June 12, 2008

City Council of Jump City

City Hall

Jump City, CA 94102

Re:The teen metahumans known as the "Teen Titans"

Dear Councilors:

Pursuant to the City Council's vote at its session of 26 April 2008 (Council Order #08-1462) this office, over a period of five weeks, has conducted the ordered psychological evaluations of the Teen Titans. Enclosed are the executive summaries of my evaluations of each of the team members.

These evaluations were conducted in response to the unfortunate incident involving a four year old girl and the Titan known as "Cyborg" at the Jump City Galleria on 19 April 2008. Without delving into the conflicting accounts of that incident, I will simply note that it was the basis for the Council's decision to subsequently order full psychological evaluations of the Teen Titans in accordance with the recommendation of the Jump City Police Department's metahuman control officer, Captain Margaret Doyle.

As you will recall, because of the unique nature of the subjects, the Council agreed, after lengthy negotiations with the Teen Titans' representative, Robin, to extraordinary measures to protect the identities of the Teen Titans and their families and associates.

Per that agreement, my sessions with the Teen Titans took place only in one room of Titans Tower.

Per that agreement, the full recordings and transcripts of those sessions are to remain at Titans Tower and may only be released to the Mayor, Council, or general public upon written assent of all contemporary members of the Teen Titans.

Per that agreement, every single name, even those of the Titans themselves, has been redacted from the executive and individual summaries. In the case of the Titans own names, Subject #, has been substituted for that of each member. In the case of any family members or other associates, I have reviewed the summaries with the Teen Titans' representative, Robin, and in each case agreed to a descriptor, such as "family member", "associate hero" or other term to retain meaning in the narrative without giving any clue to actual identities.

Subsequent to that agreement, but before any actual sessions with the Teen Titans, I was officially hired, at the insistence of the Teen Titans' representative, Robin, by each of the Teen Titans and paid the sum of one dollar by each. That association thereby protects communications between us with the doctor-client privilege.

This was not foreseen at the time of the agreement. As you may recall, this was in response to a news report by Lois Lane of the Daily Planet that Captain Doyle intended to subpoena the transcripts immediately upon the completion of my sessions with the team members and, through legal process, make them public.

I will not sumarize my findings here. This is only a transmittal letter. The executive summary and individual summaries that follow present my evaluations in much greater detail than would do them justice here and I will not simply repeat them in this space.

I will be more than willing to meet with the Council at its convenience, but I must state that doctor client privilege will greatly restrict what information I will be able to add beyond that in the enclosed summaries.


David Silberman, M.D.