Angel and Faith

Sodden dark hair clings

Heavy and unmoving

To the sides of her face

But she does not try

To push it aside

Barely notices the feel of it

In her overwhelming rage

The man before her stands

Tall, dark, brooding

With no joy

Nor anger

On his face

He blocks her blows

Soaking in her fury

And though he could easily do so

He does not fight back

Her rage swells

Frustration choking her

Hot and painful in her chest

And she hits him

All her power in her blows

Screaming for him to fight her

Screaming for him to defend himself…

But he looks at her

No expression

On his impassive face

No anger

No impatience

Only pity in his eyes

Pity and sorrow-

For her…

She feels her knees weaken

As something breaks inside her

Something that she had walled up

Years ago

So tightly

She had not thought

It could come undone

As the agonizing grief

Scalding, even as it flowed

Unchecked, uncontrolled

Poured through her

Body and soul

Her face crumpled

And the first of her tears

Threatened to break her apart

Her fists slackened

Falling limp, harmless to his chest

As she lowered her head

Her cries tearing at her voice

Begging for him

To retaliate

Begging for him

To kill her…

But he did not do

As she would have done

He did not strike out

Did not seek vengeance

Upon the one who had hurt him

Hurt the ones he loved

So badly

And so often


He looked at her

With a gentleness

A compassion

She had never known

Did not feel she deserved

And as her knees buckled

He caught her

Holding her up

As she only wished to fall

He held her without words




Even as he could not fix her

Could not change

What she had done

He held her

A solid presence

In her shattered world

As the rain fell around them

And her sobs echoed in the night