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"Dammit!" Dean yelled rubbing his shoulder. "Stupid hos." He grumbled. Lauren pulled up the sleeve of his T-shirt and rolled her eyes. Maggie was bandaging a cut on Sam's stomach, giggling at Dean's irritation.

"I know, I know baby." Lauren said. "You hate witches I know." She dabbed peroxide on the deep cut on his arm.

"I swear to god I'm gonna kill 'em. One by one." Dean said through gritted teeth.

"Dean why are you so pissed?" Sam asked. Dean glared at him.

"Those bitches went after my girl. I ain't havin that." He said. Lauren blushed at his comment. He may have been pissed but Lauren had almost never seen him more adorable. His cheeks were slightly pinked, he had a defensive look on his face, his hair was slightly touseled from the fight they had just been in. She had to stifle herself from giggling.

"I appreciate the chivalry baby but you don't have to be so mean to everybody else." She said, placing the bandage over his cut. She let go of his arm and he folded them across his chest, adding to his cutness.

"I don't mean to be a bitch to Sam and Maggie I'm just pissed." He stood and turned to her. He lifted her chin and looked at the bruise and large cut on her neck. "Are you alright?" He asked. She nodded.

"Wasn't the first time I'd been used as a hostage." She shrugged. "Thanks for savin' me by the way." She smiled, wrapping her hand around his neck and pulling him to her. Their lips locked. Dean's hands roved up and down her waist.

Maggie and Sam fake gagged behind them, laughing quietly. Maggie finished bandaging Sam and stood.

"Good as new." She smiled. "Next time let me shoot her." Sam smiled.

Lauren and Dean finally broke apart. Dean grinned at her.

"If that's the thank you I get I'll save you more often." He said. His hand was tucked behind her neck. His thumb traced the cut, concern in his eyes.

"I'm okay Dean." She said.

"We're gonna go." Sam said. Dean nodded.

"See you guys in the morning." He said. "And keep it down eh?" He grinned. Sam rolled his eyes, Maggie giggled, and he shut the door. Dean's attention was back on Lauren. "Does it hurt?" Lauren shrugged.

"A little. Maybe if you kiss it it'll feel better." She said playfully. Dean smiled and started kissing her neck. She closed her eyes and giggled. Dean pulled away after a few moments.

"Better?" He asked. She got a pouty look on her face, the one that drove Dean crazy.

"This side hurts a little too." She said. He grinned again and started kissing the other side of her neck.

Dean let her go and fell on the bed, clearly exhausted.

"Don't worry babe," Lauren said. "Tomorrow we can find those evil bitches and you can kick their ass." She said. Dean rolled on his stomach.

"I hope so. God I'm sore." He groaned. Lauren trailed her hand up and down his back, he shivered and closed his eyes. This was the one sure fire way to get Dean to sleep. Lauren laid down next to him and continued to rub his back. "Mmm, thanks." He mumbled.

"No problem babe." She said. "Like I said. Tomorrow we'll kick their ass."

"Don't run you stupid bitch!" Maggie yelled. The witch took off down the hallway. "Dammit!" Lauren jogged up beside her.

"She run?" She asked. Maggie nodded. "Dean! You stay with Sam I'll go with Maggie!" She yelled. Dean and Sam were fighting two of the witches, Lauren and Maggie were taking the other two. Before Dean could protest Lauren took of.

"Sonuvabitch!" Dean yelled. A witch charged at him and he hit her, sending her into a wall. Sam kicked the other into a door, shattering it to splinters. The two girls stood and grinned. "What the hell you smilin' at bitch?" Dean asked. The girls pointed behind him and he and Sam turned. One of the witches stood behind them, an dangerous look in her eyes.

Suddenly Sam and Dean flew against a wall, pinned.

"Crap." Sam said.

"Told ya. I hate witches." Dean said. The witch that had thrown them walked toward them slowly.

"Dean and Sammy Winchester." She grinned. "Goody."

"Screw you Glenda." Dean said. She shook her finger side to side, making a clicking noise with her tongue.

"Naughty naughty." She said. "You two are bad bad boys. But I think we can fix that." The three witches started chanting in Latin. After they completed each line Sam and Dean felt weirder and weirder, more and more light-headed...

"Wicked witch!" Lauren called in a sing-song voice. "Come out come out wherever you are. C'mon I promise my friend and I won't drop a house on you." She said. Maggie tried not to laugh. Lauren nudged her shoulder and pointed to a hole showing into the next room. Laurenaimed her gun and fired at the movement. The girl fell out, clearly dead.

"That was easy." Maggie said.

"Don't say that." Lauren groaned. "Every time someone says that something bad happens." They turned and headed back to where they had left Sam and Dean. They heard no noise, no voices. "Dean!" Lauren called.

"Sam!" Maggie yelled. No answer. "Sam!"

"Dean!" They started jogging back to the room in the abandoned church they had last seen them. They bust through the door and looked around. No Sam or Dean anywhere.

"Hey Lauren?" Maggie said.


"Aren't those Sam and Dean's clothes?" She asked. And so they were. Piled a few feet apart from each other, not ripped, no blood, nothing, were Sam and Dean's clothes. Lauren bent down over Dean's, Maggie over Sam's. Lauren jumped back when they moved.

"What the hell?" She said. Maggie jumped back too, seeing Sam's clothes move. Lauren crept back forward and moved Dean's shirt. She gasped. Two little green eyes were peeking back at her, a chubby little body attatched to it, a diaper around it's bottom.

Maggie moved Sam's shirt and saw two soft brown eyes gleaming back into hers. He and Dean had to be eighteen months old.

"Oh my god." She said.

"Our boyfriends, are babies." Lauren said, shocked. Baby Dean smiled at her. Sam smiled shyly at Maggie. "Great."

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