AN: Everybody has something that was their first true obsession. Mine was Digimon, specifically Adventure, Season One. This is an AU story that breaks off after the kids give their crests back to the digiworld, so pre- 02. However, most of this story will take place during 02 and feature the families towards the beginning. I doubt the Hiroki and Cody's dad thing will be in this though. It just came out of left field to me. And speaking of Cody, I will be using the American names. Why? Cause Tai, Matt, Joe, Izzy, T.K., and Kari are not that bad of translations. Daisuke made a smooth transition to Davis but Miyako and Iori not so much. Also, I play a little bit with the timing of things, especially with Ken. Finally, because digimon is fairly visual, my deviantart will have all the forms there. Enjoy.


Drawn and Fragmented

Chapter One: The Code's Broken


For the Digidestined it seemed as if nothing was going right. They had all just come back a few weeks ago from giving up their crests to help the digiworld, but their partners lost a part of themselves in the process. Tai couldn't help but feel upset for Augumon. His buddy said it was fine but he knew that it wasn't. Things had just gone downhill from there. Sora quit football and started playing tennis cause it made her mom happier. Tennis was a lot safer then football, and Sora was just happy she was still allowed to play sports. Her mom decided that the digiworld brought enough danger- why add more. Joe's been working insanely to get into a good high school and his dad isn't helping the burden any more. After a summer together, Matt and T.K. were being separated again, thanks to their parents. T.K's ferry probably left not too long ago.

Even worse then a bay, Mimi found out that she was moving to America by August. It looked as if Izzy and himself were the only ones with normal parents. It was amazing. They could defeat the ultimate evil of the digiworld, but their parents could break them apart like no one else could. Kari was another story all together. She was getting weak and sick after giving back the crest and it worried Tai like nothing else.

"Tai! Tai! Pass it!" Tai grinned and smoothly passed the ball to another nine year old he knew. Davis Motimiya was on his junior soccer team, the last year he was able to play before going into the intermediate level one for school. He was already in advanced club though, so it didn't matter if he got benched more this season.

"Yo Davis. Your early for practice."

"Yeah I can't wait! I was hoping that I'd get on to your team and I did. This practice is going to awesome. I'll show them how great I can be." Davis was a spiky little kid with a grin for a face. "Say, is Kari coming to the practice today?" He blushed a little and squawked when Tai messed up his hair.

"Oh so you want to see Kari! You're not getting a crush on my little sister are you?" Davis fussed around a little before they did some warm ups before the rest of the team got there. Half an hour later Tai's phone rang and gave the boys a much needed rest. While Davis gulped down one of his bottles of water, Tai spoke with the team's manager, apparently practice had been canceled and they'll call for the reschedule. Hanging up her looked over to Davis.

"Well it looks like you'll have to wait a while before you show us what you can do. Want to go get lunch? I'm starving." Davis looked thrilled. He was having lunch with his idol after a short football practice. What on earth could be better?

"Wait a minute. Let me see your cell phone." Davis gave him the new cellphone- as a present for getting onto the team his parents decided that he was responsible enough for one. His sister, Jun, already lost her second one. He watched as Tai used his orange phone to call the number in. Man, he had to get a skin like that.

"So where to for lunch?"

"Noodles! With out a doubt they're the best." Tai looked scared and a bit sad. He wondered if he scared the other kids like this when he was that age. As they headed down the street Davis looked at his contacts. Tai had put in three different ones, his cell, his house and a strange one. It had the weirdest number he had ever seen and it looked like it had a little orange sun next to it. Maybe a fax?


Kari sat calmly and watched the television from the waiting room at the hospital. She told her mom that she was big enough to go on her own now and there really wasn't anything mom needed to take time to come for. It was just the same check-ups she's had for most of her life. Only this time there was some blood work to go with it, but it was nothing she hadn't felt before. Usually the waiting room was empty but there was another boy her age and his mom waiting too. He seemed a little fussy.

"But mom, I don't' want the needle!"

"Ken, it'll be fine honey. Just a little prick and it'll all be over." Not a second past when the woman's phone rang.

"Oh sweetie, I need to take this call, but I'll be right back alright?" She left him there and went down the four floors to the parking lot- no cellphone calls in the building, but they could still be on. Ken looked a little sullen and afraid. She got up and sat next to him and smiled.

"Hi, my name is Kari. Whats yours?"

"Ken." He was even quieter then Matt on a moody day. She fiddled with the edge of her dress before looking at him again.

"It does hurt little, but after that it just feels weird. Afterwards your elbow'll hurt for a while and you may get a bruised but its nothing worse then a scraped knee."

"How would you know?" Ken looked at the smaller girl next to him who just looked too happy for her own good.

"I've had it done seven times already. This will be my eighth." Ken looked a little sheepish for snapping at her but she continued. "If you want you can come into the room with me. I don't mind at all." Okay, so maybe Kari didn't want to be alone in the doctor's room. She doesn't really like this place.

"Sure. Hey do you play any sports?" It was a weak icebreaker but it worked none the less. Apparently she enjoyed dancing but didn't do any sports herself but her older brother was a football player. They chatted for several minutes and Ken's mom still hadn't come back but soon the doctor called her in. After both of their blood was drawn he sat back down holding his elbow. His new friend took it much better then he did. He looked up and found her holding out an ice pop for him.

"I'm having a bad day too. My best friend just moved away just in time for summer."

"Ken I'm so sorry, did it hurt much?" His mom walked up to the kids and fussed over his elbow. Ken blushed and looked embarrassed while Kari only giggle.

"Mom! It's fine. I went with Kari and she's a pro at this."

"Really now? Well Kari, do you need someone to take you home or do you have a ride? We'd be more then happy to drop you off somewhere."

"Thank you 'mam but I've got to take a few more tests so I'll be here a while longer." She really didn't like the sympathetic looks adults gave her when she told them that. She wasn't going to faint on the spot. The only thing worse was when other kids were confused, like Ken was. Before he left with his mother he turned around quickly,

"Hey, can we exchange numbers?" He gave her his house phone number while she gave a cell phone and an odd number. It had a strange set of numbers and a pretty pink star next to it instead of a house or something. Probably some online girl journal or something.


Without a doubt, this was the most stupefying computer set up he had done over the past three months. In order to get store credit, he, Koushiro 'Izzy' Izumi, worked the computer maintenance and set up for the Pineapple brand computers. The owners were mostly local and college based, but it was good none the less and came with custom programing- if you could figure it out. A child he just used it to handle all the math work he did for fun, but now he had an all together different reason for needing all his stuff. The Digiworld. It was like a dream come true for him. It was tangible evidence that the networking between computers brought something to life and that the random glyphs of data could in fact spread on its own and go out of human hands. In years of searching he had yet to find the origin of the Digiworld. It had to be an old code, but not terribly. Until about two years ago, one minute in their world was like a year in the digiworld. Any thing from around 1987 onwards could equate to about 10,000 years in their world. It was mystifying. And a very expensive past time, one that he could not afford to cell out. Sure he hand simplified an entire website and created a new format but it was all on the course for the digiworld. Not a single person would know about his sort of genius except his friends but it would all be worth it if he could be with Tentomon again.

But in the Hida house he was setting up a simple computer. Only nothing that looked like technology had ever set foot in the place. He'd be surprised if they had a telephone. Apprently the eldest Hida was a kendo instructor and the daughter was the only cheerful person in the house. The young grandson, Cody, was at least three years younger then T.K. and Kari and twice as serious and moody. He kinda reminded Izzy of a mushroom animated, barely coming up to his hip and just staring at the screen. Izzy was putting up the finishing touches on everything and hooking up the internet via his laptop.

"Hey, do you want a screen name?" The little kid nodded with hesitance.

"Well what do you like?" He just stared blankly at him. This would be harder then anything. He wasn't a people person to being with, Tai and Mimi were much better at this sort of thing.

"Okay. Your screen name is KendoKid. The password is set to KendoKid as well but you can change that."

Cody looked at all the new stuff in the room and barely understood what the little purple weight next to one of the (many) names, numbers, and other built in contact information.


Even though she knew she was acting bratty, Yolie didn't want to be anywhere near he sister right now. All she was talking about what her date with Taka, getting nice clothes for her date with Taka, and the perfect set of shoes to match. And Yolie had to get dragged along, only to be told to go wander by herself. She could have stayed home and watched a good drama! So here she was, a ten year old with dreams and goals, rotting away on mall bench next to a Mr. Feezie's ice-cream stand.

"Ugh! Excuse me, but can you tell me how people think that this is fashionable?!" Yolie looked up at very pretty girl with long brunette hair, cheerful eyes, and dressed way better then her sister. A bit crossed eyed, Yolie looked down at the magazine that was sort of shoved in her face and saw models dressed in a sort of grungy look.

"Umm...I don't know?" The girl sighed and dropped the magazine to her side before parading around with excessive hand gestures.

"I know! American's have such a horrible taste in fashion. Either its too bold or its so drab! Can you honestly believe that a black micro dress is a clothing staple in New York City? Oh, how rude of me. My name is Mimi Tachikawa, what's yours?"

"Yolie Inoue." Yolie really didn't know what to say to Mimi. It wasn't everyday someone that pretty or animated talked to her and her geeky friends. She liked clothes but it was kinda pointless to dress up for math, right?

"Whats so great about America anyway?" Mimi sat down next to Yolie and looked upset as she flipped threw her cell phone at all the names. The vast majority of them were girls names, but almost all of them were people she had called only once or twice. They were shopping pals for a day when she didn't' feel like going alone. As corny as it sounded, the Digidestined were her true, best, and closest friends. Kari was as cheerful as her and Sora had the same kind of confidence in herself, but most other girls their age were very..shallow. Like she had used to been. The American fashion magazine she bought was less for the fashions and more for a guide to a new life.

Here, she was Mimi Tachikawa- fashionable, friendly, and flighty. She didn't really know what she would be in America. Another foreigner with a bad accent who was too uppity? It just wasn't fair. Mimi looked over at the younger girl she had picked out of the crowed, Yolie apparently. She had no idea why at first the girl had appealed to her when she was fully aware that Sammy and her little group were right downstairs in the teen body piecing booth, but after a few seconds it clicked, and it wasn't just the dark hair that had a very natural purple sheen to it. Yolie carried herself like Sora, quiet but kind, but there was something so Izzy about her it wasn't even funny.

"Wow! They came out with the new 84 series of calculators!" Oh yes, it was a she-Izzy. It was her duty- Her duty! To get this girl to be the best she could be. And she only has less then 3 weeks to do it.

"Say, Yolie, what are you doing here all alone on a beautiful Saturday?" The girl bristled and started talking about her stupid older sister and ditching her for a date. Time to fix that. Without pausing Mimi took the girls cellphone and started entering in her number.

"Well Yolie, today we start a new you! Lets meet here every Saturday until October alright? Now lets go see what kind of clothes are right for you. You really shouldn't hide yourself in tee shirts and jeans- thats for boys." Thank god she got Sora to kick that habit.

Yolie, for her part, was stunned. It was like a manga she had read- the geeky girl gets a popular friend and a new life. It was almost surreal, but hey, who was she to stop it? She check Mimi's number to make sure it wasn't a joke, and found it and another strange number with a green water drop next to it instead.

All the while Mimi was holding up collared shirts for her all she could think was just how cool and nice Mimi was, so much more relatable then her sister.


Yamato 'Matt' Ishida started dusting things in the spare room in his and his dad's apartment. Pretty much all of their parents knew about their involvement with the Digiworld, and they had accepted it well. Something only about half of them knew was that they were trying to find a way back. Only about five knew about the illegal computer equipment and emergency uplinks just incase another diaboramon incident happened. Izzy's parents, Tai and Kari's and his dad all knew. Izzy, Tai, and Kari didn't' have enough room but he did and his dad offered. Worse came to worse they could just say it was old stuff from the Tv station. Matt doubted anybody besides a genius or someone who had an idiots guide code could understand anything Izzy had rigged up with the help of Gennai.

The idiots guide was written by Tai and hours of explanation from Izzy. It went from:

"And the router is connected to the processing table, whose program is found on the start up disc three and the actual instillation is directed to folder three, whose password is prodigious3..." to, "The green cable goes to the green plug, and you need the green disc with the "3" on it, and open it in folder "3". The password is prodigious3"

They had spent five days colors coding thing. It was Tai proof and parent safe. Just incase anything happened. It was on these lazy days that he missed Gabumon the most. They'd just sit here in the air conditioning and take naps. There were still claw marks in the couch from Gabumon's spot. Matt looked at it before heading out the door. He would see his friend again and make it up to him. He felt kinda bad for T.K. and Kari because neither would allow them to cross the bay and there was a whole other city between them in transit. Matt got over needing to be alone to wallow in self pity a while ago, but he knew that the others were feeling just as bad as him. They needed their friends again, and even in the human world the Digidestined were being torn apart.

He strummed a few notes on his new(old) guitar and wondered how bad this would end. We got to digiworld because we were together. Are they separating us on purpose? His mother and Mimi's parents didn't mean for that...but Sora's mother... it seemed like she was destroying her life.


Joe and Sora sat in the little traditional café just a few blocks away from the flower shop her mother owns. Sora wondered how on earth her mother got her into the skirt and dress blouse for a "tea ceremony" befitting a young lady. In her own opinion, if she was thirteen she was at least able to choose what she could and could not do, not just dress up like a pretty little doll and play with flowers. Joe looked equally as uncomfortable in his dress clothes, but not because of the ceremony.

Like Sora's mother, Joe's family reeked that traditional sense and if they got wind that one of his best friends also had family in the same vain, well there would be a marriage certificate made in minutes- despite the laws against it.

"Hey Joe..." Sora looked really sad and Joe could help but feel sorry for her. Unlike everyone else she was practically being forced to be a different person.

"Yeah Sora?" She looked away into her tea cup that was supposed to have black tea in it- he suspected an energy drink.

"If we had the chance to go back to the Digiworld...for good you know, and stay there with Biyomon and Gommamon.. Would you take it?" It was really horrible seeing Sora like this. The holder of the Crest of Love was always so vibrant and ready to live but now her red eyes were so dulled it was as if he were looking at a rock instead of them. Had her life become to bad that she was contemplating running away forever?

"Without a doubt. The Digiworld needed us more, always wanted us more, and we have a deeper connection to it then this one. I mean come on, there will always be doctors and girls here, but we're the Digidestined. We're meant to do something there. Don't worry, like Kari said, we'll be back." Joe smiled as she watched Sora play with the flowers in front of her. Ikebana- the study of flower arrangements.

It was actually kind of nice, seeing Biyomon expressed with little flowers that can't compare.


Takeru looked around the crowded train station and wished he was at the airport- no offense to this Ken kid. His best friend Kari had sent him the name and e-mail of one of her newest friends and he seemed okay enough if only a bit shy almost shocked at attention. It was July 31 and Mimi was leaving for America in only three hours, not to mention that the very next day was their anniversary into the Digiworld. To make Mimi feel better they decided not to celebrate it until she could come to visit. Sucky parents strike again.

He had gotten off of the early train a few minutes ago and was looking for the kid, Ken. Apparently he wasn't allowed to leave the Shibuya district, so he and Kari were coming to visit him here. This would be their first real to real meeting but Kari and Ken had loads over the past few weeks. A pale hand tapped his shoulder and T.K. looked down (He loved his growth spurt!) And saw a very fidgety kid around his age.

"Takeru?" T.K. smiled and held out his hand.

"Hey you must be Ken. Yeah I'm Takeru, but you can just call me T.K., everybody does. Is Kari here yet?" Ken shook his head before gesturing to the eastern gates.

"Her ferry came in just a few minutes ago, so her train will be here in about five minutes. We should get over to the terminal." After that it was easy to talk to him. Once he opened up he did act like a normal kid but there was still something wrong with how self consciencely he was acting. They stopped at Kari's gate and waited for it to pull in.

"Yeah...I've got an older brother too, Sam. He's a genius." If it was possible Ken became even more introverted. Well T.K. knew how to fix this!

"Oh that kid? Mom wrote something about him a while back but I still think my friend Izzy could run rings around him in math and stuff. Don't worry about your brother so much. Once you find out their weakness it's easy to annoy them. What about you? What kind of sports do you play?"

Kari came in on a conversation about whether the World Cup would be a bust or not. Mimi was write- no matter what age boys can bond over sports. They went on a few minutes before Ken noticed her and blushed.

"Hello, good to see you again Hikari." Ken bowed a little while T.K. ran over and hugged the air out of her.

"Kari! Its been forever!"

"Nice to see both of you too. So where are we headed?" Here she and T.K. looked over to ken who knew his city better.

"Well there is a park just a few blocks away that we can go to."

"Sounds fine to me." All three of the nine year olds headed to the park with only one tangent- beginning with T.K. calling Ken Kari's boyfriend, and ending with Kari running away from an angry dog.


If Mimi ever wanted to regress into the spoilt, bratty child she was, it would have been right then and there. Eve if it only stalled the boarding for a few minutes.

It wasn't fair! All her friends and everything in her life was in Odaiba, Japan, not New York.

When her parents said that two of her friends could see her off, Mimi decided to not have any of them there. All seven of them were he closest friends, it would be cruel to pick just two of them.

It would have been her new friend? Yolie and Izzy. Definitely Izzy. He just made her laugh over the silliest things. Honestly, who cared about silicon drive processors? With unusual anger Mimi slammed her fist into the viewing area as her plane was opening its doors for them.

'Please. Don't take me from my friends!'

"Mimi honey, we have to leave now." Her mom sounded happy. They were always to happy and not worried about what this move was going to do to her. Sure she'd find new friends...but no one could ever replaced Tai, Sora, Joe, Matt, T.K., Kari, and Izzy. No, no one would ever be able to replace Izzy.

"What? Is that...snow?" Snow. SNOW! Before her digivice even had a chance to sound off, Mimi pulled it off of her belt and held it in her hand. It started beeping rapidly and the screen glowed a light green that made everything else around her seem dull, grey, and lifeless. She knew she was going to press the "OK" button, but the option never appeared.

Mimi felt herself fall from the floor to to watching the rift between the two worlds.


"Hey Joe, look at this." Joe was having his lunch in summer school- it was never a good idea to fall behind, even if he was technically ahead of the game.

"What is it Kyle?" Something in Joe's stomach started to get queasy. That sort of Digiworld queasy. That sort of queasy that meant he had to fix something. That sort of queasy.

Maybe it was the sandwich.

"Dude, it's snowing."

Nope. Not the sandwich- the digiworld. It's never the sandwich. The Sandwich is innocent. In the back of his mind, Joe did hear his digivice activate itself. Kyle, his lab partner, just stared at the grey light coming from his belt.

A moment later wind rushed by taking Joe with it as he joined up with Mimi in falling.


At the Kamiya house, Tai, Matt, Sora, and Izzy just watched the snow falling in awe, before bum rushed the balcony door and incoherently babble.

"Is Biyomon hurt? Why would they call us so soon?"

"Outta my way Matt, Augumon might be around here."

"They're in the digiworld stupid. Now you move!"

"This is simply prodigious! This snow happening again nearly year later is simply baffling." The digivices going off couldn't compete with the kid's noise, so it can as a complete surprise when all four of them found themselves falling into the sky, much like their very first time.

Instead of dropping the glasses of food and screaming murder, Yuuko Kamiya smiled sadly before heading for the phone. If her hunch was correct they were all gone again, but who knows for how long?

'Toshiko is going to lose it this time. I don't think Satoe is going to take it well either.'


Like the nine year olds they were, the three of them had fun just hanging around the monkey bars and their new clubhouse in the slide. Ken wished he could visit Kari in Odaiba, like she always did for him, but his mom wouldn't let him go, even if Sam went with him.

"Well... our parents are a bit different Ken. They know that Kari and I promised that we'd stop each other from doing something stupid or dangerous." Takeru nodded and Kari finished it off for him. They couldn't exactly explain the digiworld to him yet and he might not even believe them.

"Plus, well we've known each other for a while now. Tai's friend Sora practically grew up with us and when we can we've slept over each other houses a lot. Maybe in a few weeks she'll let you." Kari tried to cheer Ken up a bit- he was nice but way too sad. Not that she could blame him. Two weeks ago she visited the Ichijouiji house and learned about. A lot about Sam. You could barely even notice Ken if she wasn't there for him alone.

"I guess." Takeru smiled again and walked up to Ken and held his hand.

"How about this- I promise to make sure you never do something incredibly dangerous or stupid. Now at least you know at least one person will look after you." Takeru walked back to the slide and Kari's voice rumbled through the plastic walls, "Me too!". A little while loner past until ken felt something cold on his elbow.

"What is with the weather? Its snowing like last year" Ken sat on the monkey bares as T.K. and Kari came out of separate ends of the slide. Something on their belts was glowing and beeping.

"Why do you two have beepers?" His friends look at each other in a panic and ken gasped when he saw their feet disappearing like an eraser was rubbing them out.

"Ken-Ken, don't worry we'll be back as soon as we can!" They didn't sound scared at all! Just really concerned about him. But his feet and legs were still here.

"W-whats happening to you two?" Kari pulled out her beeper and showed it to him, a bright pink light was shining in his eyes.

"We're uh..well we're going back tot he digiworld. But we'll be back!" The light got really bright for a minute again and Ken saw that Kari and Takeru had literary disappeared and the snow stopped.

What just happened?


Joe was the first one to wake up on a somewhat familiar hard wood floor. Something was wrong though. He couldn't move his arms or his legs. Did he somehow paralyze himself?! Great! He lifted his head and screamed at what he saw.

They were all in Gennai's underwater house. Seven digimon surrounded him but he somehow knew that each one of them were his friends. Matt, who was closest to him, looked like a purple, blue, and yellow lizard-bear thing. Tai was obviously the blue and orange lizard with monkey limbs. Tai was in a pile with a fairly large bird, Sora, without a doubt, and a metal grasshopper, Izzy. On the other side of the table was a little seed with dozens of curled leaves around it reminding him of a chia pet. Finally he saw a pink and yellow slug with a shell curled next to mouse-rabbit thing. Kari and Takeru.

Joe realized, in that same part of him that the digiworld makes him queasy, that he was probably a digimon too. Trusting his body to work like it should he awkwardly curled up- a bit like snake- and saw that he had a pale body of scales and six little shrimp arms.

Oh course he had to look like a shrimp mated with a Seadramon- his favorite Digimon in the whole wide worlds. At least he didn't need his glasses anymore, its always good to look to the positive in these situations; ha. Mimi's follow-up scream and subsequent reaction sent little twigs out from her leaves, hitting him right in the head, thunking it just enough make him fall backwards onto the floor with his belly up. He didn't think he would ever miss his rear before this occasion.

Gennai had better explain this thoroughly.


Davis was feeling a little mixed about how he felt about the soccer game. He started and scored the winning goal, along with four others, but Tai hadn't showed up for the game, pre-game practice, or their pre–pre- game practice! He was about to call tai and ask if he was alright when Mrs. Kamiya tapped him on the shoulder and hugged him.

"Oh you were so great out there Davis. Your practicing really paid off. I remember just a few months ago you were barely able to kick the ball straight and now... well you did great and you should be proud of that." Davis blushed so red that it clashed badly with every other bit of red that he was wearing.

"Uhh thanks Mrs. Kamiya, but do you know where Tai is? He was supposed to be a foreward today." Tai was so awesome that he could play any defense and offense well enough for their league. He looked up at Tai's mom and saw her smile and it looked a little weird.

"Tai and Kari for that matter, won't be around for a while. Their going to live with their grandparents for sometime and they had to leave urgently this morning. But Tai wanted you to have these." Yuuko actually smiled at Davis' awed expression. When tai found out that his little football buddy was finally going to start game, he went out and got Davis a pair of green square goggles so he had his own.

"M-my own goggles?! Oh Man! Thank you, thank, thank you Mrs. Kamiya!"

"Just keeps those scores up. I'll be here cheering for you for them alright?" Davis nodded with enthusiasm before going to bother the older players about how Tai had gotten him goggles.

Yuuko couldn't understand why she had promised Davis that she'd cheer for him, but she was happy that she did. Something was nagging her that she'd see more of him then either of them expected.


Cody looked at the blank screen of the computer and called the number that the red haired kid gave him and put him mom on the phone. Not even a year into the computer and it had already felt the anger of a kendo stick.

"Mommy, when will the kid be over? I want to ask him something about a website." He seemed friendly enough and probably would answer his question.

"We're not getting the same repair man, Cody. Apprently he's taken an unexpected leave of absence. I'm sure who ever replaces him can answer your question just as well." His mommy turned away and back into the kitchen to fix him some lunch.

Cody sighed. He actually had liked older kid. He didn't try to water things down too much. Cody really didn't have a clue what a router was, but that didn't stop Izzy's explanation. Being treated like a little kid was so stupid.

And if the guy ruffled his hair and called him 'little tyke' he'd hit him with the kendo stick too.


Yolie sat in the mall with her sister Chizu again, but this time her sister was asking her why she was able to pick out such nice outfits. Three weeks in Mimi's Fashion Camp would do it.

She wanted to call her new friend so much, but by now Mimi was in at least San Francisco . She'd call once a month. Or else it would be killer on their phone bills. Yes, she'd call once a month.


"What's the matter Ken, did you friends have to go?" Oh wonderful. Only Sam was home.

"Yeah. They had to go somewhere." Ken rushed past him and into their shared room. The beeper that Kari held up to him looked exactly like the one that came out of the computer a few months back. He held it up to inspect it but he felt it take out of his hands and then the smack.


"Ken, I thought I told you not to touch my things." Ken didn't pay attention to anything his brother was saying after that. Who said that it was Sam's anyway? They share that computer. Ken watch through tearful eyes as his brother put the beeper back into the drawer label Sam. When his brother left the room, Ken got up and just took the beeper again.

"I wish Sam would just disappear!"