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The Doctor ran into the console room from outside, panting and sweaty.

"Took you long enough," said Mickey sarcastically. "I didn't know it took that long to save a planet."

The Doctor gave him a dirty look. "Have you ever thought how lucky you are that you have me, saving the earth?"

"Not necessarily."

"Just remember that, next time you're stuck on some planet and need my help."

"Yeah, I bet we're better off without you."

The Doctor crossed his arms.

"Rose, what would you do if I was gone and dead. Permanently."

She smiled.

"Um, I'd find your will!"

Mickey grinned at her.

"Do you even have a will, Doctor?"

The Doctor sniffed and looked away. "Um, yeah, absolutely!"

"You don't, do you!" Rose laughed.

"Quite possibly not. Why should I need a will?"

They looked at him, laughing even harder.

The Doctor pulled a notebook and pen out of his pocket and mimed writing.

"Okay, fine, how's this: I leave Rose my TARDIS and everything in my possession."

"Hey! What about me?" Mickey whined.

Without missing a beat, the Doctor looked up with a serious look on his face.

"And Mickey gets my left sock."

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