Alright. So as we said before, neither of us really like this story anymore. It started out as something fun for us to do together, but now the only fun we have regarding the story, is laughing at it.

If you actually enjoyed reading the story then that's fantastic. And very flattering. But we've decided to stop trying, and just kill the poor story line. It had promise to begin with, but we didn't write it very well, and we both kind of hate the story now.

So that was a lot of rambling, but it's all saying that we're not going to continue the story. In fact, once you've had a chance to read this, I'm going to delete the story.

So for old times sake, review and tell us if you actually liked the story, or if you were just reading it for laughs?

We love you All

ECIsMyHero and Browneyedgirl36