Title: Pure Magic

Author: Kelly Rowe

Rating: M

Disclaimer: Buffy the Vampire Slayer (and her cast) & The Chronicles of Narnia Characters are the properties of their creators, writers and all who have worked on them. I am simply playing with them for my own amusement and make no profit from them – trust me on this.

Summary: Seventeen year old Buffy Summers is given a special mission. Want to know more... then read it.

Spoilers: Buffy the Vampire Slayer seasons 1 & 2. The Chronicles of Narnia Series – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe & Prince Caspian (movieverse).

Distribution: My site (eventually). Wherever else I put it. Anyone else want it, just ask and you shall receive.

Pairing/s: Susan Pevensie/Prince Caspian, Buffy Summers/Angel (mentioned), Buffy Summers/Peter Pevensie

Category: Alternate Universe

A.N: The first part of the story is more a literal rewrite of the movie (except for a few bits here and there). It is only after a certain point in which the real storyline emerges.

Prologue: The Task Explained

/A tragedy with
More damage than a soul should see/

Sunnydale, California (USA) – 1998

To come across it, you would of course assume that it was nothing but a picturesque, enchanting small town set by the ocean, a couple of hours beyond the boundaries of Los Angeles's hustle and bustle. However what it in actuality it was was a Hellmouth – El Boca de Inferno, as the initial inhabitants had appropriately named it – and all sorts of malevolence congregated there with an assortment of nefarious plots to take over the world.

It was also the residence of the slayer – or more precisely, slayers. For at present instead of there being one girl in the entire world with the strength and skill to stop the vampires (and other nasties) there were now two. They were very dissimilar girls; Kendra was a by the book slayer, more or less a robot in her activities and demonstrative responses to others – a girl who would never do anything against her Watcher's wishes. And then there was Buffy – the senior slayer of the two – a under no circumstances read the handbook, exaggeratedly emotional and breaks every single rule that a teenager and slayer should live by.

For the past few months the chosen two had patrolled the streets and burial grounds of the inactive Sunnydale in each other's company, but Kendra had stipulated independent patrol routes earlier in the day after being exposed to Buffy's inconsistent appalling irritability for hours on end. This was why many hours later Willow Rosenberg – Buffy's best friend – was able to find her all alone sitting on a grave marker waiting for a fledgling to arise.


At the sound of her name being called, she revolved around with a appearance of anticipation on her face, momentarily and was as predictable discontented not to find a specific souled vampire standing there – a vampire whom had sailed away six months earlier on her birthday with The Judge's arm. But it was just her overactive imagination turning the feminine teenaged voice of Willow into the profound brooding baritone of Angel's.

"Oh, hey Wils," she said trying to cover up the disenchantment.

Willow squeezed onto the grave marker next to her, "Why are you still out here? Kendra has already been back to library and given Giles her report."

"It's that damn fledgling," she told her. "It just won't rise."


Buffy all of a sudden looked at her best friend with suspicion, "How did you get out here? You know you shouldn't be wandering around Sunnyhell alone at night."

"Don't worry, I wasn't alone. Kendra was walking me home and I spotted you over here. I told her that you'd finish up the job."

"Fine with me."

"So... care to tell me why you've been a Cordy all day?"

Buffy's eyes widened in astonishment and bewilderment at her friend's tone and words, "A Cordy?"

"You know – a right bitca."

The two girls exchanged a look and started to giggle, "Have to admit that was a good one, Wils."

Willow sighed at Buffy's not so skilful avoidance of the subject matter, "Well?"

"It's nothing much. I've just been having a feeling..."

"A feeling?"

"That something is going to happen. Something really big."

"Good or bad?"

Buffy shook her head, her blonde ponytail swishing around her shoulders as she did so. "I don't know."

Further discussion was for the time being restricted by the detail that the fledgling vampire at long last chose to arise from his grave. Willow basically sat back and watched the passionately vicious ballet as Buffy fought and more or less too effortlessly dusted the young vampire.

Shortly thereafter the twosome started on their saunter to Willow's residence, both disregarding – for the moment – Buffy's feeling. They spent the time conversing about school, homework, wide-ranging gossip and their friends. They had virtually arrived when Willow - not so delicately - turned the dialogue to a painful topic, Angel. Everyone had stayed away from the hypersensitive subject matter of Buffy's absent undead sweetheart for the six months he had been gone, anxious of how she would act in response to the heart-to-heart.

"What about him?" Buffy responded, cautiously choosing her words.

"Maybe," Willow suggested. "He's your feeling."


"Maybe what you've been feeling is that he's coming home before long."

"Do you really think so? I haven't felt him in so long, I'm not sure I still can."

Willow looked at her, "What do you mean?"

Buffy looked down at her feet in a more or less embarrassed manner, "It's just I've been without him longer than I've been with him and..."

Willow impetuously hugged her friend, "Buffy, don't worry about it. I am sure once he's back, it will like he never left."

Buffy looked at her friend with a tentative smile playing on her lips. "Do you really think so?"

"Of course," Willow answered. "You two are meant to be – like Romeo and Juliet."

"I'm not so sure I like that assessment," Buffy said. "That ended way too badly..."

"Buffy..." Willow whined. "Let's just drop the subject."


"So if the feeling is not Angel," Willow said. "What do you think it could be?"

"A really big bad looking to kill Kendra and me."

"Then wouldn't Kendra also have this feeling?"

"I suppose..."

The reached Willow's house and Willow turned to her and said, "Trust me, I can feel it. Whatever it is, it will be a good thing."

"I believe you," Buffy replied unpersuasively as she watched her walk to the door. "Goodnight, Wils."

"Night, Buffy. I'll see you at school tomorrow."

She waited a slight ways down the street until she saw Willow's bedroom light go on before heading off towards her own house. She was only appreciative that her mother was once again out of town on one of her buying trips so that she didn't have to climb back through the bedroom window since she was all of a sudden almost overcome with exhaustion.

Letting herself indoors, she hung up her coat and went upstairs to her room. Deciding she was presently too exhausted to call Giles with the slaying report – she decided that he could wait for the morning – she swiftly put on her black satin pyjama bottoms and red cotton tank top and just about crawled into her comfortable double bed and instantaneously she fell fast asleep.

Her dreams were as customary a mishmash, but this occasion it seemed in some way more disordered. She found herself at The Bronze bordered by her associates, allies and enemies both past and present; all speaking at once and dancing around in circles making her lightheaded. Desperately she closed her eyes, sank to her knees and prayed for it to immediately stop before she went absolutely mad.

After what gave the impression to her of being an eternity, she opened her eyes and found herself in an austere white chamber. She looked around her but saw nothing but a tenuous, intensifying vapour and she felt the necessity to cry – something she hadn't done in months. She was so bewildered and terrified at not knowing what could possibly be going on.


Buffy looked to the rear herself and saw two gold coloured individuals – one male and one female – standing on a platform that she swore was not there a few minutes previous. Eying them sceptically she spoke, "Who are you?"

The male of the pair look amused, "We are The Oracles."

"And we have summoned you," the female added.

"Present your offering."

Buffy looked at them incredulously, "Excuse me?"

"You must give us something in exchange for our information," the female one clarified.

Buffy burst out laughing at what was going on. "Let me get this straight. You summoned me here to apparently tell me something, but in order for you to tell me whatever this is I have to give you a present?"

"Yes," they responded in tandem.

The female looked her over, "What about your necklace?"

Her hand immediately flew to her throat where she wore the silver cross and the ring Angel had given her on a chain and shook her head. "No way. Angel gave me it."

"Ah, the vampire –" the male said with a grimace.

"The ring with the stone," the female demanded.

Buffy looked down at her right hand and noticed the tiny gold ring with the emerald chip in it that her father had sent her for her birthday. She pulled it off of her hand with little emotion, "Take it."

"Very well," the female said. "Place it on the stand."

Buffy did as she was told and then stepped back and waited for the disconcerting gold people before her to get on with it – whatever they wanted to do or say. However as an alternative they took their time examining their trinket and consequently pushed the youthful slayer's tolerance to the absolute limit.

"It will do," the female toned eventually.

"And so..."

The male chose to speak, "We have a mission for you."

"A mission? Before you told me that it was information."

The female laughed, "A mission or information, they are the same thing to us."

"No, they're not," Buffy informed her growing increasingly angrier with each passing instant.

"Be silent. This mission is of the highest consequence – a matter of life or death."

That one statement got Buffy's full attention, "What is it?"

"You are needed to protect the lives of four children and aid in a war in another world."

"These children, the Pevensies are very critical both in our world and the other. Aslan asked us for our help and we felt that we could not deny his request," the female added.

"Aslan? What is an Aslan?"

"That is not of any great consequence. What is essential is that you are the only one who can help."

"And that we had to wait many years for this moment to arrive."

"Because of this we must of course send you back in time-"

"What? Where? When?"

"London, England."

"Nineteen forty one."

Buffy blanched at the very notion, "Old time land of Giles – I so don't think so."

"You will go, there is too much at stake for you to not go. There are two worlds-"

"Okay," Buffy replied affronted. "Just one thing though..."

"Yes," the male replied.

"I somehow don't think I am going to fit in with nineteen forties London. I am very much a child of the future."

"When you arrive you will be dressed appropriately for the period. You will on the other hand have to watch your speech and use of modern slang."

"Meaning?" Buffy asked insulted.

"You will have to speak as a conventional person would."

"Are you ready to depart?"

"Wait!" Buffy yelled. "Don't I even get to tell Giles or say goodbye to everyone?"


"It is not necessary. You will not be gone long enough for anyone to notice."


She was rudely cut off, "Good enough."

The unexpected awareness she had was attention-grabbing to say the least, sort of like she was liquefying. She looked down and got to observe as her body gradually vanished into the void. "What the-"

"Do you think she is ready?" the female asked.

"What I think is that she is Aslan's problem now."

End Part


Putus Magus Pure Magic/al (Latin)

El Boca de Inferno the Mouth of Hell (Spanish)


Beautiful Disaster by Kelly Clarkson