First Love
By Pickledevil

Her salty tears mingled with the raindrops. The rain served as a facade, hiding her feelings. She closed her eyes and lifted up her head, so that it looked as though she was simply enjoying the feel of the raindrops falling against her cheeks.

The once-beautiful, cream coloured envelope was crumpled up in her hand, rapidly getting soggier as the rain grew heavier. She balled her hand into a fist, so that the invitation was squeezed into nothing more than a wet lump and bits of it began flaking off. Glancing down at the mess she had made of it gave her a savage pleasure. Suddenly, a renewed realisation of what it was hit her and with an angry gasp she flung it away from herself.

It landed pathetically into a puddle. She smiled.

Draco Malfoy and Astoria Greengrass. The golden couple, whose wedding would be held in two weeks' time. She didn't want to believe it, refused to believe it, but the invitation she had received this morning made it all real. She had heard about their blossoming relationship for the past few months, but she had blocked all the gossip and rumours out. They couldn't be real, that was what she had told herself. And she never did ask him personally, because she didn't want to know she was wrong.

She still loved him, after all those years.

All those memories – The Yule Ball, the late night walks, the little caresses, the trips to Hogsmeade... had he forgotten all of them, while she had always cherished them so?

Her best friend's words rang soundly in her head, and fresh tears gathered in the corners of her eyes as she remembered them.

"He was only making use of you all those times, Pansy. He liked the attention, and you gave it to him so freely."

A sob escaped her lips. She turned and hurried away, away from the road leading to the Malfoy Manor, back towards her own home. She was a fool, such a desperate, desperate fool. He was a bastard, she knew. So why did she still feel this way for him?

Sopping wet, facade broken, head bowed, Pansy Parkinson slowly made her way home.


I didn't give Pansy's best friend a name because I simply can't remember any Female Slytherin besides Millicent Bulstrode, and I just can't imagine the two being close.

I've always felt that while Pansy really liked Draco, Draco was just making use of her affection. So I decided to write a quick one-shot about it. Please review!