My shoulder demon whispered this one in my ear and I couldn't resist. This, my first series of Blood+ fanfics, is a collection of drabbles and ficlets I'll update as often as I can.

I don't own Blood, though I'm working on getting the rights to Haji.

He was always there to catch her.

Always. When she fell, when she was injured, he was there to catch her, hold her.

One time he fell. One time, and she could only scream his name as he fell down, down, clutching a flower in his hand. He died for that flower. Died for her. He was gloriously reborn, only to serve as he had died--always hurt, always falling. He lived and died for her desire.

He was her support, her one link to the first life she had known. She thought he was dead. He's only waiting, waiting to help, to support her once more.