A Clean Heartbreak

A Clean Heartbreak

Alright, alright I finally confess,

I cannot live without your sweet caress.

I only wish you could see what I'm willing to give,

Just to be near you, so I can live.

The tears I've cried,

My heart that you've shattered…

Does none of this even matter?

I'm trying to break free,

But you won't let me out of this misery.

I loved you with all of my heart,

So why do you insist on tearing it apart?

I need you and that scares me,

But I think I could be okay if you let me be.

That's what you get when you let your heart win.

I guess it wasn't enough to say I'm sorry

But I know that's not your worry.

I'm done pleading, and as

For you, I am done needing.

Now I can spread my wings once more,

And do nothing but reach for the sky and soar.

It doesn't matter that my wings are torn,

A little black, a little worn.

I can feel the sky and touch the stars,

And I am too high to see the cars.

Goodbye my beautiful disaster,

I'll always love you, but I'll be able to

Fly even faster.