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Bobby sighed, leaning over the cluttered table and rubbing his eyes. "Yes, Sam, I'll let you know if I see him, but if he wanted to run away from you, he wouldn't come here."

"He's not thinking straight," Sam said, his voice tinny over the miles between them, "he's acting like a child."

"But if what you said is true-"

"It's still him," Sammy reiterated, "he remembers who he is, how old he is, everything. But he's… I dunno, addled, or something. He wants me to take care of him."


"I know that I probably seem like the worst brother in the world, but, Bobby, you should hear him. He's not himself. Have you ever heard of something like this?"

Bobby nodded, happy that Sam couldn't see the gesture, the smile forming across his face. Yeah, he'd heard of it. The curse of innocence. It would return a person to a happier time, a time when nothing mattered, the time of childhood. The time when childhood was lost. The person would remember exactly who he was, would remember his life, but just wouldn't care. He was innocent.

An innocent soul couldn't go to Hell. The curse had a way of wiping the slate clean. He'd made sure of that before casting it.

"No, Sam," he lied, "I haven't."

Over the phone, Sam sighed. "Well, keep your eyes peeled for him, anyway. Call me if you see him, all right?"

Bobby nodded again. "Will do."

"Thanks, man."

"No problem." He hung up the phone, setting it down on the table and staring at it. He hated lying to Sam, he really did, but maybe it was better this way. After all, the kid hadn't exactly been willing to accept his new brother, and, given his reaction to waking up next to a four-year-old, probably wouldn't even care that they were down to less than three months. He wanted to save his brother, preferably while keeping Dean, Dean.

Bobby turned as he heard soft footfalls crossing the floor into the kitchen. He smiled at the little boy. "You get enough sleep?" he asked, glancing behind Dean at the rumpled blanket he'd laid over the child as he slept on the couch. The boy nodded. "Good."

The kid had come a long way, walking most of the distance, wearing nothing but the one set of clothes Sam had bought him, figuring that they would find an answer before he had to play daddy for good.

He hadn't wanted to play daddy, though, and that was what had led Dean to the salvage yard nearly two hours before. He had crashed on the couch while Bobby waited for Sam to call and report the boy missing.

"Hey, Uncle Bobby?"

Bobby grinned. "Yeah, kiddo?"

"Can I have macanoni?"

The older man's smile widened at the boy's butchered pronunciation. "Sure thing. And, you know, you can call me daddy if you want."

Dean grinned, rocking back and forth on his small feet, eyes shining with youth, brimming with innocence, a newly-cleaned soul. "Ok, daddy."

It had been more years than Bobby could count since the death of his wife and unborn child. It had been nearly twenty-five years since he'd met Dean Winchester. Nearly twenty-four since he'd chosen to ignore the first crop of bruises. Twenty-two since he'd denied the boy a home. Nineteen since he'd caught the kid sneaking food. Fifteen since he'd accidentally rejected him. Less than one since he'd condemned him to Hell.

It had been twenty-four hours since Bobby Singer had attempted to curse a broken man over a stretch of uncountable miles. It had been twelve since the man had woken up a boy. Five since he'd run away. Two since he'd shown up on Bobby's doorstep.

It had been roughly five seconds since Bobby asked to have a son, one that he'd never thought he'd have. It had been four since Dean Winchester gained a father.

The End.

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