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"This is going to be humiliating." I grumbled, fidgeting with my hands as the nerves came in full force.

Why did Forks suddenly have to accept the Physical Fitness Test like most other schools did? Weren't the standardized testing enough? I felt my breath come out shaky as I saw all of the upperclassmen stretching in the gymnasium, getting ready to show off their ability to do ridiculous physically excerting challenges. This was not going to be fun.

"Edward, I think Bella's going to make a run for it." Jasper said to his brother. I looked over to see him looking at me with a hint of concern and humor.

"Now, now. Save any running for the mile run." Edward advised.

Mile run. My heart was beating erratically at the thought. I don't think I could survive a mile bike ride, let alone a run. A walk was a stretch. This was going to be humiliating.

"Look at the bright side." Edward advised, clearly not understanding why this test was bothering me so much. "The mile is taking place in an indoor track. Indoor tracks have less friction and are more accurately measured than the outside ones so your time should be significantly lower."

That fact didn't help me at all. If anything, it made me realize that everyone else will be farther away when I'm in the back, attached to a defibrillator.

"Oh, my God. He is going to be amazing at this. I wouldn't be surprised if the reason that we are even having this test is because the faculty wants to see him in action. And why not?" I heard Jessica whisper excitedly to her friend.

I followed her eyes, hardly surprised to see Emmett "warming up" with a few push ups. After he finished a couple, he would stand up and do breathing exercises. When he caught my eye he grinned widely and continued his facade.

"Yeah... everyone is pretty psyched to see the family in action." Edward mused. "I don't think that half these boys are going to be able to contain themselves when Rosalie participates in the sit and reach."

I wracked my brain for this event and then realized that it was the only one that I was confident that I could pass. A vision of Rosalie sitting on the ground, stretching her immaculate body to an impossible degree of flexibility crossed my mind and I understood what he was talking about. It was a good thing that Emmett couldn't read minds, though perhaps Emmett was one of the boys that Edward had been talking about.

"Relax." Edward advised, finally done making his comments. "Everybody won't be staring at you while you do the events. If anything, they'll be focusing on Alice and Rosalie, like the crazy hormonal teenagers that make up this school are. And if something happens, I'll take care of it. Trust me."

I didn't make eye contact, but his speech was making me feel a little better. My breathing was almost down to a normal level when Coach Clapp entered the gym with his clipboard in hand. All of the chatting groups of juniors and seniors finished up their conversations and stood at attention for Coach's announcement. I wished harder than anything that I had ever wished that he would announce that this was a prank, or that girls were now allowed to skip out. Forget about the feminist movement, let the boys do this.

"I'm sure that many of you are very excited to begin the examination and show off all of your hard work" a few guys shouted their agreement while my face turned pink, realizing that I was about to show off how little work I've done. "but we have to go over a few things first."

Emmett and Rosalie made their way over to where Edward and I were standing. Alice squeezed my shoulder slightly and Emmett was cracking his knuckles.

"First of all, you are all advised to do your best. No one is a loser unless you give up, blah blah blah. There are two scores that you should aim to beat. There is the Health Level and the Challenge Level. If you beat the health level then you pass. If you can beat the Challenge Level, then you demonstrate exceptional physical talent. There are four stages. The sit and reach, which demonstrates your flexibility, the push ups, the mile run, and then curl up, which is like a sit up. If anyone has any doctor notices, please bring them up now."

A few girls and one boy walked up to Coach with slips of paper. After they finished, they walked out of the gym. I stared after them, appalled. Carlisle could have written me a note to get out of this if I had only known!

"Good. Now, does anyone have any questions?"

People began murmuring to each other in excited voices as Coach Clapp walked towards the equipment shed.

"The first event will be the push ups. Guys will go before girls."

"I'm gonna beat you, Jasper." Emmett said in a cough.

"Only because that's what I have to do for the sake of our cover. If we didn't have to tone it down, I'd destroy you." Jasper said, a grin on his face.

Emmett looked appalled. "You don't really think that... do you?"

"I do."

Emmett didn't seem to know what to say in response.

"Jasper, Edward, Mike, Emmett, Tyler, Chris, please come to the mats and get into push up position." Coach announced.

All of the guys that had been near our little group that had been called went to the mats. Some of them did a little warm up first, but I saw how Emmett's eyes were fixed on Jasper's ready form. His taunt must have really gotten to him.

"To pass, sixteen year old boys must have at least one push up higher than their age, unless you're eighteen, in which case you need your age. Does everyone understand?"

The boys nodded in agreement and shifted to a ready position as Coach pressed the button on a recorder.

"Down." the recorder announced, and as the Cullen boys went down, the girls in the room stopped talking and shamelessly stared. No one else may have noticed it, but Emmett's eyes were still glued on Jasper, and this time they held determination.


A heard a girl breath heavy as the Cullen's muscles flexed, bringing them back up into a ready position. Chris, the smallest of the boys that had been picked, seemed to already be tired. The idea of that being me in a couple of minutes was enough to make me want to run.


"Can't these obnxious human girls look at anything but Emmett?" Rosalie muttered quietly, venom coating her voice.

"Go Jasper!" Alice yelled. I wasn't sure if she did it for the sake of their human facade, or if she really wanted to support him. Or maybe she just wanted a claim on him. "Emmett's getting tired!"


The unrealisticness of the comment made me laugh, Jasper grin and Emmett's face turn to pure appallment. Edward was smiling so widely that he was at risk of bursting out in laughter in the middle of the test.


Emmett made a point of going lower than you had to, nearly reaching the ground. His eyes were glued on Jasper and this time Alice saw it, too.

"This should be amusing." Alice whispered to me.

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