Welps, I decided to write a Father's Day kind of story. I dunno why, someone kill me XD

And it's ToFu!! Haha…

"I have decided," Fuji was saying as he popped a sugar cube into his cup of coffee. "That I want a child."

Atobe paused, his tea cup in midair, raising an eyebrow. He tried looking for any signs of Fuji possibly joking, but he found none. "A child?"

"It feels like something's missing every time Father's Day comes around," Fuji explained, stirring his coffee mixture with a spoon. "We could always adopt, you know." He dropped another sugar cube into his cup.

"If we ever did have a child, there would be the problem of who would be the father and who would be the mother. Of course, we could both be considered as fathers." Atobe took a sip of his tea. "Well, it would be very confusing to say the least."

Fuji gave him a small smile. "Don't worry, I've got everything planned out."

Atobe suddenly felt a wave of dread, and he no longer wanted to finish his tea.

Haha. Fuji's still as sadistic as always.

This was more of a drabble than a story. Meh. XD