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(Gray Skies Black)

Naruto was on his way back to the clearing where the battle from earlier had taken place. He'd left some Kage Bunshin behind to do a quick cleanup and organise the bodies for transportation. Never would Raven have placed Inu as a Taijutsu specialist, and yet the way she had so flippantly opened five gates consecutively without being torn apart was intriguing.

The more important matter, however, was Uchiha Daichi. The attack Naruto had delivered to the man's illusionary copy was pathetic. He had flooded chakra through his system, halting it in his sword arm so that he could attain godlike speed. To be truthful, he had barely managed to hit the clone, majority of his strikes having gone wide, but it certainly appeared that he had, and that's what had allowed him to execute the man in such a pathetic way.

Naruto giggled at the mental image, delighted with the shock that had been imprinted on the man's features.

He had pumped far more chakra then a measly two gates into his arm, perhaps an amount even approaching the fifth or sixth gate. The moment he had moved his arm in a direction, it had shot off wildly, a direct contradiction to his thoughts about using his chakra infused coils to steady his control, attaining both incredible speed and power.

No, the ex-Captain had many secrets in his body, and Naruto was going to pull apart the man's chakra coils piece by piece till he understood every last detail. That shunshin-like skill also greatly intrigued him. For half a second, the man had moved so fast Naruto's eyes had lost track of him, it was only the fact that he had marked his landing place with Chakra that Naruto knew where he was going to arrive.

Humming a slight tune, the boy decided to skip back to the battleground. It was, after all, a joyous occasion. Not often one attains new eyes.

(Gray Skies Black)

After five hours of prancing about and two stops for ramen, Naruto arrived. The sun had shown itself a few hours ago, which meant that he should probably kick his ass into gear. He had lots of stamina, this was true, but his mind was a little taxed. Further battle with an unknown quantity and quality of Shinobi was ill advised.

Gauging his clones' chakra levels, he determined them fit to travel. A good thing, as Kage Bunshin took a rather large toll on everyone mentally, especially when a clone had been in use for a few hours or more. The five he had here would have hampered him greatly.

Rather than waste time talking, Naruto made two hand signs. Instead of a complete language, as most people believed, ANBU hand signs were simply some of the most common orders. For instance, the blonde's commands were 'Prepare,' and 'Move.'

Flicking lazily at the only clone that wasn't required to transport body parts, his hands shifted again. 'Interference. Home. Kill.' The clone bounded off into the trees immediately, most likely already devising traps to place in the most economical and strategic positions. If confronted with enemy Shinobi, he'd hopefully be able to use the original's chakra sensing skill to avoid the blows and regroup. Being able to produce the basic academy Bunshin would also be a great aid when dealing with non-Bloodline ninja. If things went well, Konoha's obligatory retaliation squads would be kept busy for an entire day, more than enough time to drop off the face of the earth.

Looking at the remaining four clones, Naruto allowed a smile to tug at his lips. The first two each had one half of Uchiha Daichi wrapped up and secured to their backs with ninja wire, while the second pair were sporting fashionable, burlap-esque sacks slung over their shoulders. They no doubt contained the many pieces of the recently deceased Inu-Chan.

Holding out an arm, Raven waited for his true prize to be handed over. Looking between themselves, the second Bunshin from the left broke from their formation and walked to one of the many, 

tattered trees in the area. Reaching through the illusionary trunk, he retrieved a jar that was filled with a chakra-conducing preservation liquid, accompanied by two, fully intact, activated Sharingan eyes, their tomoe still circling slowly.

Throwing it to the original, the four clones all watched on disinterestedly as their creator tried hard to control the laughter bubbling up in his chest, instead manifesting itself as choked giggles as his eyes gazed delightedly down upon the jar.

Labelling it a lost cause, Naruto gave in and doubled over as, for the first time in his life, he cackled. He laughed so hard that his entire body shook and his stomach began to cramp, yet he just couldn't stop. Each time the child seemed to be sobering up, he'd break down into raucous laughter even louder and more malicious than previously. Things continued in this vein for a few minutes before, finally, he mastered himself enough and straightened up from his elated, victorious euphoria.

Wiping the tears of joy from his eyes absently, Raven locked gazes with the demonic red, twin orbs of the Sharingan. They glared back at his smug countenance, displeased.

Chuckling quietly to himself, Naruto finally spoke, "Everything shall be mine." Launching upwards, he was trailed by four silent figures. Five shadows blurred, the foliage ruffled and, in the end, no signs were left that he had ever returned. Not once did he break visual contact with those wondrous, hateful eyes.

(Gray Skies Black)

Naruto had arrived at a fairly large, if remote, village a few hours ago. In this time he had scouted out a house that was near, but not on, the outskirts of town. Infiltrating the building with his doppelgangers had been of little challenge, and efficient use of his kunai dealt with the original owners. The pictures on the walls said that the wedded couple he had just killed had two children.

A boy and a girl, around his own age, actually. They must be at school.

Depositing the precious Sharingan eyes in their – his - fridge, he once again emerged from the kitchen, stepping carelessly over the cadavers lying in the hallway. Pausing for a moment, Naruto stared at the deceased in thought, weighing the pros and cons of just leaving the trash where they lie.

'Mostly cons,' He admitted, silently.

Motioning for the Bunshin to grab the bodies, Raven trekked towards their cellar, one of the more prominent reasons he'd chosen this house. The clones all immediately laid their cargo in the middle of the room, carelessly tossing the civilian corpses away to the side. Without prompting, all four clones initiated a Henge technique. Two took on the forms of the parents, while the other two took on the appearance of the children.

The aesthetically older pair disappeared back up the way they came, while the children waited downstairs with Naruto until they were given the all clear. Disregarding his Bunshin, the blonde haired child walked up to the matching sacks of meat, tipping their contents out all over the floor.

Dropping into a crouch, he began poking the parts into a vaguely human shaped mess, smiling tenderly. Noticing a larger part of a face, he brought it close to his own and murmured softly, "It seems as if you're the pretty one now, Inu-Chan." Landing a small kiss on the mass of flesh and bone, he chortled happily, returning to his task.

(Gray Skies Black)

"...u've demonstrated higher than normal levels of muscle-mass, density, intelligence and chakra capacity - the same levels that a recently graduated Genin would be expected to hold." That was Sarutobi, the Third; they were in his office having a talk, because Naruto was valuable in some way. Not too sure why.

He didn't really understand everything the man said, being only four, but he knew what was expected from him. "Hai, Hokage-Sama."

"The question, Naruto-Kun, is if you want to become a man so soon."

Man. Adult. Strength. Naruto liked strength, liked being better than the others. He enjoyed the cooing praise and admiration he received from parents for talking well, more often than not being held up as an example. Lived on the fear he created when beating up others, the power he held when they'd complain, only to be dismissed as jealous children. Those older than him, more powerful, were unconvinced as to his bad behaviour, those weaker fully under his control, no other option available to him. Yes, Naruto wanted to become a man. "Hai, Hokage-Sama."

"Then take with you this advice, and apply it to everything you do. 'A grown man does not despair, worry or feel any emotion directly related to these. Two hands to grasp the dream, two hands to grasp the future - two hands to take whatever he so pleases. Everything is his.'"

'Everything is mine,' Thought the child, watching on silently as the vastly older human took a few puffs of his pipe, leathery face content.

"Now, I have organised for you to be placed into a specially design-..."

(Gray Skies Black)

Inu had been nothing special, a mere anomaly. Her chakra coils were more durable than what was normal, allowing her to stave off the bodily harm that came to most while channelling the pure fury that the chakra gates provided. Naruto hypothesized that, had he allowed the match to keep going much longer, she would've degraded rapidly.

A shame he had ended the fight when he had, as his mind was now consumed with half-formed, unsubstantiated theories in regards to being able to cheat the bodily degradation inflicted by the unlocking process. Shelving those thoughts for later experimentation, Naruto turned to Uchiha Daichi. He grinned viscously at the bisected corpse, which had been propped up against the wall by his child-clones before they left to assume their new positions.

While the man's Issen Touken: Shinku Henkaku, was certainly impressive, and the skill he was most thirsting for, the seal-less, combat shunshin was also worth looking into. By first examining the rest of the man's body – and ignoring the arm for now – he could diagnose patterns in the set up of his coils, such as where the Tenketsu points were positioned and the varying sizes of them, to see exactly where and how he channelled chakra. It also greatly reduced his chances of reading the layout of Daichi's body incorrectly, resulting in a blown off limb or worse, when it came time to recreate a technique.

Leaving the bloody scraps of Inu in his wake, Naruto walked up to the Uchiha, smiling at the sight of eyeless sockets. Lying both halves down on the floor, Raven began making methodical cuts along the body with a simple kitchen knife he'd found earlier, shamelessly dragging his hands all over the corpse while channelling chakra, locating the different, changeable parts of the chakra system. Flesh around these areas needed to be removed.

"You know, Daichi," He said, conversationally. "I truly didn't expect you to be such a gold mine." There was no response, and Naruto easily plunged his hand into the cadaver's stomach, feeling about. "Your Sharingan, that was my ultimate goal... many people's goal, to be frank." He paused, pushing in deeper. "I wonder," He said, coming to a realization, "how much the other four Kage's would pay me for merely the knowledge that there are still a few more Uchiha alive, other than that psychotic kin slayer and some heavily guarded brat."

There was no response, only vaguely disgusting objections from Daichi's insides in regards to being repositioned.

"It's a pretty expensive secret, huh? I bet Konoha would be pissed!" Raven thought some more, "There's an idea, huh? I could go back to Konoha and make them pay twice the amount of the most generous offer, perhaps even force them into giving me clemency!" He giggled. "That's a lot of ramen they'd owe me, huh?" Frowning a little, Naruto tried to push between a few bones.

Smiling as he found what he was searching for; Raven grasped it tightly and pumped in some chakra. The torso shuddered, light tremors racking it for a minute or two as the child simply sat there, hand buried halfway inside and kept up the flow.

Suddenly, the man gasped to life, his muscles clenching viscously, causing him to curl in on himself. Well, as much as half a body can, at least. Shoving him roughly back into place, Naruto disregarded the arms that swung up, clawing for his throat as he repositioned the body before him.

Daichi's arms seemed to lose all their ferocity not even half way to their target, weakly impacting with the ANBU clad child, then dropping to the ground lifelessly. Daichi's chest rose and fell calmly as he slowly breathed in and out. Chuckling quietly, Naruto observed the highly developed muscles that coiled, flexed and moved about just from that one simple act.

Funnelling chakra into a nail, Naruto watched it grow longer, sharpen and solidify itself. A weird, if somewhat useful ability, reminiscent to the beginning Inuzuka techniques – perhaps something else he should look into. A few slices around the left side of the chest later, Raven pulled back the skin and muscle over where the man's heart should be. He'd get around to removing it later.

"You dared talk of mediocrity, to preach of pushing yourself past the A-Rank limit. This may've been true, but still you were nothing." Placing more chakra into the body, he began gauging its natural response, observing where it directed the powerful energy first. Amazingly, the man's left arm seemed to act as a drain, siphoning out all the chakra and drawing it towards itself. The boy flooded the corpse in front of him with chakra, watching as the energy began to snake its way through other Tenketsu and pathways, only to halt and reverse, once more being drawn into the man's sword arm.

With blurring speed, the arm shot up, but Naruto wasn't caught by surprise, filled with chakra as it was. When the limb was a mere hairs width away and offering no sign of lost momentum or strength, Raven disappeared with an even greater display of speed, reappearing three steps behind his previous position. 'Interesting,' He thought, watching as the arm continued to flail about in the air.

'With no conscious or sub-conscious mind governing the body, I can apparently evoke similar reactions from the corpse with a lot less chakra. Does this then mean that he really did have no 

control over the technique? No... with his impressive physique, he must've held himself as steady as possible. While the gates would offer up improved strength, immediately funnelling their entire chakra gain into that single limb would've put him back to stage one, most likely even behind that. He'd be losing dexterity, but the tremendous speed boost would've made it a moot point for most.'

'Obviously the trick, then, is to have perfect control over your chakra. By directing a tiny amount correctly, you get the same result as flooding the coils to maximum capacity. Not only does this ensure that you won't burn out or damage your pathways and Tenketsu, it only provides enough chakra for one purpose, allowing you to reposition for each strike after the previous one has been completed.'

The arm kept flailing, striking out at an enemy that wasn't there, but Naruto took note of the fact that the chakra within the limb was rapidly being bled out. He tilted his head, undertaking massive mathematical calculations within his mind, adding in bodily handicaps and revising the sum, then applying it to himself.

There was a flicker, and Daichi's struggling arm was separated at the elbow, sending out a choked spray of black, clotted blood as the majority of his limb was made airborne, twirling, twitching and spewing a similar trail of fluid in its wake.

Naruto's head tilted even more, looking at the ceiling as a slight smile crept up on him, eyes adopting a strange gleam. It was far from perfect, only being one strike, but at least now he knew what he was doing.

He watched as the stump continued to jerk around weakly, bringing a vague sense of amusement to him. It came to a stop soon after, and Raven moved forwards and knelt down once more, ignoring the mess about his knees.

Things were getting interesting.

(Gray Skies Black)

Mist blanketed the forested area heavily on both sides and crept up behind them, leaving Kakashi's Team 7 and their client, Tazuna, completely blind except for in one direction, forward. Sighing slightly, the Copy Ninja felt entirely unimpressed. Through the moderately dense fog, he caught sight of a lake... filled with water.

'Can't these amateurs make it interesting for once? Have a lake full of acid or something, maybe a couple sharks capable of utilising jutsu.' Totally uninterested in reality, he reached for his breast pocket to retrieve Icha Icha Paradise.

Idly flipping through the well-worn pages, despite the fact he'd only bought it last week, his eyes traced the excellently detailed characters. 'I wonder,' He thought sarcastically, 'maybe it's a Kiri-

Nin?' Rolling his eye in bemusement more than anything else, Kakashi still kept a firm hold on the tiny hope inside that he was being challenged by someone worthy.

Hearing the parting of air a considerable distance away, the Sharingan wielder calmly ordered everyone to take a few steps back and wait. Contemplating what careening instrument of death would be flying his way this time, he turned another page in the book, none too worried over the – objectively - slow object that was set on a course to intercept him in, roughly, five steps.

He'd give the amateur points for basic calculations; even help them along by moving directly in front of where the weapon would emerge.

He took a step forward.

Out the corner of his eye, he caught sight of a whirring slab of metal, too quickly hidden behind more foliage to be properly determined. Analysing the angle of flight, speed and the fact it had already cut through thirteen trees on the way, Kakashi's mind instantly narrowed down the possible weapon, and his opponent.

Second and third steps were taken.

When one of those eligible opponents was an S-Rank nin, he subtly changed his posture, allowing him the correct stance to access more of his strength and speed at a mere moment's notice. He wasn't really counting on anything, though. The fact that the mist broke apart in the blade's wake, showing a clear path of travel, was demoralising.

He took a fourth step and the tree on his right was cleanly chopped in two, a large, commonly-forged Zanbatou continuing on its path, thirsting to cleave Kakashi in half as well.

Behind him, three shrieks of fear rent the air, male... if somewhat high pitched.

Snorting contemptuously at the fact a mere A-Rank nin would dare challenge him, Kakashi's unoccupied hand sped into action, even as he took the fifth step. Opening his mouth, a specially sharpened tooth broke the skin on his thumb before he lightly placed it on the side of his jacket. One instantaneous puff of smoke later, he held a Kunai is his hand. Tilting the weapon slightly, Kakashi easily deflected the much larger blade up into the air, sending it off over his hair by an inch and setting it on a new, diagonally ascending path through the trees.

A thump, also behind him, reached his ears.

Turning, he frowned down at the unconscious Sakura, ignoring the fact that Momochi Zabuza was currently leaping from the treetops and into the sky to reclaim that large hunk of metal, as if it was worth something - in or out of battle.

"This is the part where you all stay back there, and not get in the way. Understand?" The two standing Genin, Sasuke and Madoka - an entirely unremarkable brat with short, black hair - nodded. Sasuke grabbed the client, Tazuna, and retreated back a few meters, while Madoka had the decency to grab Sakura and hastily drag her back to the other two.

Even if the untalented boy was most likely going to die somewhere around the Chuunin rank, if not before, he gave him a smile for adhering to Kakashi's personal creed.

Despite both Genin's frequent showboating and bragging, they each looked about ready to piss their pants and were far closer to the client than the text book, two man protection formations advised.

Once again he turned, this time being treated to the sight of Zabuza landing fifty or so meters away, a small crater appearing below him and the mist billowing out from his drop point. 'Lovely,' Thought the Legendary nin, 'Standard Chuunin intimidation tactics. Yeah, I'm really in for it now.'

The well muscled man's head stayed bowed, and slight killing intent permeated the air, making the two Genin and bridge builder nervous, but also filling them with awe.

'Such power...' Thought Sasuke, jaw clenching enviously.

Madoka's legs were locked in place, and he felt a little squeamish, but still he tried to reform his will and prepare himself to help if necessary. This was his Team!

'What do you mean I'm out of sake?' Mentally queried the bridge builder, his eyes shifting rapidly between his gourd and the sword-toting nin before him.

The previously low-key killing intent spiked, and the Demon of Hidden Mist ominously raised his head, making eye contact with Team 7's Sensei. "Just hand over the old man, Kakashi. This doesn't concern you."

Tazuna whimpered slightly, tightly clutching his empty gourd. Sasuke's and Madoka's eyes widened, both in fear and wonder. How did this insanely viscous man know their teacher?

"Eh?" Asked Kakashi, lifting his eye from his book and perusing the area around Zabuza, giving him no real thought. "You say something, Ga..." He blinked. "Eto... don't take this the wrong way or anything, Ninja-San, but who are you again?"

There was silence for a moment, accompanied by another burst of ki. The three people already trembling behind the Copy Ninja all felt their breath hitch in their throat, and the Kiri-nin let out a malevolent chuckle, sounding more like a growling dog.

"Very funny, Kakashi," he spat. "As if you wouldn't know who I am... Kirigakure no Kijin!" He swung his blade up and rested it over his shoulders, striking an impressive figure.

Recognition dawned on the Legendary nin's face. "Oh, Zabuza! What are you doing all the way out here?" Zabuza snorted in disgust, but Team 7's Sensei didn't seem to take note, "Don't tell me Kiri actually accepted a mission from Gatoh to kill this bridge builder...?"

The owner of Kubikiri Houcho let out a snarl of rage. "Kiri? Kiri!? What the fuck are you talking about, you brainless fuck! I left Kiri years ago!"

"Ah!" Exclaimed Kakashi, "That would explain the slash through your hitai-ate. I was wondering about that." He delivered an eye smile for good measure, scratching the side of his head embarrassedly. "So," he continued, "What was it you were after, again? I'm afraid I don't have anything too valuable on me right now, and there's no way I'd so much as even loan you my Icha Icha Paradise." He managed to look a bit sheepish.

"Teme...!" Growled Zabuza, totally missing the fact he was now coming off as little more than a joke to the two Genin and an old man. "You want to be a fucking smart ass, Copy Ninja? That's fine. I'll make sure you won't copy jack shit of what I have to offer." Mist thickened, and the level of killing intent that everyone had become accustomed to suddenly sky rocketed.

To the three who'd never experienced a proper ninja battle before, the mist was suffocating and terrifying. Horrified faces seemed melt in and out of reality, whispered screams lingering in the air. The blanketing white reached out with spindly, malformed limbs, desperately scrabbling to consume them too, jumping down their throats and making it hard to breathe.

Suddenly, Zabuza didn't seem quite as amusing.

"Look at these pathetic Genin entrusted to your care, Copy Ninja." The deadly voice echoed from everywhere, yet originated from nowhere, "Nothing but mere children playing at being ninja." He chuckled ominously again, "You know how I got my name, don't you?"

Kakashi opened his mouth to talk, but was rudely cut off.

"In my Genin test, I slaughtered every other possible candidate. I bathed in their blood and rejoiced, sold my soul for power." Kakashi sported a sardonic look on his face, not that anyone could see it.

"S-s... Slaughtered?" Queried Madoka, taking Sasuke's silence, tensed posture and flickering eyes as being on guard, rather than lost inside memories of an eventful night six years prior.

"That's right, Gaki," The man almost cooed. "Unlike other, weaker countries, we of Kiri have to kill at least one other student of the graduating class to attain Genin status." He laughed harshly, "I bet you've not even killed an animal with more sentience than your basic house hold pests!" He laughed again, "Don't worry though, for I'll show you what being a ninja is all about."

With that, he appeared before them, sword already swinging downwards, ready to cleave all three of them into pieces. Half a second later, his head exploded, showering them with water as a Kunai zipped past.

"Oh?" Asked Zabuza, "You can actually keep track of me in this Mist...?" He laughed hauntingly, "I suppose I underestimated the Sharingan's abilities."

At the vocalization of this word, Sasuke snapped out of his trance. "Sharingan?!" He demanded.

Kirigakure no Kijin was only too happy to provide, "Why, yes, the Sharingan," he all but purred. "Did you not know your Sensei was Sharingan no Kakashi? Renowned for his knowledge of over a thousand jutsu, and original technique's named Chidori and Raikiri. All gained or engineered through his implanted Doujutsu, kept hidden behind that hitai-ate."

"I-impossible," Muttered Sasuke, eyes searching everywhere as he tried to catch a glimpse of his Sensei.

"Amazing..." Breathed Madoka and Tazuna in unison.

For once, a different chuckle broke through the mist. Kakashi's usual, light hearted laughter was darker, filled with steel. "That's right, Zabuza. But you know what you forgot to mention? My S-Rank status. I have little need of such a tool on a small time, A-Rank nin like yourself. Even this pathetic technique, Kirigakue no Jutsu, I learned long ago. In fact, it might interest you to know, I'm standing in the tree behind yours."

There was a deep thwump, the sound of a Kunai tearing straight through a tree and coming out the other side. This sound came into existence again, only this time being reduced to a thunk, as it lost momentum, instead imbedding itself in some wood. The mist cleared, and both opponents came back into view, standing in their original standing spots.

A log fell to the ground, the tip of a Kunai piercing out the other side.

"I'm impressed, but far from fearful, Copy Ninja Kakashi." The muscular man snarled fiercely.

"I'm amused, yet far from impressed," returned Team 7's Sensei, blandly, book still clutched in one hand.

"Hmph," Snorted the Missing-nin, "If you're not willing to use that eye of yours, I guess I'll just have to take it for myself!" He dashed forwards, making Kakashi once again cut open his thumb and summon a Kunai, only this time he palmed two.

Holding them loosely, he put on his own burst of speed, meeting the Kiri Jounin roughly halfway in front of the lake.

Kakashi crossed his blades over one another, so that he'd be able to stop the Zanbatou from sliding down the edge of his Kunai and cutting him in twain. With a clang, they crashed together, Zabuza coming in with an overhead chop, allowing him to add in a lot more force and speed onto his already heavy blade, planning to push straight through the Copy Ninja's guard and split him in half.

It never happened.

Zabuza's eyes bugged out, even as his muscles strained furiously, trying to push past his opponent's guard. Kakashi didn't even budge, his arms unwavering in the slightest and he stared the Kiri-nin directly in the eye.

"S-Rank," He whispered, voice dangerous. Pushing back with phenomenal ease, he threw the opposing Jounin across the lake, slamming him into a tree, hard. The man coughed up blood and began falling, leaving an indent behind, but recovered and kicked off the tree, landing instead on the water.

Everyone stared at Kakashi with wide eyes as he lowered his arms, relaxing. Fear and amazement were present in all, with one emotion more predominant than the other depending on their allegiance.

For some, that amazement shifted to Zabuza as they observed him now calmly standing on the surface of water itself.

Seeing as his enemy was seemingly willing to wait for him, Zabuza calmed himself, trying to come to grips with the man's skill while also planning out a course of action to kill him. The best ninja was the most devious, not the strongest.

Kakashi began to tense some muscles, and Zabuza mentally floundered for something to say, 'I need more time, damnit! Fucking Konoha-nin, wait a god damne – Konoha!'

"Heh," he straightened his posture, once more hoisting his blade over his shoulder with a single hand and resting it there easily. He now knew that the bastard in front of him had the strength to do it, too - a feat most other Jounin would have problems with. "I dunno what that trick just then was, Kakashi, but you're not fooling me."

"Really." The man sounded unimpressed.

"Yeah, you see, I may have come by a Chuunin or two in this area," He mentally reviewed every second of combat, searching desperately. "And you'd never guess what they had on them! A Bingo Book." He was outmatched in stealth, speed and strength. What the fuck was Kakashi made out of?!

"Wow. Amazing." The reply was droll, and Kakashi turned slightly, watching a few birds in the distance flitter about.

"Yes, it certainly was. Or, more specifically, a particular section of it. The S-Rank listings, the only part of the book which the Five Great Nations confer about and share information." 'If I use one of my more destructive jutsu's, it might distract him, as he's not using the Sharingan... while he's focused on that, I can form a Water clone in his blind zone and take him out quickly.'

"Oh, you saw that then, did you?" Asked Kakashi uninterestedly.

"You're damn right I saw it, Copy Ninja!" He threw his head back and laughed, "Who'd have believed in Konoha becoming so weak, a mere thirteen year old brat could tear through your ranks so easily?"

"Thir... teen...!? S-Rank?" Whispered Sasuke incredulously, mirrored silently in thought by those two closest to him.

"He was quite talented, I've heard," returned Kakashi, unaffected

"Talented? Please, don't pull my leg! The fucking kid was thirteen, Hatake. In fact, in this report, it said that he wiped out his own ANBU squad, taking out one your most venerated, S-Rank Taicho's in the process." He laughed callously again, though mentally he hoped never to meet the child. "Do you 

hand out such a rank to anyone these days? Even if he was the second last, loyal member of the Uchiha Clan, Uchiha Daichi, the man's legendary abilities surely must've slipped!"

The Copy Ninja's eye tightened. "That's restricted information, Zabuza, where did you get it? Tell me now and save yourself a painful interrogation."

'Fuck,' Thought Zabuza, beginning to summon up chakra into his body for a jutsu. "They were Chuunin skill-wise, Hatake. Their actual rank may, or may not have been... ANBU," He grinned viscously, even as the Copy Ninja's eye slowly morphed into a glare.

Killing intent of a level not previously felt exploded into existence, and Zabuza froze, terrified, jutsu forgotten. In slow motion, he watched as Kakashi threw his two Kunai in opposite directions, just barely managing to move in time so that, rather than the one aimed for him slamming straight through his heart, it ripped through muscle and bone, exploding out the back of his shoulder and shooting off into the distance. He was vaguely aware of the fact it passed through a thick tree with the same amount of ease, but that wasn't the predominant thought he held in his mind right now.

A choked scream of agony escaped him, even as he jumped backward; aiming for the base of the tree he had slammed into not more than five minutes ago. Raising his sword with his remaining arm, Zabuza prepared to throw it and make an escape, but stuttered to a halt as a ripple ofdespair, self loathing and bone trembling fear washed over the area, manifesting itself in an opaque, expanding dome that carried off into the distance.

There was pure silence, and Zabuza's heart felt as if it was going to explode, it was all he could hear. He couldn't move, muscles locked up, all except that one. If anything, it worked harder than any other muscle in his body had ever been forced to before. It kept thundering away, unwilling to stop, to relent. He could see the Genin shaking wildly, while the old man clutched a hand over his chest and bent over, but the world had been thrown into silence, and it all seemed to hold no meaning. 'Thump, thump,' It boomed up in his ears, reverberating about his skull. He couldn't think, couldn't breathe, 'Thump, thump!' Why was everything so slow?!

The skies turned black, as from the trees for as far as he could see, avian forms of all kinds burst out and upwards, spiralling around and around, as if they were a tornado of flesh and bone, blotting out the sun. His ear drums were suddenly and harshly assaulted by their horrible, foreboding shrieks and he let out a scream of despair and loss, not understanding where these emotions came from, but wanting it to stop.

He began to lift his single good arm, hoping to dull the noise, but it never made the journey to the side of his head. Arm still raised, half of Zabuza's chest exploded outwards, showering the water in front of him with blood and gore, bathing the area in blue light.

Zabuza's body began to descend, a shocked look etched onto his dead features, but Kakashi was no longer in sight, long since having zipped up and through the trees with his Lightning-Affinity chakra boosting his movements. Using five different trees, he made ascending bounds off each one, before appearing on top of the sixth. He moved so fast that the trunk behind him was turned into little more than kindling.

Ramming his Chidori covered hand through the top of a masked nin's head, he kept the technique activated until he reached the stomach area of the body before letting it fade out, yet continued dragging the cauterized body with him, harshly slamming it into the ground as the earth beneath him gave way violently, dirt and stones rocketing off into the air. Breaking bones could be heard as the maimed figure made contact with the ground, half a second in his wake.

In the distance, over the sound of wood chips cutting through the air and imbedding themselves deeply into trees, rocks impacting with the foliage and clumps of dirt crumbling upon contact with the ground, Kakashi heard Zabuza's body impact with the ground.

"Waste of my time," He turned and began walking back to his team. Perhaps now the brats might actually come to the realisation that relying solely on tutelage only got you so far, and that they needed to work individually outside his care to truly become Shinobi. 'Then again,' He grouched, 'I'm also not a fucking idiot. I'll be lucky if they shut up sometime in the next three years.'

(Gray Skies Black)

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