Against The World



Part One

It was yesterday when it was Halloween; Kendall was undressed from her Wonder Woman outfit and was finished with the six million dollar man which was her husband. There was Greenlee lying in bed with Draco, he woke up, "What time is it?" Draco asked and Greenlee responded, "Time for you to make a movie." "Oh God, I…" Draco said and Greenlee responded, "Hey, you wanted to make it a movie." "Yeah, it just the director I want has disappeared from earth and the actress I want to use dated the director I want." Draco said and Greenlee responded, "This is Pine Valley, we specialize in drama." "Okay. If we could find the director, that's half the battle, a lot of people like her even if it was her first time." Draco said.

Bianca just woke up with sweats on and she got a shower, she walked back into bed and did her series of kisses to her new girlfriend who just smiled as Bianca got deeper and deeper in her kisses around her neck. "Good morning." Bianca said and the brunette woman turned around, "Good morning." The woman said and lifted Bianca's bra up, "Now it's a good morning." Jenny said