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Sam shut the door behind him and sighed. Maggie flopped onto the bed.

"We always have crap to put up with huh?" She said. Sam smiled and laid down next to her. "Always pokin' fun."

"Yeah well, that's what we get for being younger." Sam said. Maggie stood and walked over to the dresser, taking her jewelry off as she went.

"I think it's crap." She said, laying her jewelry on the dresser. She pulled a over-sized T-shirt out of one of the drawers and started to take off her own. "Always makin' us feel like we're ten or something." She shimmied off her shorts and Sam swallowed. He stood and walked up behind her before she could put the shirt on. She felt him against her and knew what was coming. But for effect, she added: "Immature, pshh." Sam grabbed her shoulders and turned her around, sly smile on his face.

"We could prove to them how mature we really are." He said. She smiled and started kissing him rapidly. She pulled off his shirt and he grabbed her waist, lifting her up onto the dresser. She gently ran her hands over his chest, drinking in his warm skin. His hands danced up her back and found what they were looking for. In seconds her bra was off and on the floor. She wrapped her legs around him and squeezed him closer. She started kissing his neck and he moaned, now kissing hers. He lifted her off the dresser and let her fall on the bed. Maggie grabbed his belt and pulled him toward her, undoing it as she did so and pulling it out through the loops. She undid his jeans and he shimmied them off, along with his boxers. She grasped his face in her hands and pulled him onto her. His hands moved down her neck, over her chest and to her hip-hugging panties. Moments later they were out of the way.

He kissed her again, twisting his tongue into hers. Their lips seemed to be fighting each other, lashing, biting, tugging. Her brown eyes bore into his, signaling she was ready.

Her back arced slightly as he thrust himself into her, rocking back and forth slowly.

"Uhuh," Sam groaned softly. Maggie moved with him lifting herself up to meet him. She bit her lip when he hit home, he rocked faster and slightly harder. She ran her hand up his neck and into his hair, pulling it tight when pleasure jumped through her again.

"Oh Sam." Maggie breathed. Friction built between them and sweat started to pour. Sam rocked faster and thrust his hips forward harder. She wrapped her legs around him and squeezed. "Mmm!"

Sam moved faster, he and Maggie's muscles tightening. The heat was growing, his time was almost up.

Maggie cried out first, and he followed shortly. They were breathing hard and Sam fell next to her. Maggie scooted closer to him and curled up in his form, feeling safe, as she always did. Their eyes closed and they gave in to the sleep that had been trailing after them for the past two minutes.

If only Sam knew the conversation going on in the other room.

"I'm pregnant." Lauren said. Dean was frozen. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't think. One word seemed to be pulsing along with his heart beat.

Ba-by, ba-by, ba-by...

"What?" He said. It was the only thing he could think of to say. Maybe he heard her wrong, maybe she said something else. Lauren bit her lip and looked at the floor.

"I'm pregnant. I found out yesterday. I bought this pregnancy test at Walmart and...it came back positive. If you wanna, ya know, get rid of it or me then-"

"No!" Dean yelled. He walked toward her and placed a hand on her cheek. "I don't want you to go, and I sure as hell ain't gonna make you do something you don't believe in." He said gently. Lauren looked at the ground. "This is a good thing baby." He assured, lifting her chin. "I'm gonna be a Dad?" He asked, a soft smile on his lips. Lauren nodded, tears in her eyes.

"Yeah, you're gonna be a Dad." She said. Dean's smile faded and he looked into her eyes. She was beautiful, and he had never been so happy. Another being would enter this world, looking like her, and him. He leaned forward and kissed her passionately. They broke apart and he fell on the bed, laying on his stomach. Lauren sat down next to him and stroked his back. Dean sighed and pulled off his shirt. It always felt better on bare skin.

Lauren grazed her fingertips down the middle of his back and sent a shudder up his spine with goosebumps close behind. She abruptly straddled him between her legs, continuing to rub her hands along his muscles ever so softly.

"Ahuh..." Dean breathed. She bent down and kissed his back, running her lips over his scars. Slowly she made her way up to the back of his neck and behind his ear. "Mmph." Dean almost whimpered into the pillow. He moved suddenly and Lauren slid off. He rolled over and Lauren was on top of him again, running her fingers over his taut form. She kissed under his ear and next to his jaw.

She bit his neck softly, sending another shudder through his body. She moved her lips down his chest slowly and made her way back up to his lips. Dean bit his lip. He ran his hands up the inside of her shirt and pulled it over her head. She took off her bra and the rest of her clothes, Dean taking off his as well.

She straddled him again and kissed his neck, biting it slightly harder than last time. Dean bit his lip and winced.

"Guhuh..." He cried out sharply, his sudden noise filled with pleasure. Lauren started to rock back and forth, feeling him inside her. Before it could go any further Dean grabbed her waist and turned her over on her back. He thrust his hips forward and immediately hit her hot spot. Over and over again, it was like he couldn't miss.

"God Dean." She breathed. "Oh god." He quickened and slowed again, then sped back up. Lauren gripped the sheets as tightly as she could, stifling a scream.

"God I can't think," Dean thought. "I can't breathe. I don't even know my own name. What is my name..?"

"Dean!" Lauren cried, reminding him. A shudder and a small cry emitted from her and she relaxed, lessening the molten heat that had built between them. Dean felt himself give as he drove into her one more time.

"Ahhn..." He whispered. He fell next to her and rested his head on her shoulder. She stroked his hair and smiled gently, falling asleep minutes later.

They all were safe, unharmed and happy. Sam was in shock for several moments when he found out he was going to be an uncle and Maggie couldn't be happier. Everything was going great. Until the events that happened six weeks later.


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