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ABCs of Snagrid

Attraction- It was painfully obvious that there was an unmistakable tension in between Snape and Hagrid ever since they met. They tried to deny it inside, but it was always staring them down in the face.

Beards- One of the things that Snape loved most about Hagrid was his scraggly beard. He loved how it felt when it rubbed up against him. Everywhere.

Cats- Snape's favorite animal is a cat because he was such a softie inside. It's also what Hagrid gave him for his birthday.

Dominance- Although everyone might see Snape and Hagrid and think that Snape would be the dominant one, Hagrid was DEFINITELY the alpha in this relationship.

Everyone- The amount of people who walked in the great room while Hagrid and Snape were in a position that probably shouldn't be seen by years 1-5.

Flabbergasted- What Snape was when Hagrid pushed him into a wall right before their first kiss in his deserted Potions classroom.

Great- He also thought it was great, and the kiss lasted for a good long while.

Hut- Where Hagrid officially lived, but spent most of his time with Snape at his residence.

Ice cream- The one thing that Snape and Hagrid both agree is too cold; especially when applied directly onto skin.

Jokes- What Hagrid tells when his Snappie-poo is not a good mood.

Karma-Snape never believed in karma until the day when he heard Hagrid say, "I wonder what Sev'rus would think about Norbert coming to stay," after he'd insulted Harry Potter.

Love notes-Who would have thought that Hagrid would be poetic? Now Snape knows.

Moments-Snape always got really anxious at the end of the day from the sudden Hagrid withdrawal, but the moments where he first saw the giant were like a breath of cool air on a hot summer day.

Nasty-Hagrid never could understand why anyone would think that his beautiful, wonderful Snape was nasty.

Ownership-Voldemort and Dumbledore might have his will, but Hagrid will always own his heart.

Paranoid-Snape couldn't help but be paranoid, after serving Voldemort for years, being a known Death-eater, after killing the man who was loved by millions, but it was still nice to be able to leave the paranoia at the door because he knows Hagrid will protect him.

Question-"Sev'vus, will you marry me?"

Response- "Of course I will, you over-grown oaf."

Sane-At moments, Snape wonders if he is sane but when he sees Hagrid and
his big, open smile he decides it doesn't really matter.

Thanksgiving- Severus had never had anything to give thanks for until the day when he woke up to a great pounding on his door that started everything.

Unwilling-"Hagrid, I do not want to go build snowmen!" "What're ya talkin' about Sev? O' course ya do!"

Vulnerable-After Snape was attacked by Fluffy, Hagrid cared for his leg. In more ways than one.

Whiskey-What Hagrid doesn't drink anymore because it gives him bad breath and his Sev doesn't like to drag him home.

Yearning-The feeling in Snape's chest was an unfamiliar one, and it happened every time he saw Hagrid.

Zodiac-Since Snape was Aries and Hagrid was Sagittarius, they were a literally a match made in Heaven. And it was going to stay that way for a long time.

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