This idea just swarmed in my head until I actually wrote it... Short Oneshot AU about the episode Midnight... What if The Doctor had saw Rose, calling for him?

Rose10 obviously! Lol

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"Get out of there!" The Doctor cried to Sky, who was shrinking back against the wall, terror written across her face. Suddenly, an explosion rocked the Crusadar Aircraft and everyone was flung about.

The Doctor and the other passengers banged against the seats, going back and forwards. Shrieks filled the air until it stopped. Everyone checked they were okay as The Doctor stumbled up from the place he had fallen into.

He breathed deeply "Arms, head, neck, nose, legs, I'm fine..." he assured himself. The Doctor stood properly and looked around "Everyone else?" he asked loudly.

The others continued to get up, groaning in pain.

The Doctor looked up to the monitor that he had earlier used his screw-driver to put away. He stared at the woman singing, some sort of legend singer...

His body went stalk still when a flash of the blonde-haired woman he used to know so well cropped up on the monitor. Holy shit. That was Rose. Shouting for him. Calling. There was no sound but she was definitely saying Doctor.

The Doctor felt his hearts contract, felt his throat go raw, his palms go sweaty. She looked older, sad, wiser... Her hair had grown longer and she looked so beautiful... Rose Tyler: Defender Of The Earth.

"Who is that woman?" the Professor stood beside The paralysed Doctor.

The Doctor gulped. It all came flooding back: Rose was slipping towards inevitable death. And then her father Pete appeared and whisked her away. She was safe but totally broken.

The last time he had seen her was on some beach in Norway called Bad Wolf Bay. Typical. She had cried and told him she loved him and just when he was about to say it back... She was gone and he was standing alone in the TARDIS.

Now, there she was: screaming his silent name on the monitor.

"Rose" The Doctor whispered; tears rushed to the surface, daring to fall.

"You know her?" the Professor asked, frowning.

The Doctor stayed silent as he watched Rose continue to shout his name. She needed him... Was something going on in the parallel universe? Was she in trouble?

Where was the version of him in the parallel universe? Why wasn't he helping them? Did he even exist in the parallel world? Why did Rose need him so badly...? Had she found a way to travel back through without cracking the void?

Suddenly, the monitor went blank and he found himself stepping forwards to reach it, shaking his head as tears fell out silently "No" he whispered, banging against it "No! Rose!".

Rose had looked desperate, sad... Scared?

"Who was that woman, Doctor?" the Professor asked.

The Doctor let his eyes close sadly as he breathed deeply. He hadn't imagined it, the Professor had seen it too... That meant if a world was in trouble, then it's all he needed...

He would get back to Rose... He would find her, save her... But right now, he had other troubles. He opened his eyes, wiped his tears and reaffirmed his position as The Doctor: Time-Lord. Nothing affected him.

"Doctor?" Jethro began, unsure "What's wrong with her?".

The Doctor spun around, expressionless. He glanced to Sky and stepped forwards "Where's the medical kit?" he asked automatically.

He would imprint Rose's face back into his hearts and deal with it when he wasn't trapped with something coming after him and the other passengers. He would find her.

He was The Doctor after all.