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Okay, this is just going to be a long author's note but I would love it if you guys would read it.

First off, I want to thank every single person who read and reviewed my stories. Honestly, you guys helped with this story so much. You encouraged me to stay up till three in the morning so I could get the next chapter out on time. You cheered me up whenever I was feeling sad, I just had to open my email and see tons of awesome and kind reviews. When I first started this story I had no idea it would be so hugely popular. I have 2861 reviews, 547 story alerts, 440 favorites, 139835 hits and five C2s. That's unbelievable! Thank you all so much for that. And I would love to reach 3000 reviews hint, hint!

Secondly, I'd like to talk about the last chapter. Basically, the whole dining room table with the dead people thing is based off my dad. He has dreams like that where he sees his father, his grandparents, and all of our other dead relatives. I swear my dad has some kind of connection with the dead. It's so strange, but so cool. So that's where I got that from. And who else sobbed during the last two chapters? I know I did. I can't believe this story is over. I've been working on it for months and now it's suddenly over. It's crazy. I feel like my baby just went to college or something.

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