Part 21 - Caspian's Brilliant Idea

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Time aboard the 'Dawn Treader' had stretched from days into weeks for all those travelling on the fine Narnian ship. Nothing of real consequence had in fact occurred except with the transitory exception of a fruitless skirmish with a Terebithian pirate vessel. It had been nothing but sunshine, blue skies and even bluer Ocean. Not that everyone had sat around doing nothing, all the Pevensie children (including Buffy) had been helping out with the on-board chores - gender and station allowing. On top of that Buffy had personally spent numerous hours attempting to sweet-talk Eustace out of his supposed death bed and out into the sunshine.

At dinner one evening, later in the week, Caspian announced that they were approaching the Lone Islands and he wondered if the Kings and Queens - his cherished family - were interested in visiting them with him. Buffy was more than a little taken aback at the hastiness that Lucy, Peter and Edmund agreed to the spur-of-the-moment proposition. Before she could even make a comment or ask a question, a misfortune occurred.

Eustace had evidently decided that he was after all not going to pass away and had removed himself from his death bed and the cabin he was sharing with an ill-fated Edmund, only to be the cause of instantaneous pandemonium. It seemed that the young boy had spotted Reepicheep on deck and decided to have some fun with the mouse - hanging the diminutive ferocious warrior over the side of the ship by his tail.

And now Reepicheep was demanding - not without motivation - retribution in the form of a duel. As Eustace had gone pale at the very proposition, Caspian was called upon to appease the maltreated mouse's honour. It was an arduous task but in due course they came to terms - if Eustace apologised and swore to never do such a thing again, then there would be no duel. Reluctantly and at Buffy's urging the boy acquiesced, if only to save himself.

After that excitement everyone who was able, retired to their respective cabins to sleep. Buffy and Susan were charged with putting Lucy to bed as she was still exceedingly energized by a combination of Caspian's earlier suggestion and Eustace's almost duel. It took the two young women quite a while, but eventually they managed to bring to an end to their task and after spending a few minutes in each other's company they parted ways, each heading off to their own cabins and partners.

As Buffy entered her room she saw that Peter was all ready asleep - and hogging the bed and covers - not that she could in reality blame him. Since his *little* deception that was about all that she would let him do in there. It was a form of punishment for his so-called transgression, only it was backfiring and taking its toll on her too - it was simply torture to lie next to him and not be able to touch.

Sighing she - with difficulty - removed her own dress and slid on the slip that she had been wearing when they had been brought back from Finchley, then climbed in next to him. For the first time in what seemed like an eternity she gave into temptation and cuddled up next to him, pillowing her head on his chest. She was on the cusp of sleep when she felt his arms close around her and his lips softly press a kiss to her temple.

Unable to withstand it any longer, she shifted her body against his and pressed a kiss of her own to his bare chest over where his heart laid beating. Glancing up at his face and saw that not only was he awake, but that his translucent blue eyes were clouded over with unsuppressed yearning.

"Buffy," he murmured as his lips sought hers after such a long absence.

Locking her green eyes with his blue she smiled as a brainwave came to her. She made her way down his body and once she arrived at her chosen objective, she lowered her lips to his straining erection and blew lovingly across its gleaming head. Hearing a sharp intake of breath emanate from Peter, she smiled as she guided it lightly into her mouth, something that she had never before attempted.

Buffy continued to lick and suck as she bobbed her head up and down to an instinctual rhythm, going with the flow. As she felt him hold back from her more and more - evidently apprehensive about the delicate situation - he pulled her away from his aching body, answering her cry of protest with his tender words.

Suddenly she found herself pulled along the length of his body with her moist core rubbing against the part of him she had a moment ago been worshipping. She felt one hand to clasp lightly onto her sensitive breast, as he used the other to guide himself inside her. She moaned in rapture at the feeling of his hard length entering her and he thrust into her for the first time. Each and every movement filled her so entirely that she began to feel almost dizzy as the breath was pushed from her body.

Digging her long graceful fingers into his muscled shoulders and feeling his textured skin against her fingertips almost sent her into sensory overload. Without much warning his hand slipped away from her abdomen and flicked softly across her clitoris sending her into a skyrocketing orgasm. As the overheated muscles within her clamped down tightly around his shaft, he pumped his very own orgasm into her waiting body.

She collapsed delicately against Peter and listened to the gentle beating of his heart. After a few minutes, Peter reached up and gave her a quick kiss before lifting her off of him and gathering her into his arms as they both fell into a restful slumber.

It was just about midday when they arrived at their destination of The Lone Islands. Buffy and Peter - who had awoken much later than their companions - joined the others on deck in time to hear Lucy prattle over how the islands looked much the same as they had thirteen hundred years earlier.

To Buffy the bits of land that she could see left her feeling uninterested - after all it was merely land surrounded by a bit of water. She just could not fathom why her family was so damn excited by the sight of them. Clasping Peter's hand she looked up to see her lover in deep conversation with Caspian, who was asking how Peter and the others had conquered the chain of islands originally.

"We didn't," he told his brother-in-law with honest candour. "They were a part of Narnia for long before our time came and went."

Edmund sighed as he stared at the sight before him, "How can they look the same? It should be impossible. I mean Falimath still has livestock - so I suppose that there are still people on Doorn and Avra..."

"The Telmarine's did not take control of them. The first Caspian saw no tactical advantage to them and assigned them no worth. The people here have been on their own for over a thousand years."

Buffy smirked at this information, anticipation glistening in her green eyes. "So... the inhabitants could be hostile?"

Peter squeezed he hand, "Calm down, Sweetheart. I doubt that you will need to slay anyone or anything."

"Spoil my fun why don't you..."

Lucy chose that moment to squeal, sending Caspian, Peter, Buffy and Edmund to go on alert. "What is it my little Queen?" Caspian asked his hand resting upon his sword ready to defend.

"I've just had the most wonderful idea," she gushed at her family, ignorant to the havoc she had caused.

Susan and Buffy exchanged an amused look as Edmund's sarcastic side reared its repulsive head. "And what would that be? Playing dress-up and skipping around on the deck on the way to a tea..."

"Don't be ridiculous Edmund," Lucy told him. "I think that we should show Buffy, Caspian and Eustace Falimath. Since it's mostly livestock, it should be safe to walk across. The crew could meet us on the other side."

"Count me out Lu," Susan told her youngest sibling, placing a hand over her protruding belly. "These days it takes all my energy to get out of bed, never mind walking across an island."

Eustace glared at his cousin, "I'm staying here. I only just got over my near death and going to some island will bring it back on."

"I'm in," Peter said as Caspian and Edmund nodded their agreement and ignoring Eustace.

Feeling uncomfortable Buffy replied, "I think I'll stay here with Su. Catch up and all that sort of stuff... You know girl talk."

"But Buffy, you have got to come," Lucy implored. "I want to share it with you."

"So do I," Peter whispered so that only she could hear.

Against her better judgement and sighing in resignation she agreed to go with them. Within moments of that agreement, the others had already planned their day - Peter, Caspian, Edmund, Lucy, Buffy and Reepicheep would be crossing the island and Susan, Eustace and the rest of the crew would meet them on the other side.

As the others chatted happily amongst themselves Buffy stared out over the land mass that was supposedly Falimath and a feeling of trepidation settled over her and lodged itself in the pit of her stomach. Finally she smiled as the thought occurred to her that maybe she would get to slay something after all.

The rag-tag group set off for their trip just after the midday meal and after Buffy had, had to curb Peter who had witnessed Susan and Caspian's goodbye. As they walked along Buffy - who was unsurprisingly hand-in-hand with Peter - could not help but admire the scenery which was lush, green and full of a wide variety of plants that were all unfamiliar to her.

The seven travellers were making good time on their side journey and had no inkling of trouble, at least until they entered the valley ion the middle of the island. That was where they encountered a group of six or seven men - armed - sitting beneath a large tree basking in its shade.

Buffy tensed as the feeling of dread returned full-force; looking over at Caspian and Peter she saw that they were both also tensed and ready for a fight.

When they were finally noticed by the men - evident in stopped conversation and evil expressions upon their faces - Caspian made a kingly decision. He informed them all not to say who they were, after such a long silence from Narnia they would have no idea whether they were dealing with friend or foe. It was not safe for anyone to know that he was the current ruler of Narnia or that the others were the Kings and Queens of old (with a few exceptions).

Reepicheep the valiant little mouse warrior wanted to bear arms and take on the strangers - as did a certain green eyed blonde - and was rather upset when Caspian ordered him - and with the same quelling look Buffy - not to do so.

In the end they followed their original course which led them directly in line with the men and they halted a few feet away. It took only a moment for the men to approach and surround the group weapons drawn.

"Well, well, well… What do we have here then?" one of the men said.

"Looks like some easy crescents to me, Captain," another replied smirking evilly at them, his toothless mouth like something from a nightmare.

"Crescents?" Lucy questioned softly to her brothers.

Peter sighed in frustration, but held it back from Lucy. "They mean money, Lu."

"Are they going to sell us?" she asked out of nowhere.

The one in charge – the man who had been identified as the captain – turned his stare on Lucy. "Aye, lass. At least most of you…" He then leered at Buffy, "For some though… I am certain we could find other – uh – uses."

Caspian and Edmund were forced to hold Peter back, as he was straining to pounce on the man for insulting his family and his woman in front of him. It did nothing but entertain the so-called captain with the antics of someone he perceived to be no more than a boy.

"What do you think you are doing, boy? She's too much for a kid like you… She needs a real man."

"I'll kill you," Peter swore through gritted teeth. "I swear it. You will die by my sword."

The captain laughed again, "Who do you think you are dealing with? I am Pog; no one in these islands has ever bested me. It would be you who would end up dying. Is she worth it?"

Clasping one of his hands over his brother-in-law's big mouth and he spoke himself. "You are nothing more than a kidnapper and a slaver. A coward who picks on those weaker than he to make his fortune! If no one has bested you then you have done nothing more than prove my point, for a real swordsman would have left you with more than your hideous face as a reminder of your meeting."

"Is that so?" Pog replied a smile curling at his lip. "If I were you kid, I would remember that you – and you friends – are now dependent on *my* hospitality. Insulting me is not going to help your situation… or theirs."

A small and indignant cry rang out and without much of a warning Reepicheep charged at Pog, only to be caught and picked up by his beloved tail. "How dare you? Let us go you, monster."

"Now, this makes me more hospitable. This *thing* is worth something. I can imagine the crescents I can get for a talking mouse…" Turning to the remainder of his men, he ordered, "Over to Narrowhaven. We have some valuable goods for the market tomorrow."

It took all of Buffy's remaining self control not to react as she and the others were bound with rope and Reepicheep caged to prevent escape and preserve his value, but a quick meeting of her eyes with Caspian's reminded her to do as he had asked. So she – and her family –marched across the remainder of the minuscule island to the coast where there was a tiny settlement (an inn and a few homes) and a docked slavers ship.

At the shoreline, just before they were bordered onto the ship, a finely dressed man came out of one of the small cottages and approached them. He greeted Pog by name and then took a good long look at the motley group, his eyes settling on Caspian – his expression suddenly unreadable.

"How much do you want for him?" the man asked pointing his finger at Caspian. "My houseboy has run off and I find myself in need of a new one."

Pog's eyes glistened with greediness, "His Lordship has an eye for quality. One of the best he is. However if you are in need of company you should consider one of the ladies. The younger one could be without difficulty – uh – trained to suit any taste and the elder… well I am certain that she would be able to complete any task given to her… in many varied ways."

Buffy's eyes glowed with antagonism and she struggled valiantly to control her temper and follow Caspian's instructions. Looking to distract herself she glanced over at Peter and saw that he too was struggling with his temper.

"I am not interested in girls. I wish to purchase the boy."

Pog stared at the man in revulsion, "To each his own. My best price for such a strapping young lad is three hundred crescents."

The man shook his head, "One hundred and fifty and not any more."


"Pog, you know that he will not fetch even that at the market."

"Fine – agreement reached. Know this; it is only because it is for you."

Caspian was released from the others but not his bonds and handed to the man, causing Lucy to cry out in protest. Edmund tried his best to reassure Lucy, but the younger girl continued to bawl as they were forced aboard the slavers vessel.

Reepicheep was hung on deck as the remainder were forced down into the ship's hold where their captors had numerous other victims stored. Lucy was still sobbing and as she was pushed down the rickety stairs, one of the crew grabbed her by the hair and threatened to use her as entertainment – give her something to really cry about.

Buffy's suppressed fury grew and she swore to herself that before this was over she was going to unleash her slayer side on the captain and his repellent crew. No one threatened her or what was hers and got away with it unscathed.

As soon as the door was closed some of the other captives released their bonds and after a quick thankyou the group huddled together and sat down on some straw to take stock of the situation. Peter kept guard, while Buffy and Edmund comforted Lucy as best they were able under the circumstances.

After Lucy had cried herself to sleep, Buffy left her with Edmund and joined Peter. He automatically pulled her into an embrace, "Are you all right? I wanted to kill him for…"

"I'm fine and so is Lucy. She's just shaken and who wouldn't be at her age?" Buffy told him snuggling further into his arms. "Besides if anyone is going to slaughter that slime ball, it is going to be me."

He pressed a kiss to the top of her blonde head, "We could always do it together…"

"A couple's activity?"


"So… Is there a plan, or…"

"A few ideas, built no plan. How about you?"

"I have nothing," she answered honestly. "Do you think it's in bad taste to pray for Su and Eustace to come rescue us?"

Before Peter could respond, a voice from the dark surrounds whispered, "Buffy?"

End Part


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