This is a bit weird; different to anything I've posted before. It's slightly dark...very dark...but I'll be posting another fluffier story soon, that hopefully will be happy. This is based on 'happy ending' by Mika, including lyrics so...yeah, great song. Thanks...

The words blur into one but he knows the song off by heart anyway. He keeps seeing the image in his mind and it's driving him crazy. He wants the water to just cover him up, to take the pain away.

Jack will be worried I haven't turned up to work. The next time he sees me I'll be dead.

The thought is strangely comforting.

This is the way you left me

I'm not pretending

No hope, no love, no glory

No happy ending

This is the way you left me…I'm not pretending.

No more pretending I'm fine. How could I be fine when you left me?

Did I mean nothing to you, you left so easily?

No hope, no love, no glory…No happy ending.

If he thinks I can just forget that he left me, forgive him…

If he thinks I don't mind him hurting me…

No happy ending.

By the time Jack finds me…

I hope he listens to the song. This is the way you left me…

The sea laps at his feet, wetting the sand. A voice calls from behind him.


He ignores it, panicking. Jack wasn't supposed to come yet.


He sings the words out loudly, mirroring the MP3, hoping Jack will understand.

"This is the way you left me

I'm not pretending

No hope, no love, no glory

No happy ending.

This is the way that we love

Like it's forever

Then live the rest of our life

But not together."

The words spill from his mouth, deep and tuneful, dark and depressing.

Jack stops.


"No happy ending, Jack." He says. "No happy ending. You don't care about love Jack. You don't care that I love you; you just torture me because it's so obviously just sex for you. So how can there be a happy ending?"

Jack can't speak. Ianto scowls at him and walks into the sea, still singing. "This is the way you left me…" Jack knows he could save him…but can't move.

"I do love you!" he finally shouts.

But it's too late.

It takes a minute for Ianto Jones to die; sure that Jack can't love him back, ever.

It takes a minute for Jack Harkness's heart to break, never to heal again.

No happy ending.

I am sorry if that upset anyone (it upset me...i wasn't going to post it but I gave it a shot...)

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