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Title : Innocent Play?

Pairing : Does it matter?

Summary : What happens when a simple game of truth or dare, and a bottle of firewhiskey do? NC17 for later chapters. Totally AU (nobody is dead).

Chapter 1 : Getting into the Game.

Hermione walked into the kitchen of Grimmauld place where she found five men playing a game of cards. They all looked up at her and smiled before continuing their game.

She took a minute to observe them : Fred and George were sitting next to each other, whispering to each other, probably scheming against the other three players.

Harry was concentrated on his cards. She had noticed he was wearing a navy blue T-Shirt, along with his favorite blue faded jeans.

Remus was wearing a white T-Shirt that clung tight to his broad muscled chest, visible light scars tracing along his arms and blue jeans that fitted him loosely around the hips. His sandy hair fell into his amber eyes, and his forehead creasing into concentration. She bit her lower lip. She always found him rather handsome.

Then her eyes settled onto Sirius. Dark, black, long curly hair that fell lightly above his shoulders, blue-grey eyes that twinkled with mischief as he looked at his cards. He wore a black T-shirt that clung tight to his muscled chest, just like Remus. His black jeans fitted him perfectly. She bit her lower lip again. Why did he always had to look so sexy…

She walked further into the kitchen after a few minutes and grabbed a glass of water. Sirius looked up and snorted :

"Hermione, be a woman and drink something stronger!"

She huffed at the comment. "Not everyone wants to be a drunk like you, Black!"

"No need to be hasty, love!" He answered in a husky suggestive voice that made her heart skip a beat.

"Wanna play 'Mione?" Remus offered gently smiling softly at her.

"No, thank you! Not my type of game." She returned a smile and placed her glass on the counter. She began to walk to the exit of the kitchen when she heard a chair move. As she was about to pass the door, an arm was placed in front of her preventing of her of walking out.

"What type of game do you enjoy, Granger?" Sirius whispered into her ear.

His hot breath sent shivers down her spine and for a moment she felt lost. Any coherent thought had left her mind.

"Sirius, would you stop that?" Harry said softly noticing his dazed friend.

Sirius chuckled but continued his focus on Hermione. "Well?" He asked with his all too well-known baritone voice.

Regaining composure, she glared at him and answered. "I prefer Truth or Dare! It's more humiliating that cards!"

She tried to glide under his arm to exit the kitchen, but his arm wounded around her waist stopping her in her tracks. He spun her around, and she was now facing him : his face a mere inches away.

"I think I'd like to play that game." He said grinning down at her.

Her face flushed and Hermione heard a familiar chuckle coming from Remus. Everyone knew how Sirius could have an effect on women, and seeing the distraught Hermione was simply interesting.

"Fine!" She glared at Remus then at Sirius. "Let's play!".

"Atta girl!" Sirius smiled smugly.

Hermione took a seat and the Twins grinned at her. She glared at them but couldn't help smile lightly. Harry put the cards away. And placed his hands on the table waiting for instructions. He knew all too well his Godfather. He knew some kind of rules that would make the game interesting were around the corner.

"So who wants to start?" Hermione hurried in hopes the game would end quickly.

"Tsk tsk!" Sirius shook his head, and Hermione knew she had gotten herself into the wrong game. "We need to set some rules!"

"What?" Her eyes widened. Rules? Sirius was never the type of following rules.

"Of course… We wouldn't want anyone to cheat." He paused getting everyone's focus. "So the rules are simple : when you lie, you must take a sip of this bottle of fire whiskey, when you do not complete a dare, you must take two sips of the bottle." He paused and Hermione groaned upset. He chuckled.

"Some of us know how to lie…" Remus stated simply looking pointedly at Sirius.

"This bottle has a spell on it. If someone lies, it glows." Sirius explained.

"Yeah, right!" Hermione muttered unconvinced.

"You doubt my ability in spells, Hermione? You wound me…" He said with a sad puppy-like face. "Let's give it a try then. Ask me anything."

"Are you lying about the glowing bottle?" She asked suspiciously.

"Yes." He answered smugly, and the bottle glowed a bright yellow. Her eyes widened. "Told you!"

She glared at him. "So we are all clear on the rules?" Sirius asked ignoring her glare.

They all nodded, including Hermione. He smiled and said : "Well since Miss Granger is the only female in the room, I think we should let her go first."

"How thoughtful of you." She paused waiting to see if everyone agreed. Once they did, she turned her focus to Harry. He was a safe prey. "Harry, Truth or Dare?"

"Truth." He answered confidently. She smiled as she knew he would say this.

"Have you ever kissed a boy?" She asked and chuckled at the wide-eyed expression of her best friend.

He blushed but muttered : "Yes."

The Twins broke into a laugh while Remus joined them. Sirius looked at him wide-eyed but then started laughing too. Harry was blushing furiously.

"What?? It's not funny…" He said his head down.

"Aw. Harry. Don't be upset." Fred began.

"We all knew you weren't straight." George added smiling.

Harry just stared the Twins wide-eyed as they both winked at him.

"Your turn, Harry." Remus said trying to change the subject.

"Hum… Yes." He paused and looked at Fred. "Truth or Dare, Fred?"

"Dare, of course."

Harry thought for a minute and then smiled smugly. "Kiss George!"

Without hesitation, Fred turned to his twin brother and kissed him hard on the lips. Their kiss was passionate and everyone could tell this wasn't their first kiss. Hermione was lightly blushing. The pink stain on her cheeks made Remus and Sirius chuckle together.

"My turn then…" He turned his focus to Remus. "Truth or Dare, Remus?"

"Truth." He answered smiling softly.

"Coward!" Sirius muttered.

"It's just the beginning, Padfoot!" Remus retorted.

"Anyways…" Fred tried to gain the attention again. "Are you currently in love?" Fred wasn't too keen on questions, he had plenty of ideas on dares however.

"Yes." Remus answered truthfully. His eyes were shining as he answered the simple question. "Sirius, my dear friend, truth or dare?"

"Dare!" He answered beaming that it was finally his turn.

"I want you to take your T-Shirt off." Remus said seductive tone that Hermione didn't know he had.

Sirius smiled at him and slowly removed his shirt. Hermione observed his toned broad muscled chest, tattoos lingering all over. She bit her lower lip fighting back the urge of assaulting his body right then and there. Remus observed Hermione and chuckled shaking his head. Sirius, however, was enjoying the sight of her lusty eyes on him. His ego and arrogance were boiling of happiness.

"Hermione…" He whispered in a husky voice. Her dazed eyes looked up to him and she blushed noticing she had been caught staring at him. "Truth or Dare?"

Hermione didn't know what to answer. No matter what she would answer she would end up having a sip of that stupid fire whiskey bottle.

"Dare." She eventually answered.

He smiled surprised. He was expecting a truth question out of her. But he knew the perfect dare. "I dare you to undress Remus's shirt and slightly bite his earlobe."

Remus looked at him wide eyed but pleased all at once. Hermione, however, was frozen on her seat. She looked at the bottle, then at Remus, then at the bottle again, then at Remus. She bit her lower lip and rose to her feet. She stood behind Remus and gently began removing his white T-shirt. Her small hands gently grazed his warm skin sending him chills. Once the shirt flew over his head, she observed his bare chest and the scars that lingered all over. She found herself wanting to lick each and one of them, but she tried to remain focused on the dare. She lowered herself to the level his ear and breathed out. Her hot breath was on his neck and he was feeling himself growing hard.

"Sorry for biting your ear." She said in whisper that only he could hear and she bit his earlobe. Unconciously, he made a slight moaning sound which made everyone else in the room laugh and Hermione blush.

"Moony, you dog!" Sirius said laughing.

"No, that would be you!" Remus glared at his best mate.

"Your turn, Hermione." Sirius said ignoring his friend.

"Right…" Hermione sat back to her seat. "George, truth or dare?"


Hermione thought for a second and then said : "Kiss Harry."

Harry looked at his best friend surprised by her dare. He turned his pale face to the Twin who flashed a smile of white perfect teeth. He got up and approached Harry. He cupped Harry's chin and kissed him on the lips : hard and demanding. Hermione observed them and she found that seeing the Twins kiss was hot, but George and Harry was hotter. Harry still had his eyes closed when George was done and simply said : "Wow!"

"Yes, he does have that effect." Fred said laughing.

"Harry, truth or dare?" George asked.


"Is Draco good in bed?"

Harry was now feeling completely humiliated. "No." He said but the bottle of fire whiskey began to glow.

"Liar!" Fred said pointing a finger at him like a two-year old. "Drink!"

Harry blushed but took the bottle and took a large sip of the bottle. He placed the bottle back down and turned to his Godfather.

"Sirius, truth or dare?"

Sirius pondered a second then answered. "Truth."

"Did you ever fuck with Remus?" The harsh words that came out of his Godsons mouth surprised him but nonetheless weren't unexpected.

"Of course, I did! And it was always the best fuck ever!" Sirius said smiling at Remus who was lightly blushing. Hermione was now picturing the two men and found herself turned on by the thought. She shook her head trying to rid of the naughty images she was having.

"Everything alright, 'Mione?" Remus asked a bit concerned.

She simply nodded smiling. "Good, my turn." Sirius said refocusing everyone on him. "Fred, truth or dare!"


"Undress your pants." He grinned.

Fred undid his pants, and Hermione was feeling more and more on fire by the whole game. Why did she have to be the only girl in the house. Fred sat back down, now only in his green shirt and boxers. He turned his focus on Hermione, and asked :

"Hermione, truth or dare?"

"Dare!" She answered without thinking, but regretted a second later.

"It seemed Remus enjoyed your ministrations earlier…" He paused grinning madly. "I dare you to kiss him fully on the lips."

Remus was shocked. He looked at Hermione who was also in shock. "Hermione, you don't have to. You can just take the two sips of whiskey."

Hermione took a deep breath. She'd rather kiss Remus than be drunk. She wasn't sure what she would do when she would be drunk. She rose from her chair and made her way to Remus. He looked at her wide eyed but deep down was jumping of joy.

"Hermione…" He whispered.

"Shh…." She whispered in his ear and leaned forward. "Sorry if my kissing is bad!" She said apologetically. He shook his head. She pressed her lips against his. They were thin, but soft. He responded to her kiss and before she knew it, she lost all train of thought. Her lips parted lightly, and Remus took it as an invitation to deepen the kiss. Which he did. He snaked his tongue though her lips and tasted every corner of her mouth. They both moaned in their kiss and a bark-like laugh brought them back to reality, both ending the kiss gasping for air.

"Well, she must kiss well for it to last that long." Sirius said laughing, though he felt a bit jealous.

"Oh shut up, Padfoot!" Remus answered blushing.

"It's your turn, Hermione!"

"Harry… truth or dare?"


"Do you want to sleep with anyone in this room?"

"Yes" He answered quickly and without wasting any minute Harry went on : "Sirius, truth or dare?"


"Do you want to fuck Hermione?"

Hermione stared at her best friend shocked of his question. She should have seen it coming though. Sirius observed her a minute then answered : "Every single minute!"

Hermione looked at him blushing and eyes wide open. Sirius continued without waiting. "Remus, truth or dare?"


"Do you want to fuck Hermione?" Sirius asked the same question as his Godson as he thought that making her even more uncomfortable would be great.

"Yes…" Remus answered breathless.

Hermione turned her eyes from Sirius to Remus. She got up quickly from her chair, so quick it stumbled backwards and fell to the ground. The pounding of the chair made Remus wince. She was about to walk out when she felt two arms grip her waist.

"We aren't finished with the game, love!" Sirius said huskily.

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