A/N: The title is that of a song by Snow Patrol. And here I said I'd never title a fic after a song. Ah, hypocrisy. x3 It (along with too much GD Mechano) inspired this fanfic, so some of the lyrics found their way into my writing. This is just a war!ficlet I needed to get out of my system, but I kind of like it.

Somewhere a war was waging.

Somehow the details had blurred, as though a cloud of smoke had settled to temporarily obscure his view.

He was not a soldier. He was afraid. He was dead afraid.

He could only escape for so long.

His fingers trembled. As did his lips. His entire body. Even in the heat of war – the battles, the gunsmoke, the hate and the bloodshet – he was freezing. It was as though the dead were coming back, combing his body with their cold hands, determined to have him join their ranks.

But the hands touching him were warm. Beyond warm. Searing hot. The fingers tracing his frozen lips left a fire in their path.

He was still freezing. But he was touching something alive. Holding onto the only thing he could be sure of. The only thing that secured him to this world with an iron grip and the touch of gentle fingertips.

For that reason, he was alive.

The only way to be sure he was still there – still warm and mobile and feeling – was to touch something alive.

And there was nothing, absolutely nothing in the world as alive as those citrine eyes.

The eyes of a murderer.

The eyes of his best friend.

His forbidden desire.

Eyes that had watched over him his entire young life.

Eyes stained by war and bloodshed that did not suit him…

And the single most beautiful things that had ever existed.


Roy Mustang had the eyes of a soldier. A murderer. A frozen flame.

Until the end of the day, when they would open, and lock with his.

Somehow, they supported each other. The heat of one another's skin, the inimate positioning of their bodies, the hushed whispers – assurances of love and compassion where love and compassion should not exist.

But in the middle of hell, the clouds broke for the two of them.

And for a few fleeting moments, heaven opened up for the two sinners.

Somewhere a clock was ticking.

But in the gentle escape of one another's warmth, it was hidden far away.

Well, THAT was weird. Me actually writing something less than three pages. And the formatting. Guess this was just something I needed to get out of my system. :shrugs: Reviews appreciated. :3 Flames welcome. It's not like I put enough effort into it to care. x3