Under The Table

- Enraptured


Nanoha was bored.

She stared miserably at the impressive stack of notes and folders that sat in front of her on the table, half-heartedly listening to Hayate drone on and on about the results of the Forwards' latest test. She already knew all the data better than anyone else, having trained them herself, and this evaluation was more for the benefit of the Forwards themselves.

Nanoha was someone who hated to be seated in one place doing nothing for a long period of time, and she was doing exactly that.

Leaning back in the uncomfortable chair, the Ace of Aces surveyed the room. The whole of Riot Force 6 were present, seated solemnly around the long rectangular table in the briefing room, with the Stars members on one side and the Lightning ones on the other. Naturally, their commander Hayate was at the head, and Captain Fate Testarossa Harlaown of the Lightning squad was seated directly opposite Nanoha herself.

Nanoha groaned inwardly. Hayate may have been her childhood friend, but that woman really gave the most boring reports. Another feeble attempt to pay attention to her friend's rambling and a few unenthused flip of her folders later, the brunette decided that she desperately needed something, anything, to keep her awake.

She lifted her eyes to glance at Fate, the lightning mage seemingly engrossed in Hayate's report. Fate had chosen to don her black Enforcer uniform today, the one that Nanoha found her irresistibly sexy in. Golden locks fell gracefully down Fate's back, held together at the ends by a ribbon, their shimmering softness a stark contrast to her black jacket. Under the said jacket was a crisp white collared shirt, with a yellow ribbon around her neck completing Fate's top. Then there was the black miniskirt.

The black miniskirt and what it covered, or in this case, failed to cover. Although Nanoha couldn't see them, she knew that under that short skirt were dark leggings which hugged long, slim legs.

Nanoha licked her lips hungrily, and an uncharacteristic smirk graced her lips as an amusing, and slightly evil, plan hit her.

Fate-chan was good at hiding her emotions, but if anyone could decipher them, it was Nanoha. Though the black mage appeared to be paying rapt attention to the meeting, Nanoha knew better. Beautiful burgundy eyes were unfocused, staring without really looking at the mess of numbers on the report in front of her. The fountain pen that Fate was holding had been poised above the exact same spot for the past quarter of an hour, and in her other hand; slender fingers were playing with Bardiche, spinning the small golden triangle around. Over the years, Nanoha had come to associate that action as something that Fate did when she was bored, and this was clearly one of the moments that she was.

Nanoha grinned evilly. It was time to spice things up.

A quick glance at her surroundings told her that the coast was clear, and Nanoha concentrated on Fate, pushing all thoughts that did not concern the blonde out of her head. Tuning out the murmuring around her, Nanoha opened a telepathic link with Fate.

You know, you look incredibly delicious in that black miniskirt.

Fate's head jerked up then, shocked and confused, an adorable blush staining her fair cheeks. Hayate paused in her speech, raising an eyebrow at Fate, who in turn bit her lower lip in embarrassment and looked down hurriedly. Their commander carried on with her commentary, and Fate glared at Nanoha. The flight instructor looked supremely unconcerned at the death glare wine-red eyes shot at her. In fact, she looked slightly amused, slate-blue eyes staring back unwaveringly, a challenge and a dare.

You do, you know. I, for one, cannot wait for this to be over, so I can have you all – to – myself.

The last three words were laced with dark desire, tempting and sinful. Fate stifled a moan at the sudden mental image Nanoha projected at her, one that involved the brunette pushing Fate up against the wall and plundering her mouth hungrily. Nanoha's fingers entwined themselves with Fate's hair and pulled her head closer, the sharp tug sending waves of pain and pleasure shivering down her spine. A skillful tongue invaded her mouth, probing and insistent.

Fate gritted her teeth and clenched her eyes tightly shut, pushing the images out of her head. Already they had their desired effect, and Fate shifted uncomfortably in her seat, clamping her thighs together and all too aware of Nanoha's smirk.

"Fate-san, are you okay?" Erio's voice snapped her out of her Nanoha-induced stupor. "You look kind of red, are you feeling unwell?"

"N-No! I'm fine, I-I just…" Fate was blushing horribly now, hating the fact that her traitorous body wouldn't listen to her brain.

You just want me to bend you over that table and screw you senseless? Nanoha's mirthful telepathic voice resounded in her head.

Fate dropped her pen in shock at Nanoha's boldness, unable to contain her desperate yearning at the visualization that popped into her mind, courtesy of Nanoha. Hot desire raced through her body, causing a throbbing heat to build up between her legs and make her squirm in discomfort. Damn you, Nanoha, Fate cursed silently, ducking down under the table to retrieve her pen.

She groped around in the semi-darkness under the table, blindly feeling for her pen and seizing the opportunity of being alone to calm herself.

Except that she wasn't alone.

"Looking for this?" a low, seductive voice tickled the side of her neck as warm breath brushed past her skin. Yelping in surprise, Fate jolted instinctively away from Nanoha, whose face was suddenly right in front of her. Nanoha was twirling Fate's pen lazily, and Fate could only assume that it had rolled over to Nanoha's side of the floor when she dropped it.

"Uh, yeah, thanks," Fate squeaked nervously, way too close to Nanoha for comfort. They were both under the table, with Fate on all fours and Nanoha raking her eyes appreciatively over her body, or specifically, her position. Fate held out her hand awkwardly, a silent request for her pen.

She didn't expect Nanoha's lips to come crashing down on hers without warning, her tongue pushing insistently against Fate, demanding entrance into her mouth. Fate could not resist, parting her lips slightly even as her mind screamed for her to stop, to push Nanoha away. They were in a meeting, they were under the table, they were in the very same room with the Forwards and Vita and Hayate and Sig…

Oh God, Nanoha was kissing her senseless in the same room as Signum. The very thought of the pink-haired knight catching them in the act was enough to make Fate faint from mortification. She knew that the leader of the Wolkenritter would never let her live this down if she found out, and she had no intention of giving her rival the opportunity to tease her to her grave. Fate could only hope that the wet, slurping noises and quiet mewls of appreciation coming from, was that her own throat?, was not as loud as she thought.

The top Enforcer of the TSAB wanted nothing more then than to surrender and melt into Nanoha's arms, to fully submit herself to her unrelenting lover and let Nanoha have her own wicked way with her. Of course, they couldn't stay under the table forever. All too soon, Fate found herself very, very alone as the warmth of Nanoha's arms left her as abruptly as it had come. Breathing heavy, chest heaving, she dragged herself up and collapsed into her seat, pointedly looking down at her notes and ignoring Erio's looks of concern. Only Hayate seemed oblivious to the unnecessarily long time she and Nanoha had spent under the table. Even the Forwards were looking at her flushed face and messed-up hair with curiosity, and damn, Signum had a knowing smirk on her usually expressionless face.

She was so going to kill Nanoha for this.

Mm, you look… flustered, Fate-chan. Perhaps it's something I've done?

Fate growled at Nanoha's oh so innocent question, hands itching to reach out and strangle her girlfriend, or at least pull her into another ravenous kiss. Instead, her hand closed around the moist, cool surface of her glass of water, bringing it to her lips for a quick sip to calm her frazzled nerves.

She should have known better to drink at a time like this.

The mental picture Nanoha sent her at the exact time Fate swallowed was so graphic that the blonde accidentally spat out her drink, sputtering and choking. The entire table stared at Fate as she coughed desperately, eyes watering and gasping for air.

"Ahh, co-cold!" Fate whimpered as ice water sloshed down her short skirt, coming into contact with sensitive skin. Instantly, Nanoha was out of her seat and behind Fate in a flash, one hand rubbing Fate's back reassuringly, her slate-blue eyes filled with mirth and genuine concern.

"It's okay Fate-chan, just breathe," Nanoha encouraged, stroking her friend's silky hair until Fate stopped coughing. Gently prying the glass from Fate's grip, Nanoha set it down on the table beside drenched papers, and pulled Fate forcefully out of her seat.

"Come on, you're all wet, let's get you cleaned up, shall we?"

Fate shivered visibly at the double meaning of Nanoha's words, and could only utter apologies and smile weakly at Hayate as she let herself be dragged out of the meeting room.

They didn't return for a long, long time after that.


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