Set during New Moon

Set during New Moon.

I don't think Bella should have been that vulnerable with Edward, way too desperate for my taste (no offense to Stephanie Meyer my new Goddess). This is how I would have handled things. ;)

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"I have to…I'm sorry."


He morphed back to a werewolf and ran away.

"Let's go Alice."

Chapter 7

Collide by Howie day

We all got into the same jeep that they used to take me to their baseball game and were off, Jasper in the driver's seat, Alice in the shotgun and me in the back.

The tension in the car was unbearable. The silence made me even more anxious.

Edward cannot die. He will not die. He can't die when I'm still mad at him. It's not fair. He can't die.

I was chanting in my head with my eyes closed when I realized Alice had moved to the back seat, rubbing small circles in my back.

"Thanks Alice."

"No problem, plus your emotions are making Jasper go crazy."

I blushed.

"Sorry Jasper…Just worried is all…"

"Yeah, I can tell but don't worry Bella; we will make it in time."


I felt a wave of calm hit me.

"Thank you Jasper."

"No problem."

I inhaled and exhaled, forgetting to breathe from the time we've been in the car, but that doesn't matter because I don't really need to breathe but it feels good anyway.

"So Bella, what have you been up to?"

"Nothing much…Actually I didn't have to do anything…I had some friends-"

"Your werewolf friend Jacob." Alice interrupted.

"Yes and his pack."

"You were with more than ONE WEREWOLF!?"

"Yeah, a whole tribe, they-"

"So what you're saying is that, you've been spending time with uncontrollable dogs?!"

"They're not uncontrollable. They're my friends, well Jacob was but the tribe just helped with the Charlie stuff, they couldn't get past the fact that I was a vampire so I didn't see them much."

"First vampires and now werewolves… Really, Bella, when Edward said you were a danger magnet, he wasn't kidding." Jasper said.

They both laughed but I just stared back out the window.

"Bella, are you okay?" Alice asked worriedly.

"Yeah, I suddenly feel depressed and even more worried."

"Oh, sorry I'll try and block it."

"Bella, we'll get there in time."

"Are we? I mean what if we don't make it in time and he… dies?"

"We will get there in time… we have too."

"Can you not see anything in your visions?"

"No, he's still deciding…It's all blurry."

"I'm sorry guys…"

"What do you mean Bella?"

"Yeah what could you possibly be sorry for?"

"All of this…It's all my fault…I mean if I didn't cut you guys out of my life and just stopped being stubborn and forgiven him, you guys could have been spared all of this...heartache."

I was staring out the window when I felt Alice reach out and hold my hands. I turned my head and looked at her eyes. They were full of sadness.

"Bella, before the first time we saw you, at your house, we haven't even seen Edward. He would just lock himself up in his room or hunt. He would refuse to see anyone. This is not your fault. He left you. He made us leave you. This is not your fault. He chose to be stupid. So please don't blame yourself. It'll make Edward hate himself even more."

"Yeah, I guess you're right…"

We reached the airport and got on the plane without a problem, I let Jasper and Alice unwillingly pay for my air fair and were in Italy in no time.

(A/N: I took most of this part from New Moon, with a little changes.)

"Bella, lets go through this one more time. Palazzo dei Priori, the clock tower is where Edward will be. Right under north of the square. There's a narrow alleyway on the right, and he'll be in the shadow there. You have to get his attention before he can move into the sun. You have to stay in the shadow too or else we'll have a problem with the Volturi."



And I was off.

I ran through thousands of people, all kinds of people, children, adults and the elderly. I didn't hit on single person.

My new vampire abilities got me through the crowd fast enough for them not to see me and to not trip or fall or hit anyone on the way.

I saw the clock tower, ran under into the shadow and went north. There he was. His eyes were closed and he was stepping into the light.


Our collision made a loud bang just like in the Cullen's baseball game.

We were on the ground. I was on top and Edward under me.

"What do you think you're doing?!"

Edward stared at me in surprise that changed into his stupid crooked smile.

Before I knew it, he kissed me.

You finally find you and I collide.

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