Chap 3

Grimmjow stood soundlessly next to Ichigo's body, laying in the bed. It had been three weeks since the fight, two weeks since Grimmjow had woken up. During the first week, Ukitake, as he was the oldest Shinigami, had taken over the Commander duties. After Grimmjow had woken, the duties had fallen to him, but he declined, saying he was too unfit, and besides, who would listen to an Espada? Ukitake, nodding, had continued with the job, proving an effective leader.

During that time, Ichigo had not regained consciousness. Grimmjow stayed by his side the entire time, refusing to leave the room. Unohana, after giving up

(her evil look, which worked on even Kenpachi, had not worked on Grimmjow) had arranged for bed to be taken into Ichigo's room, for Grimmjow. Grimmjow rarely used it, preferring to either lie beside Ichigo in his bed, or sit in the chair, and sleep there.

Grimmjow sighed, and entwined his fingers with Ichigo's far too cold fingers. Sitting beside the boy, Grimmjow stared at Ichigo wordlessly, wishing the boy would wake.

"Ichigo, wake up, please," murmured Grimmjow, resting his forehead on the boy's, "Just wake up, please, I need you to wake up, already."

"Baka," muttered Ichigo hoarsely. "I'm awake!"

"ICHIGO-BERRY!" yelled Grimmjow delightedly, hugging the boy fiercely. "You're awake!"

"Ouch," muttered Ichigo, referring to what he was sure was destroyed ear drums, and the stab wound in his stomach.

"Are you okay?" asked Grimmjow, suddenly worried. Ichigo scowled at him.

"Yeah, no thanks to you," he grumbled. Unohana chose that moment to reenter.

"Ichigo! You're awake,' she said calmly. "Now, Grimmjow, please leave, I need to examine Ichigo's wound."

"Eh, I've seen his whole body," said Grimmjow, grinning, as Ichigo rolled his eyes, "and I can handle blood."

"Too much information," murmured Unohana, quietly, hanging her head, "Grimmjow, bear in mind, I'm handling your medicine, and that means your life is in my hands, so please, leave."

Grimmjow stared at Unohana. "Why do they say I'm evil, when there's people like you around?" he asked, but left.

After the examination, where Ichigo was declared fine, but in need of bed rest – this declaration was made while Unohana glared pointedly at Grimmjow, who managed a partially innocent look – visitors were allowed.

Renji, Byakuya, Rukia, Isshin (Ichigo groaned when he saw his father) and Ukitake entered first. They were the first people to hear of Ichigo's recovery, and the first to arrive.

"Hey, Strawberry," said Renji in greeting, Ichigo, from his position on the bed, with Grimmjow laying next to him, arm wrapped around the boy's shoulders, scowled at Renji.

"Hello, Pineapple," he replied. Renji scowled.

"Don't call me that."

"Don't call me Strawberry then."

"What? Grimmjow the only one allowed to call ya Strawberry?"

"No, not even he's allowed."

"Yeah, I am," said Grimmjow, as Ichigo denied it. Ichigo glared at grimmjow, and then at Renji.

"To annoy him, call Grimm 'blue'," he said.

"Don't call me that!" wailed Grimmjow, glaring at Ichigo, who smirked.

"Yes, well," said Ukitake. "Ichigo, Grimmjow, as you won the fight, you are the Commanders of the Gotei 13."

Grimmjow, who had heard it all before, shrugged, and leant back, pulling Ichigo's head onto his chest, and running his hands through the wild orange hair. Ichigo frowned, staring out the window.

"Kurosaki-soutaicho?" asked Rukia, testing out the name and title, and finding it somewhat strange.

"Don't call me that," said Ichigo absently. Suddenly, he grinned, and turned back to the others.

"Uh-oh," said Grimmjow, frowning at Ichigo's smile. "I'm worried."

"Shut up, Grimmy," said Ichigo, eblowing the Espada's stomach. "Anyway, as soutaicho, I declare a new division, Division 14, of which I'm captain, and Grimmjow's vice captain—"

"Nuh-uh," said Grimmjow, "I'm captain, you're vice."

"No I'm—"

"You can sort that out later," said Byakuya, now used to the couple's arguments.

"What's it for?" asked Rukia.

"You two argue like an old married couple!" cried Isshin. Byakuya glared at the man.

"Anyway," said Ichigo, "this division is set in Heucu Mundo, and its job is to watch over the activities there, and make sure nothing happens, like another Espada, or anything."

"Eh, that's a good idea," said Rukia.

"You two will be by yourselves in a whole world!" cried Isshin, "Oh! The naughty things you could do! I must give you my patented gay Se—"

"NO!" yelled Grimmjow and Ichigo in unison, Grimmjow because he'd already endured it, and Ichigo because he just did not want to listen to his father.

"That is not a problem," said Ukitake, shuddering. "I'm sure Kurosaki-soutaicho and Grimmjow-soutaicho are responsible enough."

"Oh, and we'll hand over our captaincy to you, Ukitake," said Ichigo. "You can deal with it?"

"I've been 'dealing with it' for the past three weeks while you were in a come, Ichigo. I think I can," he said wryly.

"Okay," said Ichigo smiling, leaning back into Grimmjow's chest.

"You will have to run it past the other captains, but there should be no objections," said Byakuya. Ichigo nodded, and the visitors left, leaving Ichigo with Grimmjow.

"So, you managed to get us a room of our own, eh?" said Grimmjow, grinning. "A very large room, too. We'll have to explore it, ne?"

"Shut up," said Ichigo, rolling his eyes.

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