You can tell that this idea came to me while I was asleep. :p Disclaimer: I do not own the Kingdom Hearts characters. (But, if I could get them for just one day...)

In Radiant Gardens

Xehanort was on the prowl, he knew exactly what he was looking for. He spotted a gray/ violet head of hair, and crept closer and closer.

Poor innocent Ienzo was just working on an experiment when...

Xehanort jump behind the smallest apprentice and locked his fingers together and pressed them on Ienzo's delicate tummy. Ienzo squeaked. The high pitched sound coming from the smaller apprentice's mouth.

"Xehanort, don't do that! You know I'm extremely ticklish!"

Xehanort chuckled, "Yes, I know. Braig told me you had a weak spot."

For the rest of that day, Ienzo searched for Braig, to get revenge on him. Some way.

In The World That Never Was

Xemnas noticed that Zexion was reading silently just outside the proof of existence. He waited until Zexion got up to make his move.

Xemnas came up from behind him, laced his fingers together and pressed on Zexion's soft belly. From his mouth came a familiar squeaking sound. Satisfied Xemnas made his way up to the proof of existence.

"Xemnas what is the meaning of this?" Zexion screeched. (He doesn't get flustered often.)

Xemnas turned around to face Zexion, and said "Ienzo's still in there somewhere."

A/N: Xemnas! Don't you know any better, than to go up to random people and tickle them? You can bring a Xehanort to a lab, but you can't make him experiment. ( I claim full rights of that saying, contact me if you intend to use it.) I hope you all enjoyed!