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I heard the door unlock. Edward look up from me for a moment, which made me feel uneasy. He then looked back down, and smiled.

"It just Charlie," Good, cause Victoria was still out there. "But now I have to go, you are still under house arrest, so I technically can't be here..." he smiled," But I will, be back, in just 2 hours. With that he just disappeared upstairs and out the window.

"Hey Dad, how was work?" I asked, looking through the cupboards.

"Fine," Charlie started, " Nothing much happend around here, so me and the guys played cards, I won 7 games... out of 50."

"Well, you'll get them next time," I laughed. Charlie may be hard to convince sometimes, but that one line always made him smile.

"Thanks Bells." He left to go watch Tv. I countinue my search through the cupboards, but came out empty handed. I made my way to the living room but tripped on the way, and landed hard on the ceramic floor. I got up slowly, checking myself out for any bruising. I landed hard on my knee... that was going to hurt in the morning. I walked into the living room to talk to Charlie.

"You okay, Bells?"

"Yeah, just hurt my knee, but okay."

"Thats my girl"

"Hey Dad?"

"Whats up?"

"Umm...we are kinda running low on food."

"I'll order Pizza tonight and get food in the morning."

"a...Dad, actually I was hoping to get the food myself...tonight?"

"Well, Bells..."

"please dad, I never have been outside since forever."

"Okay, but only for tonight, be back in a hour."

"Yes Sir!" I snapped into a salute. This made him laugh.

"Ah Bells."

5 minutes later

"Dad I'm going now!" I yelled as I was going out the door. It was raining strongly outside. I slowly made my way to my beaten-down truck. Sure, it wasn't much, but I wouldn't let Edward buy me a new, faster car. My truck was my baby, unless he gave me my wish. I got in, surprised that I didn't slip. I turned the key, and the truck roared to life. Wow, I still didn't like it that much. I put into reverse and back about of the driveway, and onto the dark and wet street.

CPOV (Charlie)

"Dad, I'm going now." I heard her close the door and a click. Shes a good girl, maybe tonight I let her off for good behavior.


I got up quickly and rushed to the phone.

"Hey Billy."

"Charlie, we need to talk about...them."

"Bella is persistant on staying with Edward."

"Jacob is coping well, he won't come out of his room."

"I'll try again, I was thinking of letting Bella out."

"That's great, but please Charlie!"

"I know, I know... I'll try my best, But my little girl is growing up, she has her own mind. And she is set on Edward."

"Thanks, Got to go, Bye"

"Bye Billy"

I felt bad, Billy was my best friend

Around the time the phone rang

Maybe I should've stayed at home, the storm was roaring, and I could hardly see out of the windshield. I looked around to see where I was, and saw the one actual intresection, with a traffic light. I know, its amazing. I turned onto the highway, that famous highway where everything is on, including school, and I think the hospital. The reason I say I think is because almost everytime I go there I'm either unconsious or looking into Edward's beautiful topaz eyes.

I was having a hard time looking at the road. It was so dark, and the rain was so strong. I was close to the store, so I stayed on the road. I was just going over the bridge when a set of bright headlights appeared in front of me. I panicked, as the black car in front of me continued to drive full speed towards me. All I remember is going off the bridge and into the freezing water below.