Storm Hawks- Where your allegiances lie

Chapter 1- Something Weird/Capture at Dusk

"It's the Cyclonians!" Finn's high pitched scream could be heard throughout the Condor. The sirens were blaring as Aerrow ran onto the bridge.

"What is it?" He asked, standing by Stork's side.

"Cyclonians. And the Dark Ace is with them! Oh, we're doomed." Stork muttered. Finn and Junko glanced at each other nervously.

"Everyone, to your rides." Aerrow called to his squadron. The familiar sense of dread settled in his stomach as he leapt onto his ride with Radarr already in his side car. "Storm Hawks, lets fly!" The moment they were out in the open sky Aerrow felt his worry disappear as he was engulfed by the thrill of the flight.

All too soon twenty or more red skimmers came into view, with a familiar lean figure on the first one. The Dark Ace sneered at the approaching Storm Hawks.

"Aerrow, it's been too long!" He said mockingly.

"Dark Ace!" Aerrow spat back in recognition. "Take out the Talons, I got this one." He called to his team. Finn made two pistols with his hands and flew off.

"We got your back buddy." Junko gave the thumbs up before following Finn into the swarm of Talons.

Piper locked her eyes onto Aerrow's for a second, before he grinned to her and shot off in the direction of the Dark Ace. Piper watched him go in awe, she loved to watch him fight, moving so effortlessly through the sky, his green eyes sparkling with excitement, his red hair blowing around his handsome face. She mentally hit herself. Handsome?! He's your best friend and your Sky Knight, nothing more! She told herself firmly. Before she could dwell on any more thoughts the Talons struck. There were so many of them she couldn't see anything but them. Taking out her staff with a twirl, she proceeded to attack them.

"You ready Radarr?" Aerrow asked his faithful co-pilot as they closed in on the Dark Ace. Radarr growled in affirmation. "Here he comes."

Igniting his blue daggers, Aerrow leapt off his skimmer to meet the Dark Ace in the air. Red and blue sparks flew everywhere as both men fought for an advantage, slicing and blocking as fast as lightening, their toned bodies weaving together in a ferocious dance. The Dark Ace took a swipe at Aerrow's head, narrowly missing him as he landed back on his skimmer.

"Ready to go down, Sky Knight?" He called as he turned his ride sharply around to face Aerrow.

"The only thing I'm ready for is to kick your butt again!" Aerrow shot back.

Driving their rides together they exchanged a number of blows from fists and feet. Aerrow felt his body already developing the new bruises. The Dark Ace pulled out his sword and shot at the side car. Too close to avoid it, the blast of energy struck its target and Radarr was sent plummeting to the wastelands, screeching angrily. Aerrow looked down and was relieved to see a parachute with the Storm Hawks emblem on it float gently down.

His moment of weakness earned him a swift kick to the ribs from the Dark Ace. Winded, Aerrow staggered back. The Dark Ace started a fierce assault, punching and kicking, and it was all Aerrow could do to avoid them.

One particular hit caught his jaw and his footing slipped. Suddenly the wind was rushing past Aerrow's face. As crazy as it was, this was the time when Aerrow felt most peaceful. If I could just hover, he thought, forever, god, that's all I...

"Aerrow!" Piper's panicked scream brought Aerrow to his senses again. His heart beat a little faster at her voice. In one smooth motion he deployed his glider and his descent slowed abruptly. Looking around he saw the Dark Ace flying in towards him, raising his sword to hit Aerrow as he passed. Quickly Aerrow de-activated his glider and grabbed hold of the Dark Ace's skimmer before he could stop him. Aerrow landed cleanly behind the Dark Ace and jabbed forwards with his daggers. The Dark Ace ducked just in time before the blade would have impaled his arm.

Now that he had the upper hand Aerrow held his blades before him, poised to strike. Just before he attacked, the Dark Ace spoke.

"Shame you never knew your parents."

Aerrow was taken aback. The random change of subject was almost too much for him to comprehend. He was an orphan. His parents were dead.

"What do you mea..." Aerrow never had the chance to finish his sentence before the Dark Ace ignited his sword and struck with a resounding crash.

Finn took aim at a Talon in front of him. "Oh yeah!" He shouted as said Talon crashed into another and took both of them into the wastelands. Typically, then his ride had to be cut in half. Screaming as he fell, Finn wasn't expecting a Talon to be directly underneath him. He landed painfully on a very sensitive area, but had sense enough to punch the Talon off before he was shot off instead. "Must be my lucky day!" He said happily as he shuffled into the vacant seat. The radio buzzed and a Talon's voice said clearly, "Retreat, he's got him!"

Puzzled, Finn looked up to see the Cyclonians retreating, the Dark Ace up in front just out of view. Shrugging he said, "Oh well, we just kicked Cyclonian butt!"

Finn landed the skimmer on the deck and was greeted by Junko.

"High five! We sure showed them!" Junko exclaimed gleefully.

"Ha, we sure did! Come on, let's see how Stork's doing."

Finn and Junko walked onto the bridge to find Piper and Stork watching the Talons retreat from the window. Piper grinned at them as they approached, but her smile drooped slightly when she saw they were alone.

"Have either of you seen Aerrow or Radarr?" She asked. It sounded like a casual question but they could hear the anxiety behind it.

"You mean they haven't got back yet?" Junko asked worriedly.

"No, I lost sight of him a while back. There were too many Talons around me." Piper's voice was getting more worried by the second.

"That's odd." Junko said, "They were all around me too. I couldn't see a thing."

"Same here, it was almost like they were trying to block me. And by the way, I heard something weird on a Talons radio. It said, "Retreat, he's got him." Who got who?" Finn said.

Piper bit her lip. Something weird was definitely going on.

"There! Look!" Junko exclaimed, pointing at a tall rock where one furry blue thing could be seen jumping up and down and waving his arms at the retreating Talons.

"It's Radarr! But then, where's Aerrow?" Piper exclaimed.

"Um, guys, look at the Dark Ace!" Stork said suddenly, throwing Finn a pair of his peepers. Finn put them to his eyes and found the Dark Ace.

"What? I don't..." He went quiet. "Oh my god." There, on the back of Dark Ace's skimmer, bruised, gagged and tied up, lay an unconscious Aerrow.