Part 1

Chapter 1

Teacher Me Not

The Secret and The Half Team

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Two Nights Prior.

"Harder. Faster." A man spoke, his voice sturdy and husky, leaning a hand on a tree.

To his left a flicker of movement mashed against the cold trunk of that same tree. That flicker grunted as her fist met the trunk again. A loud 'snap' echoed through the soundless night as the mass of wood and leaves began to fall towards the damp ground.

With a sigh the elder of the two stopped the falling tree with an arm, and gently led the tree to the forests floor without a sound. "If you keep on knocking over trees like that your going to attract the others." Gently his voice comforted his apprentice, he himself stepping forward to the ninja. Tenderly he took her chin between his fingers. "If that happened I would have to make the training even further from the border of your village."

The smaller figure rolled her emerald eyes dramatically. Stepping away from the mans fingers she placed a hand on her hip, "You said harder and faster, so I hit the tree harder and faster Sensei." The girl said snarkily, her hands drifting from her own waist. "Besides no one can hear us for miles."

"And your village is only miles away."

It didn't take long for the moon to fall that night.

The Day Before.

The girl was walking home from the job she kept at an old diner. It was the way she survived, the way she thrived. She worked day and worked at night. She was a small fragile girl with a clumsy attitude and bright hair at day and a sly skilled fighter hidden under shadows at night. She was an enigma.

Skipping down the gravel road she pulled loosely at her skirt, inconspicuously tugging at her skirt. Looking high in the sky the sun moved from center sky to the west.

"Oops. Lollygagging again. Tisk tisk. I'll have to head to training as I am." She spoke to herself, her voice soft.

She waved to the guards by the Konoha gate.

"Herbs again?" The chuunins asked her.

Smiling innocently, "Yes. I'll be back before sunrise."

They watched her walking out of the village until she was no longer seen, and that was when she herself spotted three ninja's in the road. Being attacked.

Looking back and forth the girls fingers twitched.

"I need to get to sensei…" She whispered to herself.

Suddenly a metal hand constricted around her neck.

"Well… well… well…Aren't you suck a pretty girl. Defenseless, innocent, and pretty. The was I like them." His 'nice' demeanor faded. "Hand over the man or this girl gets raped and murdered."

The hand tightened around her throat, digging claws into her flesh. His partner flashed, running toward the old man, the civilians eyes open with fear. A flash of two older people rang in the girls head, with the same fear filled eyes. Digging out a hidden senbon she threw it at the mans head, implanting it between his eyes.

Moving quickly she grabbed the mans fist, pried his grip from her and flipped him onto his back, shoving another senbon into his heart.

She looked up, into the eyes of the three ninja, and the old man.

No. She couldn't be discovered. She cant. So she ran.

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