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Lucky Number Seven

"Shh! Wait until Snape passes, then we should be in the clear," Harry whispered, folding up the Marauder's Map, and straitening his robes.

"Imagine if the greasy old vulture caught us, that would be a new one," Ron smirked as he swept his disheveled red locks away from his face.

"Well if getting caught is what you're after, we could kill two birds with one stone and do it in his office. This is our last year to accomplish our goal of hooking up in every room in the castle, and if I do say so myself, I don't think it's going to be easy."

"Don't be such a pessimist 'Mione, Harry's well on his way to pulling it off by himself. Not thanks to all the help you've been. Without us you'd only have Justin Cinch-Pansy boy in the Hufflepuff dorms, that's not exactly something to brag about, you know."

"Oh yeah? Well without me you wouldn't have the Head common room or Head Girl's room, because somebody didn't make Head Boy," Hermione shot at her two best friends and lovers, Harry in particular.

"That's not my fault! All the teachers have favorites. That bloody little know-it-all Draco Malfoy and his constant sucking up… How was I supposed to compete with that, no matter how charming I am?"

"Harry, you tried to seduce Professor McGonagall! What did you expect!?"

"I expected to get into her knickers to be honest, have you forgotten about our goal to sleep with a teacher?"

"A young teacher, I bet if you put a cock in McGonagall, she'd break a hip," Hermione stated earnestly, but snorted in laughter along with Ron at the thought of the elder witch and the Boy Who Lived.

"Well we'd know if Malfoy hadn't walked in on us. 'I'm sorry professor, it's just that I didn't remember if the essay was supposed to be five rolls of parchment or six. I did twelve just to be safe, and I suck my thumb and finger myself to pictures of Professor Snape," Harry mocked in a high-pitched voice. "I don't even think a good dick up his ass would loosen him up."

"Harry!" Ron shouted indignantly and punched him playfully on the shoulder. "Keep that up and you won't be getting any good dicks in your ass."

"Oh shush you know I'm joking. Like the prude prince of Slytherin could handle me anyways. His ass is probably so tight-"

"Ugh will both of you please shut up!? Let's just get out of this closet, it reeks of sex and if we don't leave soon I might make you do me again," the Head girl pouted, a devilish glint in her eyes.

"Well we can't have that," Ron said ginning at her. "Better get a move on." Hermione pinched both boys' butts, then peeked her head out the closet door to check that the coast was clear. Seeing the empty hallway, she emerged, flattening her robes as she confidently walked down the deserted corridor beside her two best friends. They were seventh years now, and the most sought after and popular students in the school. Harry and Ron were the heroes of quidditch, tall, handsome, and chiseled. Harry was especially popular since his defeat of the Dark Lord in their fifth year at school.

Then there was Hermione. Her long slender legs and flawless skin made her the envy of every girl in school. Still, she didn't know how she had gotten so lucky as to have these two striking men by her side. They fulfilled her in almost every way, and she loved them more than anything in the entire world. Besides the fact that they gave her the most mind-blowing orgasms during their many ventures around the school, they were also there for advice and for help with her homework. It was most likely thanks to them that she had become Head Girl. It wasn't that she was stupid or anything, far from it, she just had more important things to worry about than studying. She always liked to look her best, and that took a lot of work and a lot of her time.

"Lucky you found that closet, imagine if we went all year and never noticed it. I would be so pissed if a simple thing like that could have ruined our whole mission," said Ron, breaking Hermione out of her thoughts.

"Speaking of our mission, I think we should make a list or something, of the places we still have to get to. That way we can make sure nowhere else gets overlooked."

"Good idea Hermione. How about you scope out the dungeons and the ground floor, I'll take the first through fourth floors, and Ron, you can list the rest. We'll all work on it tonight and go over it this weekend, agreed?"


Later that night, Hermione sat at her desk in the common room she shared with the Head Boy, Draco Malfoy. She hardly ever saw him through their past six years at school together, and even when they did encounter each other, words were never exchanged. He was very quiet and mostly kept to himself and to his studies. She didn't even know who his friends were, or anything about him really.

But back to her list… They had done it in the kitchens, the Great Hall (on every house table to be exact). Harry and Ron had conquered the Potions classroom in their sixth year. They had set off dung bombs in the Hufflepuff common room and made awkward but satisfying love with use of the Bubble-Head charm. And most recently, they did it in broom cupboard off the entrance hall. That meant they still needed the entrance hall itself, the Slytherin common room, Snape's office, and the staff room. They definitely had their work cut out for them.

She added a few more things to her list, and made a couple slight adjustments before she was satisfied. She read over the page and was just considering how they could possibly get into the Slytherin common room, when Malfoy dropped his bag across from her on the table, and took a seat. He immediately opened a large old book and flipped to the back and began to read. Hermione didn't understand how he could read so much. His head was always in a book; surely he should have run out of books to read by their seventh year! She couldn't even make out a title on the worn cover, but was sure that whatever the book was about, it was incredible dull.

"So Malfoy, what's that you've got there?" she asked, just trying to be friendly.

"A book," he replied offhandedly.

"No bloody fucking way. Of course it's a book! I meant, what is it about?" she shot back, trying to regain her composure.

"Well if you must know, it's about the campaign for Goblin rights to a fair trial of the eighteenth century."

"Sounds really umm.. fascinating." He didn't respond, just sighed and returned his attention to the book. His attitude was really starting to frustrate Hermione, but something strange was happening to her at the same time. She was intrigued, and the corners of her lips twisted into a devious little smirk as she watched him. She stretched her arms up over her head and yawned, pushing her breasts purposefully towards him. His eyes stayed glued to his book, and he didn't even acknowledge her now that she wasn't talking to him.

"Don't you do anything besides read?" she asked, leaning forward on the desk so he would have a clear view of her generous cleavage. She saw him glance in the direction of her breasts, which pleased her, but once again he returned to his book. How the hell could he resist the twins!? Hermione was not used to getting ignored, especially by the opposite sex. She was going to have to step up her game if she was going to get anywhere with him, even though she still didn't understand why she was wasting her time with a loser like Draco Malfoy in the first place.

"So who's your boyfriend these days?" she asked coyly. After all, if he wasn't drooling over her right now, the most logical explanation was that he must swing the other way.

"Wouldn't you like to know."

"Yes, actually I would."

"Why does it bother you so much that I'm not fawning over you like the rest of the pathetic male population of Hogwarts?"

"I am NOT bothered, I am just trying to get to the bottom of your anti-socialness!" she yelled, quite suddenly offended.

"That isn't a word. And the reason is that you have very low self-esteem, and screwing your little entourage all over the castle even though you know neither of them would have you in a real relationship does nothing but veil your problems momentarily, making you think your life is so swell, while really you are just a pathetic little lap-dog, addicted to men and sex."

"That is SO not true! Harry and Ron are my friends, something you know nothing about!"

"If it's not true, then show me that paper you're working on."

"My homework is none of your business."

"It's the first day of term, we don't have any homework yet," he stated smartly. Hermione couldn't believe what an asshole he was! He should be honored that she was taking the time to talk to him, and instead he was insulting her. It was infuriating, but she was not going to let him have the last word.

"Well don't you just know everything. Tell me Malfoy, is professor Snape's cock as greasy as his hair?"

"I'm sure you know all about it. At least I don't have to make a list to remind myself how many pointless sexcapades I've had." He had now put down his book, putting his full attention into the argument that was quickly heating up.

"Sexcapades isn't a word, but that's besides the point. At least I have a list."

"Now that is something to be proud of," he said sarcastically.

"Thank you." There was silence as the two Heads glared at each other, then their faces seemed to soften as they let the words sink in.

"Can we be civil for a minute?" Hermione asked as a peaceful gesture.


"Are you a virgin?"

"Well I don't really think that's any of your-"

"Just answer the question. It doesn't leave this room."

"Only if you answer my question first."

"Fine, shoot."

"Are you happy?" he asked her seriously. Was she really happy? She didn't know exactly. She loved Harry and Ron, but knew deep down that there was a void in their relationship that only a real loving one, in which there was only one man and one woman, could fill. Malfoy was not going to know that though…

"What? What kind of question is that!? Of course I'm happy. I have great friends, a supporting family… I'm Head Girl for Merlin's sake! Why wouldn't I be happy!?" she shouted quite exasperatedly. How dare he ask her something so personal and ridiculous!

"I am a virgin, and I am not happy. There, an honest answer, something you know nothing about," he sneered at her.

Hermione was completely at a loss. She was staring at him open mouthed, her retort getting lost somewhere around his admittance of his virginity. She didn't think she knew of any other seventh year virgin males. They were even more rare than a fifth year virgin female. Once again Hermione had an inkling of intrigue, and she didn't know where it was coming from.

They sat in silence for a few minutes. Hermione was struggling with her feelings. She was unfamiliar with what she wanted at the moment. She didn't even know who Draco Malfoy was! The only thing she really knew about him now was that he was a virgin and he liked to real old boring books.

"So.." she started, trying to break the awkward silence. "Have you ever at least kissed a girl?" she asked bravely, sincerely interested.

"I really can't believe we are having this conversation," he said shaking his head.

"C'mon, pleeeaaasseee tell me," she batted her eyelashes at him. "We are going to be living with each other all year, don't you think it would be best to get to know one another?" He wanted to fight, he really did, but he was starting to fall for her charm and her over exaggerated pouty lips.

"Yes I have kissed a girl, just nothing more than that. Happy?"

"Oh very," she smirked evilly, before throwing her body across the table and planting her lips firmly on his. He was completely thrown off guard, but soon fell captive to her powerful kiss. He felt her tongue snaking out to gain entry into his mouth, and he parted his lips and lost himself in her sweet kisses. She tasted so good, but in the back of his mind he felt like she was tricking him. She was the most popular girl in school and could have any man she wanted, why was she doing this?

Minutes passed as their tongues explored the crevices of their wanting mouths. Hermione had no idea what had come over her, all she knew was that devouring every inch of his body seemed like the most brilliant idea in the world. Her hands inched their way into his shaggy blonde hair, and he became more confident in his movements, searching deeper into her mouth with a little more force.

They emerged for air, panting heavily, and staring at each other with wide eyes, not able to comprehend what they had done. It was so crazy, Miss Popular with the school outcast and bookworm. She wanted it so bad though. She wanted to venture on into the unexplored territory of his virgin manhood, and Hermione Granger always got what she wanted.

"Wow…" he whispered softly, his chest rising and falling rapidly. Hermione walked around the table, took his shaking hand, and silently led him to her bedroom. She pushed him against the edge of her bed, and picked up where they had left off. Their tongues intertwined once again, and he wrapped his arms around her slim waist, making her hip put pressure on his growing erection. He groaned into her mouth, and her lips curved into a smile as they fell back on the bed.

Suddenly, Hermione peeled herself away from him and got off the bed. He lifted his head and gave her a puzzled look, as a cold feeling washed over him at the loss of her body heat.

"Do you want to do this with me? I mean I know it seems crazy and all, but I want this right now. If you don't want to though, I'll stop," the tall brunette said in forced seriousness, hoping with all her heart that he wanted to continue. He quickly nodded up at her, and she breathed a sigh of relief. She was about to crawl back on top of him, when a devilish little thought crossed her mind.

"I'm not going to get back on that bed until you are completely starkers," she said with a smirk. His face fell for a minute, but he shook himself out of it and scrambled to get his clothes off. She was pleased to see that quidditch had served him well, and his chiseled muscles could easily rival Harry and Ron's. Finally he was down to his boxers. His hand was on the elastic waistband when he froze, and looked up at her questioningly.

"How do I know that you aren't going to get me naked then zap me with your wand and bring up your little friends to laugh at me?"

"Oh trust me, you have nothing to be laughed at," she said in a low whisper, transfixed by his toned body. "Still.. if you want some proof…" she trailed off, pondering her next move.

Next thing he knew, she had crawled over him, pushing him back on the bed with force as she trailed rough kisses down his neck. Her tongue reached out to flick his hard, dime-sized nipple. He took in a sharp breath, completely lost in the new sensations. She continued to venture downwards, nipping and sucking his soft flesh, as he gasped in pleasure underneath her.

Finally, she had reached her goal. Her fingers slipped underneath the elastic band, carefully pulled it up and over his erection, and down his legs. She took in the glistening head and the silky smooth shaft. He was absolutely beautiful, and huge! It was a shame that something so perfect had never gotten to exercise its purpose in life. Her hand reached out to cup his balls, and gently rolled them in her palm. Her tongue snuck out to circle the head, devouring the precum hungrily.

She heard him moan again, and it fueled her actions, unleashing the hormone crazed sex addict within. Her tongue trailed up and down, while her hands massaged every inch of him that she could touch. When she had his penis fully lubricated with saliva, she steadily held it with on hand, and lowered her head until he was completely taken in. Her mouth was stretched to the limit, but stopping never even crossed her mind. The head of his cock was far in the back of her throat, and she moved his throbbing member up and down at an increasing pace, feeding off the positive reaction she was getting.

The feeling was amazing, like nothing he could have ever imagined. Her mouth was so hot and wet, and he tried hard to hold back so their encounter would last, but her skill was too much for him to handle. He could feel the pressure building up within him, and didn't know if he should warn her that he couldn't hold out any longer. He didn't want to disgust her and send her running for the hills when their fun had only just begun.

"Hermione I'm- I'm going to- to cum," he grunted in between his ragged breaths. She smiled around him and increased her pace, until his warm seed was shooting down the back of her throat in strong spurts and he was moaning his release. He was overwhelmed with pleasure as she sucked him hard to the very end, only releasing him when his penis became flaccid in her mouth.

He let the aftershocks of his orgasm die out before he opened his eyes. She was hovering over him, an evil smirk playing her soft features, and it pleased him immensely. She wasn't through with him just yet.

Her lips were on his again in a bruising kiss. He could taste himself on her, and was strangely turned on by it. His cock was already growing hard again, but she was still fully clothed, and he wanted more. He reached a hand up to unbutton her blouse, and tugged it off with haste. He pulled her half naked form closer to him, and she happily obliged, smothering her breasts over his face. He kissed and sucked each one frantically, not being able to get enough of the soft and supple mounds.

All too soon, she was raising herself off of him, and he groaned at the loss. He was not to be disappointed for long though. She playfully lifted her skirt and smirked, giving him a glimpse of her bare folds before covering back up. His eyes were wide with shock at the fact that the Head Girl went commando.

"You ready?" she whispered erotically in his ear, her hot breath sending shivers down his spine.

"Obviously," he breathed out, jerking his head in the direction of his stock straight erection that was oozing precum once again. She grasped it firmly in her hand, and lowered herself over him, gliding it along the length of her nether lips, and mixing their juices together. She was so wet, having been extremely turned on by her control over him, that he slid in easily up to the hilt.

"Oh Merlin… Hermione…" he moaned, sweat starting to bead on his forehead. She rocked her hips back and forth, and he reciprocated the gesture, grinding hard against her. She lifted herself off of him slowly, feeling his rock hard cock stimulate a warmth deep within her core. They moaned together as she slammed herself back down on him, over and over again. He met every thrust like a natural, and soon they were lost in the sensations. Heavy breathing and moans drowned out any sound of the four-poster bed hitting the wall.

In one smooth gesture, he had her pinned underneath him, never breaking the contact of their intimate places. She wrapped her long legs around his waist, and felt him go deeper inside of her than any man had ever gone before. Her orgasm was fast approaching, and her legs quaked around him, barely hanging on.

"Malfoy… yes.. oh yes… right there…."

They moved together as one, and Hermione's orgasm hit her like a bolt of lightning, sending shock waves of pleasure through to the very tips of her toes. Her tightening muscles triggered Malfoy's second orgasm, and he spilled his seed while she contracted around him. It was the most amazing feeling in the world.

"Wow," he breathed out, not daring to remove himself from her depths. She looked up at him with a half-smile gracing her swollen lips. She was so beautiful, it was no wonder she had the entire male student body completely mesmerized. Her cheeks were flushed and her almond shaped eyes shown with a light he'd never seen in any other girl. He bent down and lightly kissed the tip of her nose, letting his eyes flutter closed. They stayed like that for a few moments, as their heart rates return to a more normal pace. He reluctantly pulled out of her, as his shaking and tired arms were threatening to collapse.

Lying down beside her, he felt an overwhelming sense of contentment that was mirrored in her sparkling eyes. She brushed his hair away from his sweaty forehead, never breaking eye contact while his lids slowly started to fall. He wanted to stay awake and not miss any of this intimate time with her, but he soon lost the fight for consciousness, and slipped in to a blissfully dreamless sleep.

Some time later, Hermione woke up snuck out of her bed, careful not to budge the pale form of the sleeping Head Boy. She pulled on her bathrobe and headed down the spiral stairs towards her common room. There she found the list she had made earlier, laying on the table right where she left it before her conquest had begun. She dipped her quill in a small bottle of ink and read goal number seven.

'Deflower Draco Malfoy.'

"Check!" she sighed happily, making a little mark. She then looked over her number eight goal, and a huge grin split across her face.

It was going to be a good year.



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