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Naruto: Gray Skies Black.

(Gray Skies Black)

Naruto stood, surrounded by dust, cobwebs and darkness. He was in a short corridor that had a descending slope which fell back behind him. Two doors stood, both on opposite ends, with seals etched into their thick metal, barely able to be seen in the thick black. The one behind held only two of the most well-known, universal seal-chains there were. The first kept contained air fresh, and the second resulted in sound being unable to penetrate inside or outside whatever it was that lay contained within. The door Naruto was approaching, however, looked more like an ancient, religious artefact.

Top to bottom, left to right, the solid metal door was covered in seals. Rather than resulting in horribly severe security measures, the boy's amateur knowledge could only create a basic grounding focus for him to raise and attach a Genjutsu to, along with the lowest blood-locking mechanism. It was disgustingly over complicated, but sealing wasn't common knowledge, the bare basics being restricted to the higher echelons of ANBU, or the Jounin rank. Anything more was strictly Kage level, or held onto greedily by the Clans.

Sighing slightly, Naruto bit his thumb and placed it near the hinge of the door, watching it open and feeling his Genjutsu disperse immediately. Walking out into the pale moonlight, his standard ANBU attire desperately began grabbing at the pitiful amount of shadow pooling about the rounded corner of the small, concrete bunker as he dropped a leather bound journal at his feet.

Closing the door, he flipped through a quick few handseals, bit his thumb and then pressed his right hand against the door, pumping a respectable amount of chakra into four seals while his thumb re-activated the blood seal. There was a small ripple in the air, then the previously white concrete cylinder had turned into just another of the many stumps littering the area – a result of the agreement brokered with Kumo years ago.

Picking up the discarded book, Naruto allowed a small, self-satisfied smile to cross his face. "It is done." Turning, the boy looked over his shoulder in the direction of Konoha, nothing more than a small glow in the horizon. He wanted to leave so badly, now that all his research was completed, but it would do no good. He needed something to cement fear into the minds of all who would dare try to apprehend him.

He supposed it was a good thing he had a mission to apprehend an A-Rank missing-nin with his team tomorrow. Even better that one of his subordinates was a Yamanaka, and his Taicho one of the very few Uchiha still in service after the massacre.

He would set the bar high, indeed.

(Gray Skies Black)

"R-Raven... wha... what is the meaning of this?"

Naruto stood behind the drugged female who had spoken, Yamanaka Miyuri. "I am truly sorry, Miyuri-Chan, but I cannot allow you to endanger yourself in what is about to occur."

Her eyes widened upon the use of her name, and she struggled weakly to turn around. "What... what do you mean?! We've been on hundreds of missions, Raven! H... How do you know... my name?"

Naruto removed his mask, allowing the admittedly pretty woman to lay eyes, for the first time, upon her unexpectedly young team member. Smiling slightly at her wonder, he nudged her own rabbit mask off with the toe of his sandal and spoke. "You seem truly surprised at my youth, Miyuri-Chan. While most people are fooled by my soft-spoken way and cold manner, I would've truly hoped that someone who would deem themself worthy of the ANBU title wouldn't be so easily taken in."

Warning bells were blaring in her mind, staring up at the child in front of her. While his pattern of speech remained the same, meaning there was little to no undertones other than that of patience 

and boredom, there was something predatory about his manner now. His un-masking of herself, much less his own person, was also a bad sign.

Whatever he'd managed to poison her system with, it was certainly potent. It was painful to breathe and talk, she hated to think of actually fighting like this. "What..." she grunted, "What have you done... to the others!"

"The others?" He queried, seeming to honestly ponder the question for a moment. "Why, nothing, my dear. They're perfectly fine." He gave her a reassuring smile which suited his face wonderfully, but his eyes not a bit.

"You see," he continued, "There's truly nothing to worry about. Well, nothing for you to worry about, I suppose."

She hated this. She just knew there was something going on behind the scenes, and it undoubtedly would mean trouble for the rest of the team. Thoughts of her teammates safety immediately jumped to the meaning behind her being detained in such a way, and the various horrors it could entail for her in the near future, the least of which being rape. Against all her training, a deep fear shot through her being, settling in her stomach and sending out a wave of distress-laden chakra.

The boy in front of her let out a quiet, musical laugh - like chinking wine glasses. "You need not fear. I already assured you that you're to be safe, did I not?" He smiled again, before turning and taking a few steps away from her, further towards the middle of the clearing.

With his back facing her, she could see the weapon that was his namesake in the bingo book. Konoha's Claymore. It looked vaguely ridiculous on him, but after seeing the slaughter he could dole out with it, people tended to shut up. Herself included. Being around a head shorter than most Ninja, Raven had to have a special sheathe for it made. A quarter of the blade was poking out above his shoulder, and the stupidly long hilt for it, which was atop even that, was the length of most people's Radius and Ulna, the bones between wrist and elbow. Even positioned as it was, the bottom of the blade still scraped close to the ground.

There was a wait of about forty seconds, in which time Naruto amused himself by humming a quiet tune.

After what seemed an eternity to the Yamanaka, three black cloaked figures dropped into the clearing, one wearing a dirty-white cape which signified his near legendary fighting ability, it gave her hope that she'd escape the day with nothing more than bad memories. "Raven, report!" The caped-man snapped, and Miyuri moaned to herself, trying to tell them to attack, not waste time exchanging pleasantries.

"Taicho," the young man greeted, a polite smile on his face, though his eyes remained unforgiving. "I'm afraid we've run into quite the conundrum."

"Explain!" He barked, obviously not very interested in pissing about and definitely on-edge due to the fact Raven had removed his mask.

"Ah, well, the thing is..." He delayed, "I've recently discovered the need to... stretch." He reached up and laid his hand upon the top of his swords hilt, near the hand guard. "My," his grin turned deadly, a wave of killing intent washing over the area and causing three out of five to clench up. "Legs," he was off like a shot, drawing his blade and making a swipe for the already prepared Captain, allowing his momentum to carry himself past the man's previous location and towards a tree, slicing it apart with ease.

This act served to break the other two members of the battle-able team from their fright induced stupor; they took to the trees as well. Holding the long blade, longer than himself even, in a lazy, one handed grip, Naruto returned to the middle of the clearing.

"You need not bother trying to extract Miyuri-Chan, Uchiha-Taicho." There was a slight rustle somewhere, and Naruto knew he'd rattled at least one person with his revelation. "She's in no danger, you must understand. I have other plans for her, and I suppose it all revolves around whether or not you three can stop me." He smiled that polite smile of his, eyes not even bothering to attempt searching out his newly made enemies.

"Raven," the Captain's solid voice sounded from all corners of the clearing, "It is you who must understand, that we cannot let you remain unrestrained. Please turn yourself over calmly so that you might be given the psychological help you need, and then reintroduced to the active roster. The penalty for non-compliance, sadly, will be death."

Naruto's eyes scrunched up a little as he laughed that beautiful laugh of his, truly seeming amused. "You do not comprehend, Taicho. I am perfectly sound of both mind and body. This isn't some spur of the moment thing; I've been planning this for the last two years. I understand that, at the moment, I am merely an upper A-Rank nin, skill wise. However, I have finally finished something that allows me a form of precognition better than even that of a fully evolved Sharingan! You, Taicho, are to be my benchmark."

"You are young and foolish, Raven. What I hold is a Doujutsu, something that's been cultivated for generations. The paltry matter of a few years study, research and experimentation cannot equal that."

Naruto merely smiled, idly sliding a finger down the flat side of his blade. "Lower S-Rank Ninja of Konoha, Uchiha Daichi. Renown for his masterful use of both Nin and Taijutsu, he has reportedly stolen over twenty-three styles of Taijutsu and recombined them into something else, allowing him ample time to weave Ninjutsu into nearly every close-contact move, utilizing both internal and external jutsu, it makes him a truly fearsome opponent, as you can never predict what's coming next. Holding a fully matured Sharingan, he is resistant to nearly all Genjutsu and able to see through the rest. His Doujutsu also grants him the ability to, without hand seals, cast Chuunin level illusions. He has only one known original jutsu, as derived from extensive autopsy, the name given is Issen Touken: Shinku Henkaku. (Thousand Swords: Crimson Upheaval.)"

"Of course," continued Naruto, "It was a small challenge to track down this information. You dropped out of the Bingo books with the Uchiha massacre, Uchiha Itachi taking up the mantle for your now tattered clan."

"You've done your research well, Raven." Allowed Daichi, approval clear in his tone, "It still does not change the fact that this is where your story ends. It truly is a shame that I must be the one to put an end to your potential. If it is any consolation, I will request to be the one to administer the killing blow."

Meanwhile, in the foliage around, the other two Shinobi had grouped up. They stood silent, horribly intimidated by the fact that their Taicho held such a rank, and more so that Raven stood, seemingly unimpressed, ready to fight the man and themselves.

"How shall we do this, then?" Naruto asked, his arm muscles tightening as he prepared to attack. He had known where all three members of the team were from the moment they had disappeared; his grandstanding was merely so Konoha would have something to write about when he dropped Miyuri off. "Shall I come after you, or do you want to take up the initiative?"

There was no response, and so he turned, allowing Chakra to flow into his legs and heighten his speed outrageously. He chose the tree where the biggest Chakra source was, flinging himself towards it and unleashing a flurry of strikes with such precision and control it should've been impossible, considering both blade and wielder. The blade, being as long as it was, allowed Naruto to cut down three trees, rather than just one, greatly restricting escape. As his targets began to slide apart, the blonde spotted a few white tags and smiled softly.

There was a horrendous explosion, a short, choked scream, blood and spikes of wood flying in all directions, embedding themselves into both earth and tree. The chunks of wood viciously speared through the Chameleon masked man Naruto had substituted himself with, shredding him to pieces and covering the once pristine grass with blood, bone and gore. It seems Daichi hadn't been taking 

any chances, as along with the three trees Naruto had cut down, an extra five around them were no longer in existence, the ground had been blackened and everything in a fairly large area, other trees included, seemed flash-fried.

Chuckling slightly, the boy once more moved out into the centre of the clearing. "Come now, Taicho, did you truly expect me to fall for such a trick? What a careless waste of the Shinobi under your command. I suppose I can't really call it a waste, though, huh? I did, after all, derive amusement from his pathetic cry of fear." Naruto laughed, and despite his cruel intent, it remained clear of any inflection.

Skipping slightly, Naruto sung to himself quietly, yet it still carried well over the quietness of the area. "I am pretty, oh so pretty! I am pretty and witty and fine! And I pity, any girl who isn't me tonight." Laughing delightfully to himself once more, he arrived at his destination, right in front of Yamanaka Miyuri. "Oh, why, hello there, Miyuri-Chan," He smiled, "Wasn't that simply wonderful?"

He knelt down next to her lying form and positioned his head so it was above hers. "These people," he said, "They're using such basic tricks. I'd be surprised if they caught a Genin, much less me. But you saw what I did, didn't you? Of course you did, Miyuri-Chan..." He used his free hand to stroke her cheek slowly, leaning down slightly. "Of course you did... after all; you're going to see everything!" And he captured her lips with his own, dragging his tongue along her bottom lip and smirking, feeling the overbearing rage and killing intent coming from behind him.

Standing, he turned and blinked innocently at the second female of their team now standing before him. "Hello, Inu-Chan. Is it your turn to play, now?" He smiled happily at her, though his eyes picked apart her battle ready stance. 'Perfect.' Thought Naruto, 'This is what I've been waiting for. A real test for my new ability.'

"Hachimon: Kaimon!" She screamed.

"You seem angry, Inu-Chan. Can I be of assistance?"

"Hachimon: Kyumon!"

"What on earth is going on?" He smiled.

"Hachimon: Seimon!"

"If you're not careful, you might end up hurting yourself." He peered at her as if assessing if she was alright.

"Hachimon: Shoumon!"

"Four of eight. You really seem serious about whatever has gotten you in a tizzy."

"Hachimon: Tomon! This is it, Raven! I'll end this in one blow!"

"Oh, is that it? Your limit was reached so quickly? A shame - I truly was expecting a challenge. Still, I do suppose that the opening of the Fifth Gate is somewhat applaudable for a month-old member."

"Don't be so fucking cocky, you asshole! I'll make you pay for what you've done to Chameleon and Rabbit!" She was in a rage, killing intent was practically exploding from her and Naruto's face dropped all of the fake emotions he'd been putting it through.

"It is you who should not be cocky, Child. Do you think your pitiful power amounts to anything? Even with it, you are now only an upper A-Rank nin. Pathetic, in all your mediocrity and normalcy," a sneer twisted upon his lips. He felt Uchiha Daichi moving about and sending out waves of chakra, no doubt setting up supporting Genjutsu. That could prove to be problematic.

"Do not waste your chakra, Daichi-San." Spoke Naruto, "I told you I had unlocked something with the precognition abilities of the Sharingan. Though I did not mention it, Genjutsu will have absolutely no effect on me, either. It is pointless to try." While that was true, in a sense, it was mostly bluffing. Still, it seemed to stop him from whatever he had been planning, and so Naruto returned his attention to the woman in front of him at her latest outburst.

"Enough!" She screeched, "I am not some pathetic no-name you can just discard! Pay attention to me, your opponent!"

And so he did. Naruto had spent the last few years of his life researching and experimenting, the final breakthrough given to him by a Hyuuga he had 'killed' after they had gone 'rogue,' and, sadly, moved in such a way that his incapacitating strike was instead a killing blow. His much abused corpse was now decaying on a metal table inside Naruto's recently needless bunker.

Reducing his already controlled chakra to barely anything at all, he finally took in all the chakra sources around himself to their full level, something only possible when his own was offering no interference. He captured every bit there was with his mind and analysed the size and the movement, allowing him to divine the exact range of movements available to his opponent, and, after an attack had been initiated, the full course of their offensive charge.

Overlaying the information his mind was giving him with reality, he attained a wierd sort of three-hundred and sixty degree vision. It wasn't perfect, he could only see things in their entirety in his 

usual field of eye sensory input, but he was still aware and could track what was going on elsewhere, like just then when Daichi moved more from a five o'clock position to a seven.

Uchiha Daichi was merely sitting, apparently content to watch what was about to happen. Most likely looking to see whether he'd been all bluster, and if the girl now charging towards him with phenomenal speed was going to thrash him.

Discarding such trivial thoughts, he took a normal step forward, meeting Inu's charge and tilting his head slightly to avoid a fist, pushing her second arm away from his torso when it shot out and then raising his sword to absorb her foot that whipped up and around. She pushed off his sword, flipped in mid air and landed on a tree, crouching herself into a ball and once more rocketing in his direction, even faster this time. The tree snapped in half from the pressure applied.

She did not realize how absolutely outclassed she was. By being gifted with the knowledge of the size and movement of her chakra, Naruto was able to predict every single course of attack she was going to use. Even though, with the gates open, she was spewing chakra about like a large storm cloud, it was still the most concentrated within her body.

Not even blinking, Naruto took another step forward, small shifts of his body resulting in Inu's attacks missing him by the smallest margins, the same could not be said for the landscape as huge trenches got ripped up and trees broken. Back and forth they moved, with Inu speeding about around him, coming in with attacks from left, right, up and down, yet never did they land. She caused a lot of collateral, but that was it. For the two watching, it was as if he was in the eye of a hurricane, never harmed by the harsh, powerful winds. It definitely gave credence to the idea that he had a Sharingan like ability.

"This is... unreal." Muttered Daichi. Even he, with his Sharingan activated, would not be able to dodge from Inu's fearsome assault with such a small margin of error. Not to say he'd have trouble fighting her, as there was a huge gap between Upper A-Rank and anything with even so much as a relation to the S-Rank.

Letting out a happy laugh, Naruto allowed his eyes to shut as he made his amusement known. "Do you see now, Child?" He spoke, dodging her next eight attacks before they'd even been properly initiated. "You. Are. Nothing."

Dragging a finger along a flash tag on his chest, Naruto let it ignite, causing everyone, Inu included, to cringe. When the two second burst was over, the female ANBU member was nothing more than chunks of meat and bone, flying through the air. Seamlessly he avoided both her segmented body and the gouts of blood, seeming to just walk through it and arrive on the other side none the worse for wear.

Opening his eyes, Naruto breathed in. "My, my," he paused, taking a deeper whiff, "I do think our precious Inu-Chan, in her last second of life, let her bowels go." The young boy laughed, hard. "Kami, Daichi!" He said, excited, his face expressing childish glee, "What have the common Shinobi come to these days?" He laughed again, that innocent, wonderful tinkling.

Daichi was not fooled in the slightest, and thought it extremely wrong that the Shinobi before him could fake such emotions so easily. For, while voice tone and facial expressions all matched up, the 

eyes that were now trained on himself were ice cold chips, and he could see the urge the boy had to test his mettle against a worthy opponent. To absolutely destroy such an opponent.

"To attain such a level of skill at your age is nearly unprecedented in any Village's history, Raven. I see now that pulling my punches to only apprehend, and not kill, would be a fatal mistake."

"Ominous," smiled Naruto.

"As you said before you so uselessly slaughtered Inu, upper A-Rank is nothing special in the ninja world, it is but a resting place for those too pathetic to push past the human bodies limits. A limit I passed many years ago, and have held onto with an iron grip. The Uchiha blood in my veins burns once more, I will enjoy tearing you apart piece by piece and seeing the expression of despair you will adopt at being so outclassed."

The man laughed, bloodlust and killing intent sweeping over the clearing. "I feel like an impatient Genin all over again, Raven! If nothing else, I thank you for this. Let us not dally; I will demolish you with one move."

Dropping from the trees, four copies of Daichi stood around Naruto in a diamond formation, one having a higher amount of Chakra leaking from it then the others. Turning to it, Raven ignored the fact that Daichi was actually the figure on his left.

"You expect to defeat me with such basic jutsu?" He addressed the clone in front of him. Naruto found it amusing that his S-Rank opponent was going to die due to a grave miscalculation.

"Sometimes basic is best, Raven." The same clone he had been talking to responded.

"It is useless, actually, when your opponent sees straight through it."

Rather than continuing the banter, the four forms of Daichi began charging towards him. In a barely noticeable wisp, the clone he had been chatting with previously disappeared and the one behind him spoke. "Obviously, you cannot see well enough!"

Eyes widening, Naruto spun around, staring at the clone no more than 3 meters from him, he saw the real Uchiha closing in on his flank quickly. "Issen Touken," said the clone.

Naruto curiously sensed the build up and movement of chakra that Daichi was utilizing, the way he opened up the first two gates and kept the chakra contained in his single, left arm which now held a tanto. A highly self damaging move, it would seem, but the pure strength and speed it would offer up was theoretically incredible.

"Shinku Henkaku!" Finished the creator, his arm blurring out of existence and delivering a solid ten blows to Raven's already positioned blade, braced against his shoulder. The man's strength was such that, with a bare two gates open, Naruto was forced to take a step back and reposition himself, where Inu, who had the power of five flowing through her, could barely move his arm after a solid blow.

The man in front of him seemed to utilize a shunshin variant, his destination behind him. Spinning quickly, Naruto lowered his blade to protect his right leg, and then slid it up over his torso, blocking the next twenty hits.

It continued in this vein for the next seven seconds, a battle so incredibly fast-paced to Miyuri Yamanaka's eyes that she could barely even see Uchiha Daichi's arm, much less the weapon he controlled with it.

Finally, it ended, with Naruto standing still, blade still held in that sloppy grip of his, while Daichi stared with deep foreboding at Raven, blade at his feet and arm lying uselessly at his side.

"It was an impressive move, Uchiha-San." The Captain was slightly startled, but didn't show it. He was fucked, he knew it. However, he had been expecting things to follow in the same vein as before. 

Raven's opponent does their best, proves unchallenging, and is then cut to pieces and discarded. If he could draw this conversation out, he might be able to position himself properly, grab Rabbit and leg it to a small, allied village nearby.

"Unfortunately, you attacked rashly. Rather like a Genin, ne?" The boy smiled, "You decided to try and kill me straight off with an unpolished move, the end result being an injury that makes use of your special Taijutsu-Ninjutsu hybrid impossible, and myself still alive." He sighed, "To be honest, you would've had a better chance facing me with that specially designed style of yours. Were you truly in such a rush to die, Daichi?"

Ignoring the last part of the boy's speech, the Uchiha couldn't help but enquire, "What do you mean, unpolished?"

"Exactly what it sounds like, Taicho – your move is far from being completed. While on the surface it seems to be a godlike ability, you do not possess the dexterity and control to truly make use of it. Had you of been able to redirect your blows, I surely would have fallen at your feet. As it is, you can only direct your sword in a direction and hope for the best, my longer and wider blade allowed me to easily block all of your attacks."

"N-no way...!" He exclaimed. "To be able to break down my move from only seeing it once... What are you?"

The boy laughed a little, looking away from the defeated man now that he no longer held anything to provide amusement. "You are a fool, Daichi. I had analysed your attack and drawn conclusions well before you even finished the invocation. Only a true Taijutsu master, of which Konoha only has one, would be able to truly control the unleashing of two gates, and then the following restraint of them, to a single limb."

On the ground, Miyuri had tears in her eyes, understanding what was going to happen now.

"I'm finished with you, Uchiha. Be happy though, for your legacy will live on through me. I will take your skill and refine it, making it something much more deadly. Furasshu Yaiba (Flash Sword), I will name it. Through my iron will, it will be forged into a technique usable in every battle, multiple times, with no effect on the sole user... Me. I'll let it be known that you were the creator of its predecessor."

Walking towards the wide eyed Uchiha, Naruto said. "As a sign of how serious I am, I'll send you out with your own move." There was an explosion of chakra, overwhelming the other two's senses and Raven's arm disappeared from reality for no more than three seconds, in comparison to Daichi's full ten, and then returned to his side, sword grasped tightly in his hand as he continued to move forwards, never stopping.

Striding towards Miyuri, Naruto totally disregarded the Captain behind him as the man exploded, giving the battle scarred clearing a fresh coat of blood and tiny pieces of shredded bone, flesh and cloth. Once again, the boy seemed to simply faze out of the physical realm, dodging all the pieces of meat and various bodily fluids in his quiet trek to the Yamanaka.

"And so there was one," he spoke quietly, staring the incapacitated female in the eyes. She whimpered, tears flowing at the slaughter of her entire team – her family.

Blood suddenly smattered over her petrified features, and Naruto grunted, falling to his knees as he grasped enquiringly at the blade now sticking out the right side of his chest.

"W-w...wha..." He coughed violently, "What?" He asked, coughing up blood this time and falling on all fours.

"You're a fool, Raven. Defeated by a simple Genin rank illusion. Did I not tell you, 'basic is sometimes best'? A lot of the time, the mind disregards little discrepancies when the outcome is what they were expecting, even those of us with Doujutsu are not immune to that."

Naruto struggled slightly, trying to get up, but the man above him let out a wave of killing intent and twisted the blade some. Pinned to the ground as he was, he could only grit his teeth and groan slightly, not wanting to give the man above him the pleasure of hearing him scream.

"I will admit, though... That was a beautiful recreation of my original technique. An improvement, even. I will take your advice into mind, and work to improve it. Allow me to assure you that there will be no mention of yourself when I complete it. That you will die here like a wo-"The man was cut off, or rather cut in half, during the middle of his speech.

"Discrepancies?" A newly arrived Naruto queried. "Discrepancies rather like this?" There was a quiet thud, quickly followed by a second as the Captain's torso made contact with the ground, his bottom half loosing balance and soon following.

Blood sprayed all over the area, drenching Miyuri and, once again, completely missing Raven as he moved forward to take the man's blade. A trophy, of sorts. The wounded child lying before the Yamanaka disappeared, and the real one turned to face her.

Seeing his impeccable state after the one-sided fight with her squad, the woman finally allowed the overwhelming panic get to her; fear welled up in her chest so fiercely that she thought she might explode.

Naruto smiled his kind smile and Miyuri let out a keening wail of something primal, fainting.

(Gray Skies Black)

Raven stood before the large wall surrounding Konoha, a blood caked Miyuri in his arms. He really had no room on his back. He could leave her here, or he could poke the cat in the eye by sneaking in and setting her up in the hospital, leaving her for the nurses to find.

Naruto was bored. Second option was up.

Chakra being as controlled as it was, he felt absolutely no hesitation in using a basic shunshin to move both himself and his passenger up and over the gate, arriving about 10 minutes walk from the market district. Not really wanting to dodge ANBU patrols all night, he simply disappeared in another swirl of wind – his elemental affinity. Popping up in secluded areas along the way to the hospital, Naruto was able to suss out where the patrols were at the current moment, allowing him to avoid them easily.

Arriving at his destination, he spied an open window open on the left side. Long range use of Genjutsu was annoying, but not impossible. Flipping through some hand seals, there was a slight shimmer inside the room. Once again using shunshin, he appeared in the, luckily enough, empty space. Dropping Miyuri in the bed, despite the fact it had no covers or anything else of that nature, Naruto turned and walked away.

It wasn't even a challenge.

On his way out, in what may have been a coincidence, Raven killed off three of the lower ranking squads, simple slashes to the throat, delivered by a kunai. Bathed in moonlight, Naruto withdrew another kunai, dragging it across his forehead protector.

'Hm, now that I have attained missing-nin status, I'll finally be free to travel about as I please and accomplish my personal agenda. Had I been forced to wait any longer, I might've died. I wonder, just how many kinds of ramen are there?'

(Gray Skies Black)

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Issen Touken: Shinku Henkaku - Thousand Swords: Crimson Upheaval.

Furasshu Yaiba - Flash Sword.

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