"I don't need medication! I'm fine the way I am!" He tried to struggle out of his strait jacket. Nothing doing. The nurse readied the needle. No one wanted to get anywhere near those yellowed shark teeth of his. "No! No! No! No! No!" He kicked and was immediately restrained. "I'm happy! I don't want you taking away my happiness! Back! Cretins! You can't understand my genius!"

The needle sank into his arm.

He immediately felt warmth spread throughout his body. "Oh…" Wooziness kicked in, almost dumping him to the floor. They caught him and held him upright. "That wasn't medication. That was drugs." He gave a daffy laugh. "You doped me up, doc. That's not nice. I'm going to kill you for that." He struggled sluggishly. The world was trying to break like a bad film reel.

The nurse prepped another needle. "This is your real medication," the doctor said. He looked like Jim Gordon. White hair, mustache… Jim Gordon. He hated Jim Gordon. "Lie still and breathe steady and it won't hurt a bit."

"Even if it does hurt, I won't be able to tell," the Joker said. He laughed again, that same lunatic laugh. "I'm hopped up on enough painkillers to light up Kansas. Hahahaha!"

The needle went in.

"I'm going to get you, doc. Just you wait. As soon as I wake up…slam! Right in the kisser! Haha!"

The film finally did break, sending the world off into darkness and him to a place he didn't know where.