Thanks to Compy for betaing. MattxLinda, which I don't think Ive seen yet. Enjoy!

It only hurts when your eyes are open,
Lies get tossed and truth is spoken
It only hurts when that door gets opened
Dreams are lost and hearts are broken

Cigarette smoke curled lazily in the air, reaching for the ceiling a few feet above the bed.

For awhile, the two occupants of the bed laid in silence before Matt lifted his goggles from the bedsite stand and snapped them on.

"This won't be anything more than a string of one night stands, Linda."

"I know Matt."

"I don't love you and you don't love me."

"I know Matt."

"I don't know how to love you."

"I know Matt."


Silence reigned for a few more moments, broken by her breathing and his slow exhalation of cigarette smoke before he put it out.

"Ironic, isn't it? For all our genius, we of Wammy's House will never understand social interaction."

A soft snort and the sound of shifting among linen. "Wammy's, home of the socially defunct." His voice was bitter, but amused.

"Do you miss Mello now that he's gone?"

"Maybe. I don't know."

"You were friends."

"What are friends, Linda? We shared a room. We shared memories, experiences, grew closer than we should have. But we weren't friends. Wammy children do not have friends. They have rivals, competition, allies, but not friends."

"You let him go without a word, didn't you?"

"And if I had said something? Mello wouldn't stay for someone who isn't his friend."

"If he came to you for help as a friend, would you do it?"

"We weren't friends Linda."

"He went after Kira. What if he's killed?"

"Then I'll miss someone I grew up with. It won't matter anyway."

More shifting against the linen.

"If he asked you to help him catch Kira to avenge L?"

"I doubt it'll come to that."

"Are Wammy children broken Matt?"

A dark laugh. "We're all broken, Linda. Broken reflections of a letter that we'll never be in the end. Reflections are never as good as the original."

"Then why do we keep trying?"

"Because the merry-go-round is ugly when it stops."

The bed began to creak again in a slow rythym.



"I think you and Mello weren't as broken as the rest of us."