Star Wars

Summary: Darkness has a habit of getting into even the best of us.


I do not own Star Wars

Darkness in Two

He stood impatiently, waiting in the shadows.

She came quietly, slipping up behind him and wrapping her arms around his waist.

"You're late." Harsh, cold.

"The Jedi almost caught me."

"Slipping up, are you?"

She drew away from him.

"I was careful. I always am. You know that."

Darkness slid around her, caressing her like a lost lover. "Ah.. but how do I know you won't accidentally give us away? I have worked too hard for this."

She sighed. "Still impatient. The Jedi will fall. I promise."

"Not if they capture you."

She smiled. "Are you worried about me?"

Silence answered her.

"You are," She gloated. "I thought we agreed to let each other handle their own buisness."

She decided to distract him.

Kisses fluttered over his neck like butterfly kisses.

Moans and smiles and gasps.


She cut him off abruptly.

"Lumiya, now, Luke."

The man once known as Luke Skywalker glared at her.

Lumiya smiled. "Sorry. Darth Malev..." she coaxed, placing soft kisses on his face.

Malev's eyes flashed yellow in pleasure.

"Soon the Jedi will fall at our feet. And you will be greater then your father ever was," Lumiya purred.

Yes , Malev thought with dark satisfaction as they moved inside. Someday soon they shall see our combined might.

And they will die.