Growing Up and Left Behind

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Summary: Bella's parents were killed and the Cullen's adopted her. She grew up and found love with her once big brother Edward. Now alone, after the Cullen's left to give her a normal human life, she is being stalked by a group of vampires, determined to find out her connection to their kind.

Growing Up and Left Behind


I had spent my entire life with the Cullen's. The funny, attentive loving family of vampires that had adopted me when my parents had been killed. My father, Charlie Swan had been the local police chief of Forks Washington. My mother Renee Swan was the young hearted clueless woman in which everyone loved.

We had had a loving family, but it was all taken away one night by a group of strangers holding a grudge against law enforcement. My father had been called out to a robbery just outside of the small town. He had gone there thinking it was just a small group of kids making a fuss. It ended his life.

My mother soon followed after. On the drive to the funeral she had broken down, causing a car accident that left her dead and me in the hospital. After I had recovered enough the doctors placed me in an orphanage in Seattle. I spent a good three years there. At the age of 8, I was adopted by Esme Cullen, who had always wanted a daughter. She and her husband, Dr. Carlisle, had five other children, who soon became my siblings. It only took my about a year to find out their secret, and another for us to become a happy family.

I was with them till my 15th birthday. Emmett, my big bear of a brother, had become my partner in crime, pulling pranks and jokes on the rest of the family. I had become Alice's and Rosalie's dress up doll, or as they liked to call me their Bella Doll. Rosalie was at first hesitant towards me but our relationship grew and we had become best friends after a boy had tried to grope me behind the school. She had become furious and had to restrain herself from killing him on sight for the rest of the year we were there. But it had been Edward who I was closest to.

When I was first brought to their house, he had nearly pounced on me. After that ordeal he had tried to avoid me as much as possible, not wanting to be tempted to drink my blood. At first I thought he had hated me, but the time I had confronted him about it he admitted to me the real reason, and we had never been closer. We never had any secrets from each other, and I enjoyed baiting him about the fact that my mind was the only one he couldn't read. And I was most grateful that my own thoughts were the one's hidden from him, because I had a secret that I couldn't tell him.

I was in love with Edward Cullen, my 'big brother'. I had never told any one, and was even hesitant to admit it to myself. I didn't want to destroy the bond the two of us shared by telling him that I loved him. I was scared of rejection and tearing the family apart with my little confession. I knew that he must have only seen me as the clumsy human that Esme and Carlisle had taken pity on and adopted.

So I kept my thoughts and feelings to myself, thanks to years of practice hiding my true feelings from Jasper in the past. I enjoyed every moment I had with Edward. We had our own little jokes, secrets, and places the two of us could go to, to get away from the rest of the family.

Then came my fifteenth birthday and that was when my whole world changed. I had my very first human best friend at school, and the family had decided that it would be best if they left. They knew they were keeping me from enjoying my human life by keeping me with them. They told me the constant moving, the secrecy, and the danger of even living with them. They had left me with a nice couple in the city, so I could live a normal human life without them. They made the biggest mistake of our lives when they did this. And I knew it could only get worse.

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