Author's Note:

Greetings and Salutations my fellow programs. (Been watching Tron.)

Anyway, I am adding this last note to Runaway to let you all know that KnightX has asked, and I'm giving him permission to try a version of this story.

I feel bad letting it hang with potential sitting there, but when I looked at the notebook, all I had was the word "THE" written and nothing was coming to mind.

I myself might do some one-shots or short stories here in the future with this cause I like it as well, but for now KnightX is going to give a roll of the dice and I hope you all tune in when he has it posted. Ruto/Nata/Mari are not done, in my mind, they are just…visiting a new friend to see what he can do.

Thank you one and all that like this and help support KnightX as he tries to keep it alive.