Ok I wrote this after I 'discovered' the Gargoyles. This is my first Fanfic. I have been reading fan fiction on and off. Hopefully I learned something. You guys decide. Also I will welcome flames. Know why? They'll just make me laugh. A/N: I found that Liz's pyretic powers in Hellboy were just cool so I just borrowed the design. But there is a difference. Liz was human and Aspen….well, you get the idea and if not you will.

Disclaimer: I do not own Gargoyles. Only Aspen Silverman.

Aspen was walking home after her job. She thought it was crazy that she had to work the midnight shift. Even the Goths that the store was made to appeal to were elsewhere at midnight. She sighed, the air coming out in a cloud of white vapor. She turned a corner her boots crunching in the ice she heard a growl. She gasped and looked to her left. It was coming from the alley. She took a few steps into the alley, listening intently. Again came the growl followed by crashes and then roars. Most people would have run, but she didn't. She swore and ran into the alley. About twenty feet she came upon the source of the sounds. There were two gargoyles. One was tall and brick red. The other was a smaller olive green. They were trying to fight off six Quarrymen. The odds didn't look good.

Anger rose up in her and her hands and eyes began to glow blue. Large blue flames surrounded both her hands. The flames licked up to her arms. "Hey, Assholes!"

It was comical, for all stopped at the yell. They turned and stood in shock to see a short girl stood there with her hands and eyes glowing. One of the men yelled at two of the others to get her. They pulled themselves away from the fight and drew their heavy hammers.

"Oh no you don't." Aspen tsked and ducked as one sung his hammer at her. The motion sent him reeling. Aspen giggled as he slipped and felling the snow. She danced out of the way as the other one came at her. Aspen jumped up on the fallen man's back and delivered a high kick. The man dropped his hammer and cried out grabbing his nose, blood pouring from the shattered nose. Her steel-toed boots had shattered his nose.

The one she was standing on shifted and she fell on him, astride. He looked up at her and she down at him. Suddenly he swung his fist and brassknucles tore into the skin at her temple. She dropped to the cold pavement. She rolled just as he aimed a kick at her ribs. She looked back up at his and aimed her flames up into his face. He howled, his hands covering his face. As the two men were rolling on the ground in pain she turned to the others that were after the gargoyles. She aimed her energy at the backs of the ones closest to her. They arched their backs as the red-hot blast of her blue flames hit them in the backs. It evened the odds and the gargoyles finished the last two. They snarled as the men ran off. One braved long enough to yell back at them.

"We'll get you gargoyles, and you too, you freak!" he aimed at Aspen. He then disappeared around the corner.

Aspen laughed. The sound caused the two gargoyles to look back at their unlikely comrade. She saw them looking at her warily and like she was crazy. She smiled at them and shrugged. "What? You think they would have thought of something more original."

The two gargoyles looked at one another. Finally, the tall red gargoyle stepped forward, watching as to see if she would run. She didn't, but stepped forward as well.

"We want to thank you."

"Oh, you are very welcome. I just hate when odds are so unfair. Especially against you guys. So do you have names or shall I just call you gargoyle number 1 and gargoyle number 2?" she asked. It broke the tension and the smaller gargoyle stepped forward as well.

"My bad." The red one grinned. "Brooklyn... my name's Brooklyn."

"And I'm Lexington."

She smiled. "Oh good."

"Good? Why?" Brooklyn asked.

"I'm glad I'm not the only weird one around here that is named after a place." She laughed.

"Weird? How are we weird?" Lexington asked innocently.

"Must I point out the obvious? Besides, sweat pea, I like weird, too many people try too hard to be normal. Like the Quarrymen. My name's Aspen Silverman."

"I see as to why you call yourself weird." Brooklyn said eyeing her still glowing hands. Her glowing eyes had turned to normal.

She looked down at her hands. A different look flashed across her face. For a minute it looked to Brooklyn, it was one of sorrow. But it was soon gone.

"Oh, sorry." She closed her eyes and the blue flames died. She opened her eyes and smiled, "Yes, this is why I call myself weird and because of other things."

"Are you a witch?" Lexington asked looking her over. She wore a black and sliver trench coat and long blue and black hair framed a white delicate face. Her sapphire blue eyes had a ring of sliver around the pupils.

"No. I was born like this. And…what are you staring at?" she jostled Brooklyn out of his mental meandering with a glare, her eyes glowing slightly with a pale blue glint.

"Nothing." he said quickly, thinking that if he weren't already red, he'd be blushing.

Lexington smirked. "Smooth. Real smooth."

"So... uh... where do you live? We can escort you home. It's the least we can do after you helped us." Brooklyn offered.

"No thanks. I don't live far. It was nice meeting you two. Bye." She turned walk out of the alley when she suddenly collapsed.

Brooklyn and Lex both rushed to her side. She was breathing and Lex could feel her heart beating steadily.

"Is she alright?" Brooklyn asked.

"I don't know." Lex shook his head. "She's still breathing, but it's kind of weak."

"We've have to take her to the castle. I mean, it's not like we can stroll her into the ER." Brooklyn suggested.

"Are you able to carry her, Brooklyn?" Lex asked "

"Yes. She doesn't look heavy." he replied, already gathering her into his arms.