Sweet Bass

Warm grass and the sound and smell of the river tickled Napoleons senses. He and Pedro had come down to fish for some sweet bass, but so far they had none. When it got hotter they decided to go for a swim and now they lay drying on the river bank.

The fabric of Napoleons underwear was kind of clinging to his package, but with no one but Pedro about he guessed it didn't matter. He felt good lying on his back, one hand under his head, letting the sun put dots on his vision. It was kinda cool, really.

"Do you think the river was swept clean by net fishermen, Napoleon?" asked Pedro. He was lying on his stomach resting his head on his hands and looking over at the river. "Could that be why there are no fish?"

"Heck yeah, they must have come at night and stolen everything, even the baby fishes and everything. I bet we could of handed them in and got a big reward if we knew who they were."

Pedro considered this while he ran a hand through his slowly growing hair. Napoleon said it made him look fierce, so he had stopped wearing the wig Deb had given him, but it still felt kind of weird, being so short.

"We could have been hero's again. Too bad they work at night."

"Yeah." Napoleon yawned and watched the spots in front of his eyes change colour again. "Maybe we'll get them some other day, and be heroes then."

"Okay," Pedro said, looking over and watching as his friend licked his sun warm lips. Napoleon would have to put more chap stick on soon. "Hey, Napoleon? If you ever need someone to watch your back, I will. I will always be your friend."

Napoleon stared over at him for awhile, Pedro was haloed by the light of the sun and his still short hair. "Huh," he said, and closed his eyes again. He already knew that.

And the sun continued to shine.

The End.