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Warnings: Rated for language, violence and character death. Sam & Dean got roughed up a bit, but they'll recover. The same, however, cannot be said for the Cullens.

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Setting: Spring of Season 1, Supernatural. Follows Supernatural canon through Episode 1.20, Dead Man's Blood, but then goes AU.

A/N: This story is complete; chapters will be posted periodically.


There are a couple of strangers in Forks.

Charlie doesn't like strangers, because keeping an eye on them cuts into his fishing time. Isabella Swan is putting her spoon into her cereal bowl and scooping up milky blobs of Count Chocula and putting them into her mouth and chewing them and swallowing and scooping up another spoonful when Charlie tells her he's going in to work early to mobilize his deputies.

"Have to keep an eye on strangers," he explains as he puts his coffee mug in the fridge and the butter in the sink. "They might not know about things like proper turn signals and feeding the parking meters."

Bella nods because it's just easier if Charlie thinks she's listening to him and she eats her cereal and drinks her juice while she thinks about Edward's warm topaz eyes. She gets kind of lost in all the dreamy dripping amber thoughts and when she snaps out of her swoon, Charlie has gone and the rest of her cereal is soggy. She closes her mouth and wipes her chin and gets up to put her bowl in the sink and move the butter.

It's cloudy and looks like rain and Bella only poked herself in the eye with her spoon once. It's going to be a good day.