A Silver Thread

Part Two


"Ahh…so it is working."

"What is?"

"The plan."

"And that'd be?"

"Helping Uchiha-san get the girl."

"Saku-chan is falling for him?"

"Hunny, not yet. She is feeling jealous, though."

"That's true. Sakura-chan was being tense and she didn't blush as much when Kaoru and I hosted near her."

"Well, she still blushed, so that means we still have a little ways to go before we can declare her fallen."

"Mommy, do you have any information that can help?"

"Well, she used to fangirl over him…"

"Saku-chan did that? She was one of those scary girls?"


"Not any more, though. She stopped after about a year. She's also an heir, like Uchiha-san. Apparently, they, along with Naruto Uzamaki-san, are childhood friends."

"Uzamaki-san? He's in one of my classes."

"Sakura also seems to be more jealous now, as the twins noted, and is a little tense."

"Mommy, you are helping Daddy so much. Now, our child should do some work too."


"But Haarruuhheee…"


"It's ok. She already used to be in love with him, so there is a good chance she still is. Besides, we can have them together by the Christmas dance."


"Simple. Her jealousy grows and we have her dance with him a little too. We also have him grow jealous and this causes a confession. Just like when Haruhi first joined."

"That'd work."

"It will. And when it does, we'll just have more reason to force him to work here."


"He will owe us a lot then. And as he is happy, he won't want to refuse as much."

"Good idea."

"You guys are so greedy."


The Christmas Ball's decorations were all prepared and the ballroom was at its finest. There were bright lights, mistletoe, and cute ribbons hanging off the walls and ceilings. The window curtains were a dark shade of red, with a frilly pink lighter curtain behind them and hung at an angle. On the tables there was a creamy tablecloth and silver platters stacked with the most expensive food, pleasuring the taste buds with every bite. A delicious smell wafted through the air and all of the girls attending the ball agreed that this was the best moment of the year.

All of the host club members were dressed in tuxedos, looking stately and handsome as they stood off to the side. The paying guests wore their best dresses; strapless gowns, frilly skirts, dresses that plunged down their back and had slits on their sides. They had green, red, yellow, pink, and every colour, shade, and mix possible for their clothes, along with accessories that made the girls even more princess-like.

Sakura looked down at her dress. It wasn't that expensive or elegant, for she didn't expect this to be that big an event.

She was only wearing a light green dress that ended at her knees and the back only went half-way down her back. Her heels were classy, as was her hair, but compared to the other girls, she felt underdressed.

Even more so when she saw Sasuke in his navy blue tux and the other host club members in their impressive suits.

Soon, the ball started and all of the host club members were dancing with their girls, waltzing around the room with an air of mystique.

Sakura remained standing in a corner, all alone.

Maybe she shouldn't have come.


At the corner of his eye, Sasuke saw Sakura.

His breath was taken away.

She was standing by herself in a corner, looking a little lonely and sad. With her dress accenting her eyes, making them a deeper green and her hair a slightly darker shade of pink, the loneliness made her look tragically beautiful.

It took all of his willpower to keep dancing with the girl in his arms.

He tried to get rid of his dance partner but every time one girl left, another took her place. The other host club members ignored him and his attempts to escape. This annoyed him slightly because they had yet to show how they were helping him win Sakura.

So far, it seemed more like he was leaving Sakura alone.

Something he promised himself never to do. Especially ever since she found out about her mother's numerous lovers and her father ignored her in favour of her brother.

And mostly because he used to ignore her when they were younger.

She was a fangirl back then, but she did end up showing that she was more than that. She became a friend, someone he could count on, someone who remained by his side, someone who—someone he now loved.

He feared he was a little late. She stopped giving him declarations of love and showing it openly for many years now. She no longer blushed around him or gave gifts to him only.

She no longer seemed to love him.

And now, she was leaving the party. A party where she could possibly fall in love with him again.

If he didn't win her back, she might end up loving someone else. Someone who just might end up keeping her.

He wouldn't let her leave him. Not now. Not ever.


Sakura wandered away from the ball, heading towards the front doors. She could wait for him out here.

Somewhere she wouldn't have to watch him dance with those girls. Somewhere she wouldn't have to look out of place.

Somewhere she and her jumbledswirlingconfusing thoughts could be alone.

Sasuke could dance with whoever he wanted.

Sasuke could flirt, touch, kiss, love whoever he wanted. Even if it isn't her, right?

She had no ownership over him, no claim. She had nothing that would make him come to her.

He made that especially clear when they first met.

They are just friends now. Her love must've died, like Naruto's for her did, and faded away.

She felt a salty tear roll down her cheeks and knew that it wasn't true.

Her love was still there. It was just hiding, waiting until it was safe to acknowledge.

And now, it was letting itself be known.

She felt like runningrunningrunning, but there was nowhere to go and nowhere to hide.

Standing up, she turned around. Maybe she should tell him how she felt.

He might reject her for that, though. And their friendship could crumble.

Or he might politely refuse, be sympathetic and pity her. That would hurt more.

She hesitated slightly, before walking back into the school.

She would take that risk.


Finally, Sasuke managed to get rid of all of the girls. He claimed he needed a small break and quickly excused himself from the room.

Now, he searched for Sakura. He looked into the rooms as he passed them, heading towards the front doors. She was probably there as he was giving her a ride home.

Halfway to those doors, he saw her. There was a slight smudge on her eyeliner and tearstains on her cheeks—she had been crying before she saw him.

Something like guilt stirred in him. She was crying, probably because of him.

Once again, he caused her to get hurt. Emotionally but it was still a hurt.

"Sakura," he wondered what he could say to her, to make those brilliant eyes of hers not dim again.

"Sasuke," she seemed to be preparing herself to say something. Something important, as her eyes started to shine brightly at him.


Fireworks exploded outside and he couldn't hear anything she was trying to say. She looked disappointed as she watched the fireworks explode, her eyes downcast and her teeth gnawing her lips.

The moonlight filtered through the window onto her features and Sasuke wanted nothing more than to kiss her right then.

He nearly did but she started to speak again.

"I…Promise me…" she stumbled over her words, not sure of what to say.

"Sakura, will you dance the last dance with me?" Sasuke interrupted, holding out a hand to her.

She looked at him with surprise, before hesitantly taking his hand. As he led her back to the room, he knew enough to make his move.

As they slowly swayed with the music, he leaned down to her ear and whispered, "Sakura, I lo—" he still couldn't say the words. Not yet. "You are very special to me."

She looked up at him with her innocent, naïve eyes, questioning his words. He shook his head and leaned down again, "Very special. Stay with me. Forever is a very long time, but I'm sure it isn't long enough for us."

She gasped softly, realizing that this is as close as a confession as she'd ever get, and tried to speak.

"Sasuke, I—"

He silenced her with a soft kiss. It was gentle and firm, but instantly he felt hot and cold and wanted more. He wanted to pull her into him, so that no one but he could see her, so that she would only be with him. He wanted to kiss her harder, deeper, so that the fireworks that bloomed could explode even louder and swallow her essence and make sure that it stayed with him.

He stopped the kiss. It was moving too fast and he knew it.


He looked away, feeling embarrassed and oh god, what if he misinterpreted her actions?

"Sasuke, you kissed me…"

"…" It felt stifling hot and he wondered how he could get out of there.

"Thank you."


"I love you, Sasuke. Always did. Maybe more than you realize, but at least you feel something similar to me now. For that, I'm glad."

He looked down, a little surprised and very relieved. They continued to dance a little longer, silent and comfortable. One of his arms was wrapped around her waist, the other near her shoulders. Her arms lightly hung around his neck and her head rested on his chest.

"Oh," he thought, "they helped me after all."

He didn't think much more beyond that, other than the feeling of Sakura in his arms and the prospect of never having to let go.

It felt too good to be true, but then she smiled up at him and he knew he didn't have to worry that this was a dream.

It was reality.


"See? The plan worked."

"Daddy knew that it would work all along. Only our child doubted it."

"You actually did help him. I'm proud. You all actually did something helpful, without expecting anything in re—"

"Hmm…how long before we can get him to work for us again?"

"I think we should ask him in two days. He's still in the afterglow then and will still be willing to help."

"That's good. Hopefully we can keep him for a year."

"Yes. We can also use Sakura, as she seems attached to us."

"Saku-chan can visit more!"

"Yes. So, you will convince her, Hunny."

"You all are such…"

"Oh, Haruhi, it's Christmas. You shouldn't think badly of others. You should be nice to them."


"Aww, stop pouting Haruhi. That's not very lady-like and—WHERE ARE YOU GOING?"

"It's Christmas. I'm going home now."



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