully warm and moist flesh squishing against her tongue made Soi Fon's own juices start to flow again. But the sounds escaping Retsu's lips were simply spell-binding. Soi Fon couldn't believe a woman of Retsu's composure could make sounds so lewd yet melodious. Soi Fon wanted to hear the woman she loved pant and moan in pleasure; that's why her tongue flickered back and forth with everything she had.

Soi Fon licked with ardor. She abandoned herself to desire as she collected her lover's fluids all about her tongue. The friction resulting from the lightning speed licks was so intense that it was leaving Soi Fon's tongue numb. She slowed her licking to a more gradual pace as her hand went to Retsu's thigh. Pulling away, she replaced her tongue with a couple fingers.

Retsu let out a high squeal as Soi Fon's fingers slowly went deep inside of her. Soi Fon looked up at her blushing, pleasured face. Her goddess still looked so beautiful; Soi Fon had to thrust froward and join their mouths together yet again. Their tongues danced in tandem as Soi Fon pulsed her fingers in and out of the beautiful woman's tight opening.

Then Retsu did something that surprised Soi Fon. She let her own hand find its way back between the smaller woman's thighs. Soi Fon gave an exasperated moan into Retsu's mouth as her tender sex was filled with slender fingers as well. The kiss soon broke as both women found it necessary to pant and moan. Their inactive arms found each other's backs as they became wrapped in a tight embrace.

Holding Retsu, being held by Retsu, her fingers enveloped in warmth, Retsu with her love, it didn't take Soi Fon that long to reach a level of incredible pleasure rivaling that of her earlier bliss. It didn't take that long for her moans to equal and surpass Retsu's in volume. Only now her and Retsu shared such intimacy that the feeling was greater; she knew she was making Retsu feel all the same things.

Soi Fon felt Retsu's finger thrust deep into her; she gave a pulse of her hand in response. Their whole bodies eventually began to move against each other in a distinct rhythm. Thrusting, pulsing, moaning, crying, panting, it all continued for a great length of time. It felt so perfect.

Soi Fon could feel another climax imminent. Judging by the sharp increase in the intensity of her partner's breathing she figured Retsu must have been close as well. Retsu's able fingers moved quickly but forcefully; it was only a matter of time before their incessant motion and the magnificent sounds of Retsu's moaning drove her over the edge. Pleasure exploded across her once again as she cried out . She didn't break for a second though, she continued to make sudden movements with her hand, her fingers continued to vigorously tease the insides of Retsu's dripping slit. Soi Fon's determination inevitably won out as Retsu made a sound only a true goddess could, her body becoming tense and then relaxed in the sensation. Their mouths joined together instinctually as they kissed for a long while.

"I love you, Retsu. I really do," Soi Fon cooed submissively as they embraced.

"I am pleased to hear those words, Soi Fon. I love you as well," Retsu said in her usual benign fashion. As always, Soi Fon believed.


Soi Fon growled as she paced down the street. It had now been two weeks since her and Retsu Unohana had become lovers and in general she was happier now than ever before. Her only troubles now were those innate to a Captain of the Gotei 13, such as keeping track of her no good subordinates.

"Dammit Omaeda, where the hell are you at this time of night?!" Soi Fon said angrily under her breath as she walked quickly through Seireitei. She usually cared little in regard to what her uncouth second did with his time, but right now she had an important training mission for him to supervise. He was proving impossible to find though. As she was nearing the eleventh division building Soi Fon was giving up hope .

"So Omaeda, it true what the rumors been sayin'?!" An obnoxiously loud voice said as Soi Fon was passing by. She stopped in her place and quickly hid before moving closer and examining the scene from a distant rooftop.

Her oafish lieutenant was indeed there. He was sitting outside the eleventh division, a bottle of something in his hand. Sitting along with him were an obscene number of Gotei 13 higher ups including Zaraki Kenpachi, Shunsui Kyoraku, Jushiro Ukitake, Tetsuzaemon Iba, Rangiku Matsumoto, Renji Abarai, Yachiru Kusajishi, Ikakku Madarame, and Yumichika Ayasegawa. Almost everyone was drinking, heavily, one might add.

"Huh, what rumors, Madarame?" Omaeda replied, thickly.

"You know, the ones about your captain," the bald man said, leading.

"Oh yeah. It's all the lower ranks are talkin' 'bout the past few day. But that sort of thing can't be true, can it?" Renji said, his doubts evident. Soi Fon didn't know what to think. All of Soul Society was gossiping about her? Why would that be?

"I don't know what ya guys are talkin' about. What they been sayin' 'bout the Captain?!" Marechiyo said in a suitably uncivilized fashion, his finger finding the inside of his nose.

"You know... 'bout her and Captain Unohana being... intimate with each other?" Tetsuzaemon said with a deep smiled. Soi Fon's entire face became instantly red.

"Wha?! But how does that work?! They're both ladies, ain't they?!" Marechiyo exclaimed. Though she was still beyond embarrassed Soi Fon couldn't help but shake her head at her moronic subordinate.

"It does happen, you know. Love is not always so clear cut," Yumichika said in an eloquent voice. Most glared at him; Kenpachi and Ikakku groaned.

" Well, I ain't seen any proof to support the rumors. I mean just the other day, wasn't Captain Soi Fon datin' you, Kyoraku?" Ikakku said with excessive volume.

"Oho, I remember that night. It was an enjoyable evening, even if it ended with a busted jaw and a jealous Nanao. Regardless I was glad to aid both my lovely female Captains," Shunsui answered in a joyous, carefree fashion as he rubbed his jaw. SoI Fon couldn't even remember hitting him, but she assumed he deserved it.

"Whadd'ya mean both? Weren't you just there to date Captain Soi Fon?" Ikakku shouted, taken aback.

"Shunsui means that our dates with Captain Soi Fon were arranged by Captain Unohana. His was, as was mine, Kenpachi's and likely others," Jushiro said in a low voice.

"What? Date? I thought Captain Unohana wanted me to fight the girl?!" Kenpachi was surprised by this. Soi Fon shook her head again. There were some serious idiots in the world.

"And we're so shocked that someone like you would make that mistake, captain," Yumichika said with obvious sarcasm. His captain shot him a blood-thirsty look.

"Tch. Well, it was a damn good fight, I'll have to have a rematch with her someday," Kenpachi gave a deep chuckle. Soi Fon grit her teeth as she remembered fighting the man.

"I suppose it makes sense that Unohana's pullin' the strings. Had to wonder 'bout Captain Soi Fon before what with her goin' so far as to date my captain and all," Tetsuzaemon said, nodding.

"Yeah, that is kinda strange. I guess this rumors just a crazy misunderstanding. Captain Unohana's trying to hook Captain Soi Fon up, people see them together and just make assumptions," Rangiku sighed, seeming disappointed that there was a plausible disproof of the juicy gossip.

"Sounds 'bout right. If no one's seen the two of them together, it's probably not happening," Renji said with a firm nod.

"Yep. They been spendin' a lot of time together and stuff, but there ain't nuthin weird like that goin' on with the Captain," Marechiyo said, stupidly sure of himself.

"Just how much time?" Rangiku asked with a hopeful smirk.

"Huh? I don't know. Captain goes over to the fourth division some nights. And them sometimes that Unohana lady comes spend the night over in the second..." Marechiyo said in deep thought. Soi Fon let out a silent scolding as everyone stared at the large man awhile.

"You idiot! Why didn't ya say that sooner?!" shouted Ikakku while pointing at the oaf.

"Hey! I'm not an idiot!" Marechiyo countered, angered, but no one paid attention.

"That certainly does make it sound like they're actually doin' it," Rangiku said with a laugh.

"That'd be so hot..." Tetsuzaemon said loudly and drunkenly causing Soi Fon to gasp and almost everyone to shake their head. Renji and Shunsui seemed to nod in agreement though.

"It's kinda strange though... I never really saw either of them as the type who'd be into girls really..." Renji said, with thought.

"If you know anything about Captain Soi Fon's past you might not think that," Jushiro replied in a serious tone.

"Eh? Oh yeah, she was real close with Yoruichi in the past, right? I never heard it was that sort of thing though..." Renji said, surprised.

"It wasn't. At least it wasn't for Yoruichi," Jushiro said with a sad expression, "that is why I believe whatever sort of bond the two of them have now formed was the desired result all along."

"Oh? So me and you were used as tools then, my old friend, for Retsu Unohana to use in claiming what she desired?" Shunsui asked with a sigh.

"Retsu Unohana is not the type to leave any significant decision in the hands of something as random as trial and error. We were all just small steps in a path laid out by her," Jushiro stated evenly. Shunsui nodded.

"Hmm, I knew she was a scary lady, but I never would have guessed she was the type to use and deceive," Rangiku said with another sigh.

"Well, you probably wouldn't have guessed she was a lesbian either," Tetsuzaemon gave a short chuckle.

"Eh, I still refuse to believe it till I hear it straight from either one of 'em's mouth?" Kenpachi growled.

'"Then why don't you ask her, Kenny! Miss Captain Soi Fon's watching us from that roof over there!" the small, pink-haired little girl sitting in Kenpachi Zaraki's lap suddenly cheered, pointing directly at Soi Fon's hiding spot. Soi Fon disappeared from that general area as quick as possible, more embarrassed than ever before.

She cursed all those who just sat around and talked about her; she cursed the blush on her face; she cursed it all as she walked back down the street, having decided she'd just send a few of the other high officers in place of Marechiyo on the training mission. Then, suddenly someone appeared in her path, who she had no curses for.

"Hey," Soi Fon said softly while blushing as she ran up and placed a short kiss on her lover's lips. Retsu smiled at her.

"It's nice to see you here, Soi Fon. Tell me, have you completed organizing the nighttime training mission you told me about?" Retsu asked softly.

"Not quite. I couldn't find Omaeda so I have to send someone else out instead," Soi Fon bleakly sighed, "Looks like we won't be able to do anything together tonight."

"I'm sure we'll survive one night apart," Retsu said with a short laugh. Soi Fon smile.

"Speak for yourself. I don't know how I'm going to sleep without you beside me," said Soi Fon, as jokingly as it was serious.

"I'm sure you'll manage, " replied the other in a soft tone. Soi Fon blushed.

A moment passed before Soi Fon asked a question, "Retsu, when you made me go on all those dates, did you ever think for a moment that any of them would succeed?"

"Of course not," Retsu replied simply, almost bluntly.

"Then... if you just wanted me from the beginning... why'd you send me on all those pointless dates… why didn't you just tell me?" Soi Fon asked, somewhat sadly.

"Because it wouldn't have worked like that Soi Fon. You wouldn't have responded correctly. Those dates weren't pointless, Soi Fon, they were crucial in making our relationship a possibility," the kind, beautiful woman assured in a smooth voice.

"Explain..." ordered Soi Fon with a bit of a harsh stare.

"In order for you to have moved on and accepted someone new, you needed to let yourself become vulnerable Soi Fon. I needed you to slowly open up to me even if it was just a few words each night. I needed to give you the time to figure out for yourself what you needed to make happen before I approached you," Retsu explained in a level voice. Soi Fon smiled.

"My lover really is that manipulative," Soi Fon laughed.

"Do you hold it against me?" Retsu asked, a soft look in her eyes.

"What reason would I have for that?" Soi Fon flashed a loving smile. "I'm happier now than I ever have been."

Retsu didn't reply with words, she just smiled beautifully and placed a kiss on her lover's lips. They the said their goodbyes and went along their paths, both surely alive in the other's heart. Soi Fon smiled as she thought of the woman who was her new goddess. She knew that whatever the future held, as long as it held that woman, she'd be happy. At the very least, sudden bouts of sickness would never be a problem again.

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