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Chapter 5 : Our Naughty Little Witch

They arrived back at Grimmauld Place and began assaulting Hermione's neck with kisses. She was moaning and they could feel her burning skin. They led her upstairs. Once they entered the room, they tried to remain in control of themselves so they wouldn't ravage her body.

But it was proven to be extremely difficult. They were exchanging heated kisses between the three of them, but every time Remus and Sirius kissed, Hermione whimpered from being left aside. They chuckled at how demanding and hungry she was. However, she felt extremely turned on by the two men kissing so sensually. It was a sight she loved.

"Hungry of us, love?" Sirius whispered huskily. She nodded.

"Why don't you tell us what you want?" Remus added in a low seductive tone.

"I want you! I need you! Both you!" She said breathless.

They growled and attacked her collarbone. They both bit down and sucked it. She was sure she would have bruises tomorrow but right now she couldn't help herself but moan in delight. The sensation was sending her chills down her spine. She soon felt a hand fondling her breast, while another slid it's hand in her underwear.

"Her skin is burning." Sirius said while still kissing her collarbone.

"She's wet…" Remus answered smiling at her which made her blush.

Before she could say anything, Remus attacked her mouth in a heated passionate kiss. His kiss was more demanding than their last sexual encounter. It was rough and he took pleasure in nibbling her lower lip. She parted her lips and he slid his tongue. Deepening the kiss, she moaned in it. She could feel his lips twitching into a smile at her obvious content of his kiss. Once they parted, she was panting and so was he.

Sirius placed his careful hands at the end of her top and removed the purple cloth. It slid over her head, and he dismissed the object rather quickly. He unclasped her bra and removed the annoying object. He began fondling her breasts, then nipping, sucking on them which made her throw her head back and running her hands through his hair and moan. Remus, meanwhile, removed her black skirt and helped her lift her feet to remove it completely. Then he took care of her laced purple underwear : removing it slowly. Once it was gone, he parted her legs lightly and gave feathery kisses long her legs, then kissed her buttocks, then her bare back, then her collarbone. The whole teasing of his kisses, and Sirius's nibbling, was more than she could take.

"You know you are going to be punished tonight?!" Remus whispered in her ear.

Sirius nodded to him quickly and Remus took a step back. He stood partially next to Hermione, and the next thing that happened she didn't expect : he spanked her hard on her buttocks which made her scream.


They chuckled, but she enjoyed the feeling. It made her feel naughty. He spanked her again, and this time she stifled her scream but couldn't stop the moan of escaping her thin pink lips. After a few more spanks, her buttocks were red. Remus stopped and walked to the bed. Sirius let go of her hardened breasts and walked to the bed. She whimpered at the loss of touch. She opened her eyes that she didn't realize were close and looked for them.

They laid on the bed smiling at her. Then, they began kissing each other. Hermione bit her lower lip. Their mouths moving hungrily against each other, she could only being to imagine the dual they were having with their tongues. She ran her tongue over her lips to moisten them but didn't move. Then she heard a low moan coming from one of them, and her whole body shivered. Sirius began to remove Remus's shirt and then lowered himself to lick his scars. Hermione whimpered and Remus chuckled looking at her. But they never invited her in. They let her grow of impatience. Remus removed Sirius's shirt. He pushed Sirius roughly into their bed, and began kissing his chest.

They continued their ministrations while Hermione stood motionless looking at them. Her center core was dying of heat, and she could feel her wetness running down her legs. Soon, Remus removed Sirius's jeans and boxers to reveal his long hardened shaft. Remus lowered himself and engulfed his mouth over it. Sirius hissed of pleasure while Remus began his slow motions of back and forth.

"Oh yes! Remus!" Hermione heard him moaning.

He was close, and since he didn't want to come just yet, he pulled on Remus's hair roughly. Remus hissed in slight pain, but that didn't seem to bother him either. Hermione couldn't hold off any longer, the whole scene was such a turn on, she needed to find her own release. Her small hand found her way down to her clit but before she could do anything, Remus was by her side grasping her hands.

"No way! You are playing by our rules!" He growled in her ears. "You are being punished, remember?!"

She whimpered. "But Remus! I can't stand it anymore!" She whined.

"That's the point my dear!"

Sirius joined them and began removing Remus's jeans. Once they pooled his ankles, along with his boxers, he removed his feet from the clothing. Sirius knelt in front of Remus's cock who has already hard. Just like Remus, he engulfed the hardened member and began his slow motions, but then quickly sped up. Remus hissed in pleasure and was about to find his release when Sirius pulled away. Remus growled but thankful he didn't come just yet. Sirius laughed and Hermione was still left aside. Anymore of these hot scenes, and her whole body would burst into flames.

"I think we left her out enough, don't you think?" Remus said huskily.

Hermione nodded quickly, and Sirius laughed.

"I don't know! She did tease us the whole evening." Sirius said thoughtful.

He leant to Remus's ear and whispered something Hermione couldn't hear. Remus nodded and smiled mischievously. She didn't know what they were planning and that frightened her a bit, but doubled her already overly excited body. Sirius stepped aside, and Remus grabbed Hermione forcefully. He pushed her against her the wall and carried her while she rounded her legs around his waist. She didn't expect this and she creamed in pain at the sheer force she was pushed against the wall.

"You're mine, witch!" He growled before thrusting in her like an animal.

"Remussssss!" She screamed as her eyes rolled at the back of her head.

She couldn't begin to explain how she was feeling. Remus was pumping inside of her so fast, so hard, it pained her a bit, but it didn't pale next to the pleasure she was feeling of him inside of her. He gripped her buttocks so hard, she was sure her collarbone wouldn't be the only place to have bruises in the morning. He brought her to their bed while still inside of her. He pulled back lightly which made her whimper as she wanted to continue to feel him inside her. He laid her on her four limbs, and began thrusting back in. This time, his speed and forcefulness was doubled compared to what he was doing to her against the wall. She gripped the sheets as she could feel the tingling in the pit of her stomach growing and at an incredible speed. A few minutes later, she climaxed around his cock screaming. He didn't seem to stop or give her time to recover from her orgasm and pumped through it. She was feeling her whole body being sent in overdrive, just like the previous night.

"Merlin! Yes! Remus!" She moaned as she could her body building into another orgasm.

But what happened next was unexpected : Remus came with full force before she did. He poured his whole seed in her womb and removed himself. She whimpered at the cruelty of it. She needed a release a second time, but he didn't give it to her. However, she didn't have time to protest as she felt someone thrust in her again as she gripped the sheets. Sirius was now fucking her senseless.

"Siriussss!" She screamed his name as she found her own release.

Sirius didn't give her time to recover and continued thrusting in her, gripping her waist. Then with no indication, whatsoever, he flipped her around. She laid down on her back, he pulled her legs up to his shoulders. He held her tightly and began thrusting again. With one hand, he held her legs, with the other he rubbed his thumb over her clit.

She hissed in pleasure. She could feel the tingling in her stomach building up. Sirius could feel his balls tighten as he knew he was about to find his own release. He rubbed Hermione's clit with more pressure sending her chills through her whole body.

"Oh gods! Sirius! Don't stop!" She was about to find her own release again.

He continued thrusting fast and hard, and soon he felt her walls clamp down his cock again, she climaxed around his cock, and she joined her a second later, spilling his whole seed in her too. He slid out and let go of her legs. They fell down lifeless. Exhausted was not even a wise word how drained of life she was right now. She didn't think she could feel so much in one night. Last night was nothing compared to the feelings she had tonight.

Remus laid down next to her, and she was now between the two grown men. They kissed her shoulders softly before placing chaste kisses on her mouth.

"Are you ok?" She heard Remus asked concerned.

"Yes, I am fine!" She sighed happily.

"Enjoyed that didn't you??" Sirius said laughing lightly.

"Oh yeah!" She exclaimed then blushed of her outburst.

"No need to be ashamed." Remus said kissing her full on the lips.

"You are now ours…" Sirius said possessively and kissing her too.

"Our Naughty Little Witch!" They said in unison.


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