Title: Outside -- Couplers

Title: Outside -- Uncoupled

Rating: G

Spoilers/Warnings: Additional thoughts for a scene for Judas on a Pole

Summary: I'm averting my eyes, listening for the crash.

You should see him now.

I'm averting my eyes, listening for the crash, because he's charging down the hall like a fucking freight train and god knows the man has no breaks. I know you're up there, beyond him, stalled on your own tracks.

She can't be going places without me...

The things he says about you tell me that I've got to prepare. The couplers are cracked and it's only a matter of time before the engine leaves behind its caboose once more. He's come back before, to rejoin, but you and I know the damage to the metal is done and on some eventual 'next time' they're just gonna fail.

I don't call him back even when I see him take the fork that will take him to you.

I shove my hands in my pocket; the cracked couplers jostle themselves free, and permit me to roll back from whence I came.