It was a stormy night, the thunder clattering against the clouds and the lightning stabbing the ground

It was a stormy night, the thunder clattering against the clouds and the lightning stabbing the ground. It was violent. A woman, although, was in labor. It was her thirteenth child. Before this night came, she wished for the devil. Her name was Marylyn. Her husband died before the child was born of a frightening illness.

Her breaths shortened, and her child was born. Blood was spilling over the floor as she groaned in pain, horrible pain. The demon child was flying around the room, clacking and screeching loudly. The other children were scared out of their minds as their new sibling fluttered into the next room. It landed upon an old wooden chair, smiling devilishly at the screams of pain in the other room of its room. Then, it settled its greedy eyes upon the youngest child, but it's self. Smiling wickedly, it launched its body at her face, devouring it in a matter of minutes. The Devil was finished with its first meal, and branched off from it, going at all of Marylyn's children, youngest to Oldest. Then, it escaped into the thunder and lightning filled night, screaming all the way, its red eyes gleaming darkly as it settled in its new home, the pine forest.

Back at the small cottage, Marylyn was breathing deeply, tears running down her face as her blood dripped on the wooden floor. She prayed desperately, but it was too late, I want to take it back! I don't want a devil child! I hate it! I want my son, Lord, I want my son and I don't want Satan! Please, Lord and Jesus! Please… She screamed loudly as the pain worsen, her voice rising from the open window as her brown eyes watched the thunder and lightning, "I love you, Lord, and I love you Jesus! I hate thy Satan, and I hate that demon child that I let loose in the world! Lord, please forgive me, or please…" She screamed, her life slipping away rapidly. As it slipped from her weak body, her soul continued to pray, and pray…